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Helpdesk software for forex business

Being able to swiftly and efficiently communicate with other market participants is an essential aspect of a trader’s life. The quality of the company’s customer support service is one of the main priorities for traders and is one of the leading factors in retention.

Build a community of traders and brokers with the help of LiveAgent, the most reviewed and #1 rated help desk software for SMB in 2020.


LiveAgent makes sure that not a moment goes wasted. A fully integrated help desk software enables streamlined communication to learn and discuss all things related to trade and market. The world of trade and exchange never rests. As one part of the world goes to sleep, the other is just waking up to the new possibilities. Hence, time is of the essence in the trading world. Being idle can result in significant losses in revenue.

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LiveAgent streamlines multiple customer service channels into one piece of software
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LiveAgent combines excellent live chat, ticketing and automation that allow us to provide exceptional support to our customers.

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How can the forex industry benefit from help desk software?

Extend an invitation for more streamlined communication with a personal touch and paint a picture of a company that genuinely cares in an industry that never sleeps. 

Omnichannel support

Keep up with all your trade and exchange market demands under one roof. Dealing with experienced traders is challenging. Inform your trading partners in a heartbeat or react to various social events at lightning speed, regardless of the communication channel. With over 180 help desk features and over 40 integrations, you can understand your traders’ requirements and the best 24/7 customer service possible. Not to mention the 40+ languages integration and customization of special letters and letter accents to overcome the language barrier and comfortably trade globally, regardless of market language.  

Ultimate omni-channel help desk software experience
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Ticketing software

Consolidate all your communication channels into one unified inbox accessible to all using LiveAgent’s support ticketing system. Any email, chat, call, or social media post you receive transforms into tickets for better management and monitoring. Say goodbye to overworked customer support. Assign the optimal load of tickets to individual agents or departments by setting clear rules and SLA for ticket distribution and optimal time restricted conditions. Sort the issues of your customer in a short time frame. From small issues to complex, nothing gets unnoticed due to the reliable ticketing system.

Live chat

Implementing live chat can significantly change the dynamics of your working relationship with your clients. Put your skills and knowledge on display in real-time while maintaining a professional approach. With an integrated feature of multiple chats going on simultaneously, you won’t leave your customers hanging. The highlight is that no matter how many chats are live concurrently, it is still more cost-effective than using a phone service. The bonus is an improved average response time.

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Social media integration

Establish a strong social media presence with LiveAgent. Connect with your forex followers through multiple social media platforms. LiveAgents allows simple and effective integration of major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Without the need to switch between the accounts, you will be able to monitor and reply to all of your followers’ comments and messages and engage with new potential traders to add to your online community. 

Knowledge base and FAQ

Traders that are short on time can get instant answers to all their questions using our customizable knowledge base and FAQ platforms. Using the built-in WYSIWYG editor, you will be able to style your articles’ content and structure according to your market preferences.


Tags and reports

Are you receiving a large volume of inquiries through your communication channels? Is it difficult to sort out all the messages? Tags will help you become better organized and efficient. You can manually or automatically assign an unlimited amount of various tags to specific tickets and then apply filters for a quicker search. You can then run a report in LiveAgent for particular tags and modify your planned business strategy based on the outcome of the report. Tags provide you with another option to customize your workplace as per your preferences.

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Are you tired of switching between phones, chats, emails, and other communication tools?

With LiveAgent, you won’t have to waste valuable time. Instead, you can focus all your efforts on providing complete and attentive customer support to each customer.  Compare our omnichannel solution with the alternative market providers.

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Over 21,000 businesses can't be wrong

See our success stories and testimonials and discover the positive impact of the implementation of help desk software on accounting & legal industry

“Superb Software that can be used as a Multichannel Contact Center”

Happily been using the software for a while now. Also, LiveAgent has helped us increase our users’ satisfaction and revenue. Easy of use: The user interface is intuitive and super easy to learn even for none tech-geeks. We are able to use it on many of our websites each with their own KB, Forums, and Ideas/Suggestions sharing. Needed a system that was easy to use and with the ability to connect to multiple channels.

LiveAgent Review
Vasileios A. P Founder – CEO
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Help desk software solution for affordable prices

The financial industry is evolving at a rapid pace. To meet all your customer demands, invest in a software plan that won’t break your company’s budget.

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You Will Be in Good Hands!​

Do you know what Huawei, BMW, Yamaha and O2 have in common? You guessed right… LiveAgent!

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