Who is an agent?

Agents are inseparable part of every company. Agents or customer representatives are people who take care of customers and provide a support service. They answer calls, chats or messages to solve customer queries about company’s products or services.

It is important to have a respect for customers. Customer representatives have to have a perfect combination of skills, personal attributes and passion for the product and job.

Agents with admin role can also manage other users or view a report. With the owner role, they have an approach to invoices and business information.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a definition of a term agent?

The agent is the most important component of customer service software because it provides the skills of employees without which the software itself cannot lead the customer service. An agent is a person who solves problems and supports the client, thanks to which your brand can achieve better results. An agent acting as an administrator can supervise and configure the system.

How to assign an agent role in LiveAgent

To assign someone the role of an agent in LiveAgent, go to ‘Configuration’ and then select the ‘Agents’ tab. In the next step, click ‘Create an agent’. Give the agent a name, specify the email address and gender. Finally, choose a precise role: Agent - browses the tickets and responds to them; or Administrator - can view requests, answer to them and manage system settings; or Owner - can manage the account, billing and system settings as well as view and respond to requests. Then the agent receives the password to their account by mail.

What are the competencies of an agent in LiveAgent?

The agent is the most important element of the company's customer service. They have the skills needed to provide the best customer service. The agent supports and solves problems, and if it acts as an administrator, it can supervise and configure the system. The agent should have a thorough understanding of company matters that may be of interest to the client (products, services, sales, marketing, etc.).

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