Looking for free customer management software?

We’ve got you covered with free ticketing, knowledge management, live chat, and call center capabilities.

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Looking for a free customer management software?

LiveAgent is the right choice for you business. You get to enjoy a free account forever and access essential features for providing excellent customer support and customer management.

LiveAgent is the most reviewed and #1 rated help desk software for SMB in 2020. Stay closer to your customers and help them faster with LiveAgent.

  • SourceForge Spring leader 2024
  • Most popular software Q2 2024
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Benefits of free customer management software

Customer relationship management does not have to be difficult when you have the right tool for the job.

One place of contact

Your customer’s inquiries get stored in one place which allows you to focus on solving, not searching. All of your communication neatly organized under one roof. 

Satisfied customers

You can make your customers satisfied even with free account, where you have access to essential features for providing customer support.

Increase in productivity

Solving your customer management with LiveAgent allows you to increase your workflow and make your support more efficient. 

LiveAgent | Quick Help Desk Software Overview | Live Agent05:20Youtube video: LiveAgent | Quick Help Desk Software Overview
Live Agent

Customer management with LiveAgent

Make your customer interaction the top priority with the right software. With free customer management software LiveAgent, you get one place for all of your emails, live chats, calls & contact forms. And you get to enjoy an unlimited number of agents to manage all of your communication. 

List of features in the free LiveAgent account

The Free LiveAgent plan is limited and doesn’t include all ticketing and help desk features like automations, rules, SLAs, KB software (knowledge base), social accounts, and advanced reports… Check and compare which features are included or missing in the free plan.

Free help desk software migration icon

Free plan


7-day ticket history

Limited integrations

No social accounts

Missing features

Free Live Chat-icon

Paid plan

from $15/mo

No limitations

Plenty of useful features

Social media accounts

Full message history

and much more…

LiveAgent Live Chat Demo | Live Agent02:16Youtube video: LiveAgent Live Chat Demo
Live Agent

Free live chat

With Live chat on your website, you can directly engage with your customers before they leave your website. Live chat offers a quick solution for your customers looking for advice or information. 

LiveAgent has the fastest live chat widget on the market, with chat displayed speeds at 2.5 seconds. And it’s included with the free account, no strings attached. 

Free ticketing system

LiveAgent’s ticket system is the right answer for any business. A ticketing system turns all of your incoming customer communication into tickets which are automatically sorted within LiveAgent’s dashboard.

No more messy communication or endless searching in separate channels. Everything is placed within one great tool for your convenience.

LiveAgent: Ticketing Software Demo | Live Agent03:21Youtube video: LiveAgent: Ticketing Software Demo
Live Agent
Call Center Software Demo | LiveAgent | Live Agent04:40Youtube video: Call Center Software Demo | LiveAgent
Live Agent

Free call center

Set up your own call center within minutes with our free help desk software and manage your customers on a more personal level via browser, hardware phone or mobile apps. That means you don’t even have to buy a phone setup or buy special hardware to set up a physical call center if you don’t want to.

All things considering phone calls are managed by LiveAgent and you can focus on helping your customers.

Free knowledge base

Did you know that customers are likely to search for information on their own before they contact support agents? Create your own knowledge base for free and provide your customers with useful articles considering your business. You can even customize it to match with your company branding.

Create articles about most common inquiries and let your agents focus on more critical issues.

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Ready for better customer management?

Make a change in your customer management and provide your customers with the best you can. It doesn’t have to cost you anything. LiveAgent’s customer services software is free, and in case you want something extra, you can switch to a paid plan packed with awesome features, social media support, and much more for a reasonable price.

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Great customer service starts with better Help Desk Software. See the benefits of LiveAgent and get started with it in 5 minutes.

Provide excellent customer service.

LiveAgent offers a comprehensive customer care solution with 130+ ticketing features and 200+ integrations for excellent customer service on all channels. Get started for free and increase revenue with live chat and call center capabilities. Save money and provide exceptional service with the ticketing system. Connect with customers on social media and create a knowledge base for self-support. Take a tour and compare helpdesk solutions to see why LiveAgent is the best choice for your business.

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Provide excellent customer service.

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Provide excellent customer service.

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LiveAgent's free live chat software enables you to engage with and effectively convert website visitors into customers. Utilize the fastest chat widget.

Feature-rich free live chat software.

LiveAgent is a free live chat software that allows businesses to connect with their customers within seconds. The software routes new incoming chats to the right team members and adapts chat availability with agent logins and logouts. LiveAgent saves time and erases customer service setbacks. According to Statista, 12% of Americans rate slow response times as their top frustration with customer service. Dimensional Research found that 72% of consumers view having to explain their problem to multiple people as poor customer service, while Microsoft reports that 72% of consumers expect agents to know their purchase history and previous engagements. LiveAgent is a highly-rated help desk software for SMBs offering a free live chat solution and unlimited ticket history.

Grow your solo and freelancing business with LiveAgent, the most reviewed and #1 rated help desk software for SMB in 2020. Stay closer to your customers and help them faster with LiveAgent.

Help desk software for solopreneurs

LiveAgent is comprehensive customer service software for retail industry, offering valuable content and integrations. It provides excellent support and value for money, with features like automated ticketing and real-time interactions. It also offers a free knowledge base software and video chat integration. Additionally, it allows for optimization of customer self-service experience and has transparent and affordable pricing. LiveAgent also offers mobile applications for on-the-go communication with customers.

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