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Live chat statistics and trends

Customers and service providers appreciate live chat because it reduces ticket volume and provides immediate solutions. Consequently, companies who realize live chat’s value place an average of 1.2  mobile-friendly chat widgets on their websites for real-time and proactive chat support (more than 53% of live chats are initiated through mobile).

Tyche estimates that 22% of customers abandon their shopping carts due to a lack of real-time assistance, resulting in significant revenue losses for businesses. Live chat can solve this problem. 

Instead of searching through a knowledge base or waiting for an email response, users can simply click on the chat button while browsing your site and receive immediate help.

The popularity of the communication channel is evident in the number of daily visitors (50-100), the number of messages exchanged between customers and businesses (12,000 a month), and the average number of chats per month (600). If we break down these statistics further, they equate to 50 conversations per day, with the average agent resolving 14.2 chats per day.

Typically, help desk agents spend up to two hours and 45 minutes resolving chats each day. The remaining time is usually spent solving other tickets or being idle (on average, companies pay employees one hour of idle time per shift.)

The average live chat session is 11 minutes and 15 seconds long. This includes transfers, waiting times between responses, and after-chat work time. According to our research, a total of 5 conversations are transferred per day on average. The number of transfers before ticket resolution is usually 0-1, depending on the company’s procedures. In terms of wrap-up tasks, they typically take 10 minutes on average.

By providing agents with help desk systems, companies can significantly reduce the time it takes to handle chats and complete tasks. At present, 80% of live chat representatives must access multiple systems to get the information they need, significantly affecting their productivity and efficiency. 

Moreover, help desk systems also ensure chats are routed and assigned to the proper agents, reducing waiting times for customers. According to our research, live chat sessions are initiated within 10 seconds if there’s no queue. If one other person is waiting in the queue, it takes approximately 2 minutes, 5 minutes with 2-4 people waiting, and 10+ minutes if five or more people are waiting in line.

The average live chat queue length is 5 minutes and 57 seconds. However, some customers consider this too long, with 28.1% of all customers abandoning chat queues. 



of live chat representatives have to access multiple systems to get the information they need. CCW Digital


One agent resolves an average of


chats per day


research 15 142chats


More than


of chat sessions could be resolved by a chatbot.


research 15 80percent



of customers abandon shopping carts due to a lack of real-time assistance.

Tyche Softwares

research 15 22percent


The average live chat
queue time is

5 min

and 57 seconds.


research 15 5min


A live agent can usually be reached within 10 seconds when there’s no queue,

in 2 minutes if only one person is waiting in line,
in 5 minutes when 2 to 4 people are waiting,

and in more than 10 minutes when there are five or more people in line.



An average live chat conversion rate is


and may be affected by the brand, the website design, or the industry market. 


research 15 5percent


Live chat captures an average of

30 leads

per day. Surveymonkey


Live chats at larger companies receive about


visits per day.


research 15 50 100


The average chat duration is

11 min

and 15 seconds.


research 15 11min



of chats are initiated via mobile.


research 15 53 1percent


There are

5 chat

transfers per day on average. LiveAgent


Live chat has a


resolution rate. The majority of the live chats are either resolved immediately or by email.


research 15 90percent


Live chat’s response time is often the same as call center service, usually within a few seconds if an agent is online. Social media and email support’s response time is typically

3 hours

sometimes even 24 hours. 



The fastest response time on chat is around

5 sec

the average is around 15 seconds, and anything above 30 seconds is considered slow.



The number of unanswered live chats is almost



research 15 zero


The average number of chat sessions per month is



research 15 600


The conversion rate for proactive chats is around



research 15 1percent


A faster response speed can increase purchase rates by.


CCW Digital

Once a live chat is in session, agents are quick to answer customer questions. According to industry benchmarks, the fastest response time on chat is around 5 seconds, the average around 15 seconds, and everything more than 30 seconds is considered slow.

If the agent assisting a customer on live chat doesn’t know how to help them, they’ll usually follow up via email. There are generally only up to 10 requests per day to be contacted via different channels. However, chats are never left unanswered.

Compared to other communication channels, live chat is relatively faster, which is why it makes up 15% of all customer communications. If agents are available, the response time for live chat is usually within a few seconds, similar to call centers. On the other hand, social media and email support are generally slower, with customers receiving replies within 3 hours and sometimes even after 24 hours.

Due to its speed, convenience, and high-resolution rates, live chat users report an 81.2% satisfaction rate, a customer effort score of 7, and a net promoter score of +40. In addition, most customers rate their live chat experiences a 9 out of 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.

According to our data, the average live chat first contact resolution rate is 75%. The total resolution rate is 90%, and the ratio of tickets that have been opened to closed is 9.5 to 10.

Despite being a great support channel, live chat is also a highly effective lead gathering tool. On average, live chat widgets can identify 30 new, unique leads per day. However, this varies based on the number of website visits, quality of web content, CTAs, and industry.

With new leads come new sales opportunities. The live chat conversion rate is around 5% on average. Live chat also increases loyalty, which, in turn, increases sales by about 5%, with the average chat return for a single chat being 1.5. Interestingly enough, live chat response speed affects purchases marginally (by 0.5% only), and proactive chats have a low conversion rate (1%).

Despite being loved by both customers and agents, live chat is a costly communication tool. Live chat resolution costs are usually three times higher than email/social media support and two times cheaper than a call center. 

However, companies can reduce live chat resolution costs through the use of chatbots. According to Accenture, more than 80% of chat sessions can be resolved by a chatbot. 


A live chat boosts sales by around


on average, which leads to an increased sense of customer loyalty.


research 15 5percent 2


A live chat ticket price is usually

3x higher

than an email or social media ticket and around 2x lower than a call center ticket.



The average return for a single chat is about



research 15 1 5


The average number of chat widgets per company is approximately



research 15 1 2


Every agent spends an average of

2h 45min

on chat each day.


research 15 2hour 45min


The company pays its employees an average idle time of

one hour

per shift.


research 15 1hour



of all customers abandon chat queues.



The average speed of an answer is

15 sec


research 15 15sec


It takes an average of

10 min

to do wrap-up work after a live chat session.


research 15 10 min


The first contact resolution rate for live chat is




Each day, up to

10 live

chatters request to be contacted via different channels.


research 15 10 live


The average number of chats answered per day is



research 15 50perday


Most companies transfer live chats between

0 to 1

times before the chat is resolved.


research 15 0 to 1


Live chat users report an


satisfaction rate. LiveChat


The average NPS score for live chat is



research 15 +40


The average customer effort score for live chat is



research 15 +7


On average,


people are satisfied after a live chat session.



Each day, up to

to 10


research 15 95 to 10


Chats usually make up


of all communication.


research 15 15percent


On average, there are


messages exchanged via live chat every month.


research 15 12000

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