Learn how to improve your business with Salesflare integration for LiveAgent
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Learn how to improve your business with Salesflare integration for LiveAgent

Alexander Šípka

Alexander Šípka

Last modified on February 15, 2023 at 9:02 am

When regular task management fails, the problems keep shoving up while none of them get solved. Every department suffers as a result. Customer service agents can get particularly overwhelmed with tasks, especially when focusing on providing top-notch customer support on a busy day.

Luckily, there are solutions for issues regarding customer relationships, and one of the best available is Salesflare. Are you overwhelmed with managing your customers? Keep reading to find out how Salesflare integration for LiveAgent can help you with that.

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Customer service and customer relationship management go hand-in-hand

CRM and customer support work together to help your business grow in many ways. CRM is there to assist you with automated sales and help you in communication. Meanwhile, customer support tools help you provide cross-channel communication quickly and reliably.

Pinpoint where your weaknesses are

Identify key pain points of your business thanks to your customer relationship skills. Do people know what your company does and how can it benefit them? Is your branding recognizable or are you buried in a crowd of competitors? Is there a certain niche in your area that you should focus on? These are just a few of many important questions you can get the answer to with the right solutions.

Create meaningful connections with your customers and get access to important answers. Make sure to collect feedback after helping customers with issues. That way you can learn how to improve your services or products.

Learn how to sell more

Use CRM and customer support to offer new products to both new and existing customers. Make sure to use all the tools at your disposal (but don’t overdo it with sales tactics). Email marketing is still a very effective tool for providing information. Show them new products or services and see what works for each customer group. Do your research and show them exactly what they want.

Build better customer relationships

There are just a few things that are better for a company than sales. Customer loyalty and future sales are the main ones. Focus on building meaningful customer relationships without always selling services or products. Loyal customers are more like to return and buy from your company. With great customer support, you can easily convince them that you will be there for them whenever they need it.

Integrate and strengthen your workflow 

The best CRM solutions provide their users with smart workflows. It would be nice to have one solution that also fits other purposes. Well, that’s what integrations are for. Connecting your workflows with other software makes it easier to track what’s happening. It also makes things easier for you and allows you to focus on your job. The best ones let you handle certain tasks from one place, saving you valuable time.

Looking to improve your customer relationships?

Show your customers amazing customer support with LiveAgent's multichannel toolset

How can Salesflare integration improve your customer support

Salesflare is a CRM solution that can help you with all previous points and more. The best part is that it integrates with LiveAgent. A simple plugin in LiveAgent can help you connect the two apps and create a better workflow.

LiveAgent’s Salesflare integration lets you import useful data into your help desk. This way you can keep track of task management and better manage customer relationships without switching between apps. 

You can manually import and export data between LiveAgent’s live chat and Salesflare. Live chat usually requires fast reactions from customer support agents, which makes it easier for customers to get their issues solved. With Salesflare, you can have all the necessary data ready right away. 

The data sharing feature implies another great feature – sharing contacts. Salesflare is an amazing software for finding new customers and prospects thanks to its networking features. This data can be also shared with LiveAgent contact lists.

Improve your customer interactions with Salesflare integration for LiveAgent

Would you like to learn how to connect Salesflare and LiveAgent? Follow the three simple steps below. 

  • Find the Salesflare integration plugin in LiveAgent Configuration > System > Settings and activate it.
  • Create a new API key in Salesflare settings. 
  • Copy and paste the API key into the Salesflare integration settings in LiveAgent.

Would you like to see the extended integration guide? Have a look at our Salesflare integration page.

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