Easy ticketing system for Shopify

Keep track of your customers’ Shopify queries with ease.

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Quality Choice of Online Ticketing System for Shopify Stores

Put an end to the uncontrollable flow of incoming messages from across all communications channels and help your agents achieve the best results, including improved average response time with LiveAgent’s ticketing system.

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All support channels under one roof

LiveAgent’s help desk ticketing system integrates with multiple communication channels and offers nearly 200 features.

Integrate a ticketing system for your Shopify store.

An efficient support ticketing system is an essential part of a successful eCommerce store. Shopify offers a chance to sell through multiple channels at the expense of the high volume of customer requests in return. Be prepared to engage with customers at and from any platform.

Ticket status in LiveAgent

Undeniable Business Benefits

Due to the staggering number of available communication platforms, customers nowadays use multiple routes to reach a company. Discover the benefits that LiveAgent’s ticketing system delivers.

Clear organizational and service support structure

Increase in conversion rates, in addition to reduced cost

Built-in customer service metrics tracking and reporting

Leading features

LiveAgent’s ticketing system offers a variety of features for more streamlined and personalized communication.

LiveAgent universal inbox overview

Universal inbox

Comprehensive and user-friendly inbox done right. All customer interactions are transformed into tickets, automatically assigned to the correct department or agent, and stored in a centralized inbox. Fully customizable to ensure that no piece of correspondence will ever go unnoticed. Read more about universal inbox.

Hybrid ticketing stream

Whether contacted via email, chat, or Facebook messages, one ticket ID remains the same for greater conversational clarity. Streamline communications with customers regardless of the initial channel and follow up on conversations across all platforms. Read more about hybrid ticket stream.

Social customer service templates
Customer portal email templates


Delivering exceptional customer service is a challenge in itself, but throwing yourself blindly into offering support without prior knowledge is more complicated than it has to be. Collect and store contact details of potential leads or customize already existing customers’ profiles, interaction history, and adapt your approach to each customer individually. Read more about CRM.

Predefined answers

Struggling with frequently recurring inquiries or similar requests? Create different general responses to most commonly repeated subjects or choose from the several already predefined templates. Read more about predefined answers.

Canned responses feature in LiveAgent

Over 30,000 businesses can't be wrong​

See our success stories and testimonials to find out how LiveAgent can boost your customer support and increase the happiness of your business partners.

LiveAgent keeps customer communications alive and easy

“Would you shop in a store that doesn’t have employees available to answer questions when necessary? LiveAgent is a great way to make your website look like somebody is minding the store!”

Affordable prices for your business

Invest in the ticketing system that will earn you a top spot in your client base. Need more? Learn about our additional plans.

30 Day Trial
No Credit Card required
and many more
$9 month

Small business

  • Unlimited ticket history
  • 3 email addresses
  • 3 contact forms
  • 1 API key
$29 month

Medium business

  • Everything in Small, plus
  • 10 email addresses
  • 3 live chat buttons
  • Departments management
$0 month


  • 7 days ticket history
  • 1 email address
  • 1 chat button
  • 1 contact form
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Find the perfect Shopify customer service app for your online store. Review the top options on the market and discover the essential features and helpful tips.

Best Shopify customer service apps: Compared & categorized

Re:amaze, Shopify Inbox, Kustomer, Zendesk, HelpCenter, Gladly, Gorgias, and Richpanel are customer support apps that offer seamless integration with Shopify. They provide features like live chat, AI-powered chatbots, ticket management, and more to streamline customer support processes for e-commerce businesses. These apps aim to improve responsiveness, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

Improve conversion rates by tweaking aspects of your customer support strategy such as implementing live chat and providing real-time support.

Increase conversion rates with LiveAgent

To win over customers, it is vital to value their time and be familiar with their past purchases and interactions. To increase conversions, simplify the checkout process, offer omnichannel support, and provide real-time chat assistance. Don't create unnecessary steps, questions, or registration during the checkout. Use FAQs and self-service options to support customers. Remember, customers can easily find alternatives, avoid giving them a reason to leave.

LiveAgent combines excellent live chat, ticketing, and automation to provide exceptional support. Increase your sales with LiveAgent today.

At a standstill? Increase sales with LiveAgent!

LiveAgent is a multi-channel help desk solution that centralizes emails, chats, calls, and social media mentions. It offers features to increase sales, such as a ticketing system with hybrid ticket streams and real-time live chat. It also supports social media integration and provides automation, canned responses, and data analytics. Many companies switch to LiveAgent due to its affordability, advanced automation, and user-friendly features. Providing good customer service is crucial, as poor service can lead to customer abandonment and negative reviews, ultimately impacting a company's bottom line.

Explore a selection of ticketing software that are most used on the market. Choose the ideal ticketing tool and raise your customer service to the moon.

Ticketing software

LiveAgent is a ticketing software that transforms customer communication into tickets for better convenience and task management. It empowers support teams with a variety of tools and features, improving customer satisfaction and sales. Testimonials from satisfied clients highlight its effectiveness and ease of use. However, the starting cost per agent per month may be high for smaller companies. Overall, it is recommended for large businesses due to its purpose-built B2B ticket management and customer self-service portal.

Migration from HelpScout to LiveAgent is a piece of cake. Follow our step-by-step guide and do it yourself or contact us to help you out.

Switching from Help Scout to LiveAgent?

LiveAgent offers significant savings and ROI with multiple language support and adaptable widgets. The software provides a forever free plan as well as three other bargain price plans for small, medium, and large businesses. Additionally, LiveAgent is the most reviewed and top-rated help desk software for SMBs in 2020 with no credit card required for a 14-day trial. Join companies like Huawei, BMW, Yamaha, and Oxford University in providing world-class support to your customers. Migrate from Help Scout today and create a customizable plan to fit your needs.

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