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Social media support inside your help desk

Would you like to engage with your customers on social media but you haven’t found the right solution just yet? Look no further! LiveAgent is a fully-featured help desk software that can integrate all popular social media channels, and even messaging apps in one convenient dashboard. Try it out today for free and see how you can improve your social media communication and unify all channels!

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Best solutions

Best solutions

Why should you choose LiveAgent for social media?

Because LiveAgent makes social media communication so much easier! Our special sauce is our state-of-the-art ticketing system that can integrate every single of your social media accounts and pages. It unifies the incoming communication into easy-to-solve tickets and it can even deal with hybrid communication with customer who use multiple accounts on various social media. That’s not all, your entire workflow is also supported by efficient productivity features that make every reply or comment a much easier task. 

Let LiveAgent handle your social media messages

Integrate your accounts and say goodbye to switching between all social media your customers use. Take a look at what social media and messaging apps can LiveAgent manage for you.

Facebook Integration Demo: How It Works​

Facebook Integration Demo: How It Works | Live Agent03:02Youtube video: Facebook Integration Demo: How It Works
Live Agent

Audience management

Connect your Facebook pages and start handling everything via tickets. Every agent can reply to a ticket from the universal inbox, so you don’t need to be dependent on the application or browser app. All comments and mentions of your page will be converted into tickets, and they will be archived in the ticketing system. You can use most ticketing features for replies, and even save the entire history. Build a loyal online community thanks to fast Facebook support available to everyone anytime they need it.

  • Interact with comments, posts and content
  • Like or delete comments, add GIFs and more

Efficient messaging

Would you like to handle your Messenger conversations straight from your ticketing system? Stop switching between apps with our Facebook Messenger integration. Every conversation is turned into a ticket and you can use most LiveAgent ticketing features to improve your chatting experience. 

  • Reply to Messenger messages via ticketing
  • Access to ticketing features and hybrid messaging

Facebook Integration Demo: How It Works


Facebook Integration Demo: How It Works | Live Agent03:02Youtube video: Facebook Integration Demo: How It Works
Live Agent

How to Monitor Twitter with LiveAgent


How to Monitor Twitter with LiveAgent | Live Agent06:38Youtube video: How to Monitor Twitter with LiveAgent
Live Agent

Follow tweets

LiveAgent’s Twitter integration enables you to monitor all @mentions of your page or any #hashtags of your choice. LiveAgent can help you unify your Twitter account with the rest of your LiveAgent toolset. All hashtags and mentions you decide to monitor will be automatically transformed into tickets, which can be assigned to departments and agents. 

  • Track brand mentions and keywords 
  • Tweets, comments, and mentions in one inbox

Manage followers

Instagram is one of the most popular social media right now, which makes it perfect for customer service and support. Reply to posts where people give you tags or mentions directly from your ticketing. It can save you huge amounts of time, and help you handle much more than if you used the web app or smartphone app.

  • Handle Instagram customer interactions faster
  • Track customer communication from posts

How to Utilize your Instagram Plugin in LiveAgent


How to Utilize your Instagram Plugin in LiveAgent | Live Agent04:04Youtube video: How to Utilize your Instagram Plugin in LiveAgent
Live Agent

Viber Integration Demo | LiveAgent


Viber Integration Demo | LiveAgent | Live Agent01:55Youtube video: Viber Integration Demo | LiveAgent
Live Agent

Inbox texting

Viber is one of the most popular messaging platforms available today, which means it’s the ideal tool for your help desk. Reply easily right from your ticketing system, and manage communication with customers who prefer messaging apps instead of social media. The integration is seamless and works with most LiveAgent features. 

  • Organize your Viber communication in one place
  • Reply to Viber messages in your ticketing inbox

Slack notifications

There’s no reason to leave your work communication behind when you’re dealing chatting with your colleagues. Our Slack integration also works perfectly with the LiveAgent ticketing, so you can still keep up with your customers and their inquiries at any time. Each ticket will give you a new notification.

  • Stay informed about your ticket activity in Slack
  • Customize your Slack notifications 
Slack Integration
WhatsApp Integration

WhatsApp support

Our new integration can help our most valued customers deal with customer communication via WhatsApp. As with previous channels, WhatsApp can become an integral part of your ticketing and your help desk. Don’t miss out on it and give it a try!

  • Integrate the most popular messaging platform
  • Manage WhatsApp communication from ticketing
Let’s get social!

Deal with customer issues via social media

Go where your customers spend the most time and start providing excellent services to every social media user. LiveAgent can integrate your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, Viber, and WhatsApp, and help you turn them into great and powerful customer service tools.

Refine customer journey with:

  • Better communication & productivity
  • Hybrid universal inbox
  • Seamless built-in integrations
Support team view

It's easy to handle social media with LiveAgent

Take a look at how simple it is to add every important social channel for customer service. Connect your social accounts, manage your profiles, and create a loyal customer base.

Explore other LiveAgent productivity features

LiveAgent is much more than just a social media service software. Explore our other important tools and features and see how you can use them to gain a competitive advantage for your business.

Organized communication

Universal inbox

Get more from your social media solution, and unify your communication. LiveAgent can handle customer messages or calls from any type of channel and safely store them for you in the universal inbox with hybrid ticketing. All customer support processes get easier when information is in the right place.

  • Keeps customer conversations in one place
  • Hybrid communication and easy organizing
Organized communication
Efficient workflow

Efficient workflow

Automation rules

Social media apps are great but they can’t handle everything for you. Luckily, LiveAgent can help you out with a variety of automation rules that can perform many mundane tasks automatically. Focus on the important and stop wasting time with repetitive tasks that halt you from helping your customers.

  • Automate your workflow and focus on the important
  • Get rid of mundane or repetitive tasks


Departments and tags

Not every customer inquiry is quite the same, and that’s why it’s important to divide them into categories. LiveAgent can help you with this with the Departments and Tags features. Organize your communication properly and always route the customer inquiries to the experts who can provide the best answer.

  • Divide customer support team members by expertise
  • Use tags to organize customer service interactions
  • Provide correct and timely customer service solutions
Ticket features

Ticket features

Macros, attachments and notes

Reduce response times and improve customer service with canned messages and predefined answers. LiveAgent supports various attachment types when replying to a ticket. Feel free to leave notes for your fellow agents in tickets and inform them about customer concerns or positive interactions anytime you need to.

  • Keep up with customers with pre-written messages
  • Leave notes and add attachments into tickets

Start using LiveAgent now!

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Find out how you can benefit from social media support

Social media is an important part of any modern help desk. Take a look at the statistics and find out how you can use social media to improve your customer support and your business.

Social presence

Customers prefer to interact with brands and businesses over social media, which means they expect proper service and support. Provide buying advice and social media customer service to your audience with LiveAgent, and meet your customers exactly where they spend their time.

  • Enhance your social media presence and reply faster
  • Ticketing streamlines your social communication


of customers expect social media service

Social media has become essential for customer service. Enhance your social media presence and be there for your audience.

Customer satisfaction

Improve the customer satisfaction rate and handle customer complaints more effectively. Social media customer service can up your customer support game and improve general satisfaction and customer happiness.


  • Improve customer satisfaction with social media
  • Go above expectations with regular replies and activity


satisfaction rate

A high percentage of customers are satisfied with the way their problems are resolved via social media. Don’t cut corners on quality social customer care and improve it today.

Create loyalty

Create customer loyalty with better customer service. Your customers will be more likely to interact with your social accounts, as well as buy from you more often when they receive superior customer service. 


  • Increase customer loyalty with good service
  • Provide consistent replies and customer support


of customers expect a reply in 24 hours

Get the best results on customer satisfaction surveys and provide quick customer service activity on social media.

Save more with LiveAgent

LiveAgent won’t ruin your budget. Find out how much you can save on social media customer service and your entire help desk.




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  • Roman Bosch
    It’s a pleasure to have a great portal that improves our customer service.
    Roman Bosch Partly
  • Christine Preusler
    LiveAgent empowers our agents to provide better, faster, and more accurate support.
    Christine Preusler HostingAdvice
  • Karl Dieterich
    LiveAgent helped us to achieve 2 important goals: increase customer satisfaction and sales.
    Karl Dieterich Covomo
  • Hendrik Henze
    We have been using LiveAgent since August and we are really satisfied with it.
    Hendrik Henze HEWO Internetmarketing
  • Razvan Sava
    Since we are using LiveAgent our response time improved by 60%.
    Razvan Sava Webmaster Deals
  • Taras Baca
    Our paid customer conversion rate went up 325% the first month we've set up and actively started using LiveAgent.
    Taras Baca XperienceHR
  • Andrej Ftomin
    I have to say, I have never experienced such a professional customer approach.
    Andrej Ftomin TAZAR Group
  • Matt Janaway
    We find LiveAgent to be the best live chat solution by far.
    Matt Janaway The Workplace Depot
  • Viviane Carter
    We use LiveAgent on all of our ecommerce websites. The tool is easy to use and improves our productivity.
    Viviane Carter CSI Products
  • Christian Lange
    With LiveAgent we’re able to give our customers support wherever they are.
    Christian Lange Lucky-Bike
  • Jens Malmqvist
    I can recommend LiveAgent to anyone interested in making their customer service better and more effective.
    Jens Malmqvist Projure
  • Catana Alexandru
    I'm sure we would spend 90% of our day sorting through emails if we didn't have LiveAgent.
    Catana Alexandru Websignal
  • Jan Wienk
    With LiveAgent we are able to keep our players happy by offering more efficient support resulting in higher return rates.
    Jan Wienk All British Casino
  • Allan Bjerkan
    LiveAgent is reliable, reasonably priced, and simply a great choice for any fast-paced online business!
    Allan Bjerkan Norske Automaten
  • Sissy Böttcher
    We like it because it is easy to use and offers great functionality, such as useful reporting features.
    Sissy Böttcher Study Portals
  • Peter Koning
    We love LiveAgent - it makes supporting our customers easy.
    Peter Koning TypoAssassin
  • Aranzazu F
    We like to offer our customers the best support experience. That’s why we chose LiveAgent.
    Aranzazu F Factorchic
  • Rick Nuske
    From setup to ongoing support and everything else in between, the team at LiveAgent continues to impress.
    Rick Nuske MyFutureBusiness
  • Vojtech Kelecsenyi
    LiveAgent saves us hundreds of precious minutes every day by making customer service clear and in order.
    Vojtech Kelecsenyi 123-Nakup
  • Rafael Kobalyan
    Unlimited agents, email, social media, and phone integration. All that for less than we were paying with our previous provider.
    Rafael Kobalyan Betconstruct
  • Martin Drugaj
    We’ve been using LiveAgent since 2013. We can't imagine working without it.
    Martin Drugaj Atomer
  • Ivan Golubović
    It's a cost-effective solution that can help you with a large amount of support requests via different channels.
    Ivan Golubović AVMarket
  • Rustem Gimaev
    Answering emails from Outlook was so hard to manage. With LiveAgent we're sure every email is answered in time.
    Rustem Gimaev Antalya Consulting Language Center
  • Randy Bryan
    LiveAgent is so awesome. With very little time and effort I had it up and running smoothly in a few...
    Randy Bryan tekRESCUE
  • Timothy G. Keys
    I highly recommend the LiveAgent product, not only as a Kayako alternative but a much better solution with added value.
    Timothy G. Keys Marietta Corporation
  • Mihaela Teodorescu
    The support team always responded promptly with quick to implement solutions.
    Mihaela Teodorescu eFortuna
  • Hilda Andrejkovičová
    It helps us categorize the nature of the tickets and statistically track what our clients need most.
    Hilda Andrejkovičová TrustPay
  • Alexandra Danišová
    We see LiveAgent as a great tool for communicating with customers.
    Alexandra Danišová Nay
  • Samuel Smahel
    LiveAgent sped up our communication with our customers and gave us an option to chat with them as well.
    Samuel Smahel m:zone
  • David Chandler
    Simply put - LiveAgent beats everything out there at this, or even higher, price-points.
    David Chandler Volterman

Schedule a demo

What you will learn during the demo
  • How to achieve your business goals with LiveAgent – whether it’s improving customer satisfaction or generating more sales.
  • How LiveAgent works. We’ll give you a tour of the product so you can get an idea of how it is to work with our software.
  • Answers to any questions you may have about pricing, service, integrations, and features.

“Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her to solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service.” – Brian Tracy

Andrej Saxon
Sales manager

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LiveAgent provides social media help desk. Improve your service with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Viber integrations in LiveAgent.

Social media help desk features

LiveAgent provides social media help desk. Improve your service with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Viber integrations in LiveAgent.

LiveAgent's social listening tools are great for proactive problem resolution. Get a complete overview of what's being said about your business today.

Looking for social listening tools?

LiveAgent is a social listening tool that connects with all social media channels. It helps resolve problems, showcase positive mentions, gain customer insight, and easily interact with customers. It's the most reviewed and #1 rated help desk software for small businesses, preferred by over 21,000 businesses. It offers transparent and affordable pricing with a 30-day free trial. With 180+ features, 40+ integrations, and cloud-based security, LiveAgent is a comprehensive solution for customer support needs.

LiveAgent provides social media help desk. Improve your service with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Viber integrations in LiveAgent.

Social media help desk features

WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media integrations are essential for efficient customer service. LiveAgent offers a universal inbox, hybrid ticket stream, CRM, tags, automation, business hours, and department integrations to maximize social media help desk efficiency. It saves time, keeps data secure, and improves agent productivity. Try it for free!

LiveAgent is a help desk solution that connects multiple channels in one interface. Find out more about LiveAgent and its business/industry benefits.

Social media support software

LiveAgent is a versatile customer service platform that integrates with popular messaging platforms like Viber and Slack. It offers features such as canned messages, ticketing streamlining, and social media integration to provide efficient and effective customer support. With LiveAgent, businesses can improve response times, track customer conversations, and manage multiple social media profiles from one dashboard. It is a cost-effective solution that can help businesses achieve their customer service goals and increase customer satisfaction.

Considering LiveAgent for your social media customer support? Take a look at our review and see how it performed during our general test.

LiveAgent social media customer service software review

LiveAgent offers seamless integration with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, allowing efficient customer service management. With features like automatic ticket distribution and collision detection, LiveAgent ensures effective social media communication. Pricing options starting at $9/month/agent.

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