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Customer portal

What is a customer portal?

Cut your customer support costs, build community with customers, gather customer feedbacks and ideas. Customer portal brings many benefits to company.

Customer portal store every feedback, every forum post or knowledge base articles. Customers receive faster solution on their problems, they can also help each other and interact together. Customer support can be provided even if agents are offline.

Learn more about creating your own Customer Portal in LiveAgent. You will be able to fully customise the design and style of your customer portal.

LiveAgent's customer portal example


What is a customer portal?

The customer portal is a way for your Customer Service to run 24/7. This is where all your reviews, posts, forum posts, and knowledgebase articles are stored. There, customers can solve their problems faster and also help each other. This way, customer support is ensured even when the agents are not working.

Can you create a customer portal in LiveAgent?

In LiveAgent you can create a customer portal. It is built into the LiveAgent system and easy to use. To start creating, click on 'Knowledge Base' and start creating. You need to select a category, article, forum etc. After creating your content, you can add a search widget and feedback buttons so that customers can find help.

What features should a customer portal have?

The customer portal should give you the opportunity to ask questions, view articles, reply to comments from other users, and access the FAQ. It should also be possible to place and manage orders. It's good for the customer to have access to all things related to the purchasing process that may be of interest to him. Thanks to this, the customer has 24/7 access to service.

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