Open source helpdesk

Open source helpdesk?

Open source help desk is a software that offers a ticket management system. This software offers a preconfigured version and it is totally customizable. It has no limitations and it is completely functional for all users. Some types are free, but for other types you have to pay to download it.

Open source help desk is built for providing support, so it routes customer problems and questions sent by email, contact forms or live chat into platform. It also offers various help desk functions and features to react fast to inquiries.

Frequently asked questions

What is an open source helpdesk?

Open source software is software that can be developed by a wide development community. Open source helpdesk is a software based solely on open source and offering a ticket management system. It allows you to provide customer support and directs requests from various communication channels to the platform (e-mail, contact forms, live chat), thanks to which the agent can manage everything in one place.


What are the most important features of an open source helpdesk?

The most important features of the one-source helpdesk are the possibility of communication through various contact channels, as well as the management of individual tickets and the possibility of analyzing based on the collected data and reports. And all this is possible in one place, which definitely facilitates and streamlines work.


Is LiveAgent an open source helpdesk?

LiveAgent is an open source helpdesk. It offers all the functionalities needed in customer service and technical support.


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