E-mail only support

What is an e-mail only support?

E-mail only support is a technique used by some companies. The only way that their customers can contact them is through e-mail, no other platform exists.

E-mail only support has its drawbacks as the customers cannot track the status of their complaint and have no access to the Help Center. This way the customers may have negative feedback about the company, and passing the word on, would spoil the reputation of the company. The company might even lose its customers, as a matter of fact.

Via e-mail, the customers may not also get response as quick as they need it.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the definition of e-mail only support?

Email-only support means support is only available through one channel, which is by email. This solution has both advantages and disadvantages. It is easier in this respect that we know that all information on customer service is accumulated in one place, but on the other hand, many customers do not like to handle e-mail, so it is worth offering a different communication channel.

How does e-mail only support work exactly?

Support by e-mail only means that the customer, in the event of a problem on the shopping path, or willingness to obtain an answer to a question that bothers them, can only receive it by contacting the company by e-mail. This means that all or most of the customer service is accumulated in this one channel.

Can you offer e-mail only support in LiveAgent?

Of course, with LiveAgent you can only use email-only support. However, in addition to that, LiveAgent can use many other channels through which customers are more likely to contact, and it does not add any more work to the agent, as it can manage everything in one place.

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