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Discover how LiveAgent improves your automotive business.

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Boost advocacy

Create a positive CX that will make your customers talk.


Cut down response times

Improve first response rates with automated ticket routing.


Decrease ticket volume

Reduce the influx of support tickets with a knowledge base.

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Helpdesk software for Automotive industry

Fasten your seat belt and get ahead of your competition with LiveAgent – the best help desk and live chat software.

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Create personalized shopping experiences by providing support across various channels, including phone, live chat, and social media.

Respond to customer questions about your vehicles in real-time, just as if you were physically present in the showroom.

Monitor your website visitors’ behavior, start a conversation, provide impeccable support, build up trust, and secure the deal.

Tailored customer support

Every customer is different, since his / her needs are different as well. It’s better to know the expectations at the beginning than give incorrect information. LiveAgent for car dealers gives you a plenty of options to be in touch with your future loyal customers – either through real-time live chat placed on your website, built-in call center or old-fashioned mails. With all of these different options you can hit the nail on the head.

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Provide light-speed answers

Just like the cars you are selling to your customers are getting faster and faster, the customers want to have answers to their questions even faster. Regular e-mails are part of history, just like cars built on the steam engine. LiveAgent for car dealers can bring you a real-time answers in a couple of clicks. All it takes is simply place a LiveAgent on your automotive website. Do you know what’s even better? With real-time projection you can see what your customers are typing even before they hit the enter button. Now, isn’t that fast enough?

Reach the 1st place faster

Your competition never sleeps. Well, to be honest, the competition in general never sleeps. Make your way to the 1st place as winner and satisfy your customer with rocking help desk software because “The winner takes it all”. Be the one, who does it now. Don’t stop, keep moving with LiveAgent for car dealers.

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Personal guidance on your customers' journey

Customers spend time and carefully consider each option before they decide to purchase a new vehicle. Accelerate the future success of your car dealership with live chat. Treat your customers to a new communication strategy model and let them know that you are here for them 24/7.

Learn more about live chat

Book a demo on a day that suits you most

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Get a jump start on the competition and schedule a one-on-one call with one of our customer success representatives, to see how LiveAgent can benefit your business.

What you will learn during the demo

  • How to achieve your business goals with LiveAgent
  • Which plan is right for you based on your business goals
  • How LiveAgent works
  • Answers to any questions you may have about pricing, service, integrations, and features
and much more…

“Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her to solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service.” – Brian Tracy

Andrej Saxon, Sales manager

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Save more with LiveAgent

Analyze and compare LiveAgent with different customer support solutions and choose one with the most relevant features for your industry and the best price.

Over 21,000 businesses can't be wrong

See our success stories and testimonials and discover the positive impact of the implementation of help desk software on automotive industry

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Post Affiliate Pro is the leading affiliate tracking software available since 2004. It is trusted by more than 30k businesses.

Post Affiliate Pro

Quality Unit's first product, Post Affiliate Pro, has been the engine behind the company's growth. However, the demand for an effective customer service tool led to the development of LiveAgent, and the two products have been a winning combination ever since. With LiveAgent, businesses can seamlessly handle customer queries through various channels and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. Quality Unit believes in providing an entire experience for customers and is dedicated to their success.

LiveAgent is able to fulfill the requirements of several business spheres. See how LiveAgent can fit your requirements and improve your customer support.

One help desk solution for different industries

LiveAgent is a versatile customer service software that offers comprehensive support across various industries. It provides omnichannel communication, real-time interactions, and valuable integrations for businesses. Trusted by companies like NASCAR and Forbes, it enhances customer support and user communications. With no setup fee and 24/7 customer service, LiveAgent helps businesses improve customer experience and reduce ticket volume. It also offers a free trial and is a powerful alternative to Freshcaller.

Seamlessly integrate Verve's VoIP number with LiveAgent's solution for a streamlined experience. Discover how by reading our informative article.


Verve, formed by T3 Communications, Nexogy, and NextLevel Internet, offers UCaaS and Broadband Solutions. LiveAgent integrates Verve's VoIP number for free, but Verve charges for services. Simply navigate to Configurations > Call > Numbers > NextLevel, nexogy, or T3 Communications to add the VoIP number. Verve provides high-quality broadband solutions and expert support.

LiveAgent is a help desk software that adapts to the needs of different business models. Explore how LiveAgent fits your niche. Agency Edu and NGOs rely on LiveAgent.

The right fit for every business

LiveAgent is a versatile help desk software used by businesses to boost revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and increase customer value. It offers a free trial and caters to various business models. Customers praise its affordability, support team, and advanced automation features.

Streamline your workflow and complete any task efficiently. Choose from a variety of checklists and start improving immediately.


Checklists for various business needs, from call centers to marketing and customer service. Ensure compliance and success with these detailed guides.

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