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Restricted agent

What is a restricted agent?

A restricted agent is an agent type of user who doesn’t have access to certain departments. In LiveAgent, admins can assign and restrict agents to be part of specific departments so they only focus on specific type of tickets. One agent can be a part of multiple departments but can have restricted access to the rest.


What is the definition of a restricted agent?

A proprietary agent is an agent that is restricted and has no access to certain departments. This allows the agent to focus only on reports from specific departments.


How can you restrict an agent in LiveAgent?

Administrators can restrict the agent in LiveAgent. They can assign agents to specific departments and limit their affiliation to departments. If you are not the owner or administrator of the system, you cannot influence the agent's restrictions. 


Where can you find a list of restricted agents in LiveAgent?

You can find the list of restricted agents in the LiveAgent panel next to the list of agents. By viewing this list, other agents can find out which agent deals with which type of cases.


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