LiveAgent 5.35 – Another round of improvements and fixes

LiveAgent 5.35 – Another round of improvements and fixes

Alexander Šípka

Alexander Šípka

Last modified on November 24, 2022 at 10:04 am

Another round of improvements, tweaks, and fixes is coming with the new LiveAgent 5.35 update. It’s bringing both significant and minor fixes to our feature set, so let’s take a look at what’s new in the latest version of LiveAgent.

Newest fixes and updates

Asynchronous chat loading

We have updated our live chat widget with asynchronous loading, which will significantly improve the initial loading time of our live chat.

Change of default live chat colors in the Ascent theme

The default colors of the live chat window with the Ascent theme have been changed from the previous design to a brighter and more vibrant color scheme.

LiveAgent - Change of default live chat colors in the Ascent theme

Bug with email attachments

Our ticketing system offers two options for handling attachments – view and download. LiveAgent however had a bug, that in a specific use case when an agent sent an email with attachment to LiveAgent – which created an internal note in the ticket, the view button was downloading the attachment instead of simply opening it. We have removed this issue in the latest version.

Problems with opening tickets

Some users reported a problem while opening tickets. They would receive an “InvalidMessageGroupType” error message. This issue was removed in the 5.35 update and opening tickets should function as expected.

Trouble with viewing picked up chats

We have noticed an issue with live chat tickets. Sometimes when agents picked up an incoming chat from a customer, the system would not show the conversation and would instead turn up an error message. This issue has been resolved and the live chat conversations should work normally.

Trouble with viewing picked up chats

Issue with call widgets

We received reports of missed calls because of seemingly stuck calls. The issue however was caused by the call widget. The call notifications were completely missing in some cases, and the agents had no way of knowing about a call, and no option to answer incoming calls. This issue has been resolved.

Slack channel listbox issue

The Slack channel list box had a bug which caused that users were unable to see or access all Slack channels they are connected to. This issue happened for users who have 30+ channels in the channel list box. We have removed this bug and the channels will display correctly.

Incorrect messages in Integrations configuration

Some users with inactive or wrongly configured integrations in LiveAgent experienced an issue where the error message would give out wrong instructions for fixing the issue. The message guided the users to a non-existing part of the configuration. This message will display correct information in the LiveAgent 5.35 update.

Incorrect messages in Integrations configuration

The “New ticket” section improvements

We have removed some unnecessary options from the “New ticket” selection. From now on whenever you click on Create a ticket, you will get fewer options, but we kept the ones that better encapsulate the expected functionality of this button. We have removed the options New knowledge base article, forum topic and suggestions from this selection as they were rarely used. You can find all of these options in their respective sections of LiveAgent.

Incorrect filter results in contacts

In certain cases, the filter results in LiveAgent contacts showed wrong data about the number of results. We have noticed this issue when switching from one filter to another, as the number of filtered contacts stayed the same. This problem has been fixed and filters will show correct numbers.

Problems with broken grid in customer portal

The LiveAgent customer portal had a small problem with broken grids whenever the users resized the browser window. This issue might’ve been problematic for users who work from devices with smaller screens. The issue has been fixed.

LiveAgent - Fixed grid in customer portal

Problems with stuck interface after enabling video calls

Sometimes when enabling video calls in LiveAgent, the interface would get stuck and halt the progress of agents. This issue has been resolved.

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