Who is an agent?

Agents or representatives are defined as people that act on behalf of others. They are an inseparable part of every business as they take care of customers and provide a support service.

They answer calls, chats, or messages to solve customer queries about the company’s products or services. However, that is not their only responsibility. Customer support agents are responsible for ensuring an amazing customer experience each time.

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For this, there are certain skills and qualities a successful customer care agent must possess:

  • Patience – Dealing with customer complaints can be sometimes frustrating. Exhibiting patience and not getting worked up is a very important quality a customer service agent should have under their belt.
  • Great communication skills – Misunderstandings can lead to huge issues so the ability to effectively communicate with clients is essential for successful agents.
  • Resourcefulness – To provide service that sticks in a customer’s mind an agent has to be resourceful and go an extra mile when solving a problem.
  • Empathy – It’s important to know how to put yourself in a customer’s shoes when dealing with their queries and complaints.
  • Time management skills – Agents have to deal with many different complaints, tasks, and questions all at once. That’s why they need to manage their time efficiently.
  • Goal-oriented nature – Although it is great to provide a personal touch, sticking to the business plan and working with metrics is a desired quality for an agent.

In many organizations, businesses, and even help desk software solutions there are usually many types of agents with different roles, responsibilities, and privileges.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the definition of the term agent?

The term agent describes a person whose responsibility is to act on behalf of another person, e.g. a customer. An agent is a person who solves problems and supports the client, thanks to which your brand can achieve better results.

What are the competencies of an agent in LiveAgent?

The agent supports and solves problems, and if they act as an administrator, they can supervise and configure the system. The agent should have a thorough understanding of company matters that may be of interest to the client (products, services, sales, marketing, etc.).

How to assign an agent role in LiveAgent?

To assign someone the role of an agent in LiveAgent, go to ‘Configuration’ and then select the ‘Agents’ tab. Then, click ‘Create an agent’. Fill out the agent’s info, and assign them a role: Agent - browses the tickets and responds to them, Administrator - views and responds to tickets, manages system settings, or Owner - works with tickets, manages the account, billing, and system settings. Once you have that done, the agent receives the password to their account by mail.

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