25 best customer feedback software

25 best customer feedback software

Oliver Stasinszky

Oliver Stasinszky

Last modified on May 19, 2023 at 1:58 pm

In the days before the internet boom, businesses sent survey forms via mail or post to gauge customer satisfaction and get feedback. 

Why? Because, even in the absence of statistical data to show the value of customer feedback, businesses understood that customer experience is essential to staying competitive.

With several customer feedback software available for different purposes, choosing one that matches your requirements can be tricky. 

Therefore, we have compiled a list of 25 of the best customer feedback software for you to choose from.

Before we start though, let’s take a closer look at customer feedback software.

What is customer feedback software?   

Customer feedback software is sometimes confused with CRM software, but they serve different purposes. CRM software allows you to gather customer data from multiple sources, and then store, process, and analyze that information. However, by using customer feedback software, you will be able to collect the thoughts and opinions of customers about your product, services, or brand overall. 

Businesses use feedback management software for various tasks such as gauging customer satisfaction, doing sentiment analysis, monitoring social networks, collecting community feedback, forming and distributing surveys, etc.

The great thing about customer feedback platforms is that they offer different variations like customer satisfaction software, customer survey tools, customer feedback analytics software. 

So you can either use the one matching your requirement or use multiple tools in tandem.

Why should you use customer feedback software?

Customer feedback software can help your business in several different ways. Making it easier to gather feedback to analyze the feedback and suggest actions based on it can help you achieve a great customer experience and boost profitability.

Here are some of the ways that customer feedback software can help your business:

It helps analyze the collected information about products and services

Let’s suppose you are in the business of lead generation. Many clients subscribe to your services but do they find your services beneficial? 

Are your clients able to generate valuable leads for their businesses? Or are they turning to your competitor after their subscription expires?

By having customer feedback software, you can discover the gaps by tracking the customer journey. You can ask for feedback from customers and gain valuable customer insight. 

For example, you may find out that clients visit your “resources” section on the website but do not find it helpful. 

Analyzing such real-time actionable insights and incoming feedback with the help of customer feedback software becomes much more manageable.

It helps you create a great customer experience

You may think you know your customers. But only when you go through customer insights, you can locate any loopholes in your product.

Listening to your customers gives you an excellent opportunity to gain their trust. By clearly identifying what needs to be changed, you can create a great user experience and turn your clients into loyal customers.

Makes it easy to measure customer satisfaction

Satisfied customers are the lifeblood of any business. Not only do they stay loyal to your brand, but they also encourage others to subscribe to your product or service. 

Customer feedback software allows you to measure customer satisfaction in other areas than social media, including websites and online forums, through survey forms. You can then plan your next steps based on this information.

Increases customer retention and loyalty

According to a report by Bain & Company, increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can increase profit by between 25% and 95%

You realize how vital customer retention can be to your business when you figure out how costly it is to gain new clients instead of retaining existing ones. 

Customer feedback software performs active listening and ensures that customers understand the value of their feedback. 

By acting on all the insights provided by the software, you can reduce customer churn and maintain your profitability. 

Customer feedback software, for example, may enable you to uncover a problem your customers have with a feature that is integral to your tool. 

In response, you can create a blog post or a new how-to article for your knowledge base that will effectively detail how to use the feature. By doing so, you will make it easier for your customers to use your product, which will increase their loyalty. 

Customer growth comes from continuous innovation and continuous improvement that reduces churn. You can add further functionality to your feedback software by integrating a changelog tool to announce new features, updates, or action reports. Acts like this will encourage your customers not to bounce off to a competitor.

It contributes to the improvement of your products and services

Your entire team thinks your tool is top-notch. But maybe your customer has insightful suggestions on how to make it better. 

If you fail to listen to this feedback, you miss an invaluable opportunity to improve your offering.

By having customer feedback software that helps you gain insights from feedback forms, user reviews, and user feedback, you can make your product decisions wisely.

How to choose the best customer feedback software?

Before you decide on a customer feedback software, make sure you ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the end goal of having customer feedback software? Do you want to see why visitors abandon forms, help make insightful survey forms, or have heat maps?
  • What are the various features that are must-haves for you?
  • What is your budget?
  • Are you looking for a solution with just limited features or looking for an advanced solution?

All of these questions will help you make an informed decision. The best customer feedback software should make the process of giving feedback seamless and convenient for the customer.

Here is a list of some basic features customer feedback software should have:

How much does customer feedback software cost?

The pricing of customer feedback software ranges from $0 to $5000 per month, depending on your requirements and the plan you choose. The custom plans may cost even higher.

You may want to go for a trial period before finalizing any software and paying the amount. LiveAgent offers a 14-day trial period without the need to enter your credit card details. 

Top 25 customer feedback software

1. LiveAgent

LiveAgent dashboard

LiveAgent is more than just a customer feedback tool. Not only does it allow you to connect with your customers on all channels, but it provides you with ticketing solutions, customer insights, live chat features, website visitor tracking, and a lot more.

You can even manage your social media feedback and respond to messages, comments, and posts through LiveAgent. Apart from that, you can also create email templates to send surveys to your customers. You can also integrate with survey tools such as Nicereply and Simplesat.

Additionally, the creation of community forums and a Feedback & Suggestions button may be easily implemented. As a customer service software, LiveAgent offers sophisticated analytics and reporting features allowing for the tracking of metrics, KPIs, and various reports such as the time tracking report, agent performance, and agent availability.

All of these can be then used to measure customer satisfaction and allow you to gather and receive solicited and unsolicited feedback.

LiveAgent is known for providing ease of use, value, and performance. It has been awarded 26+ awards and is one of the highest-rated and most reviewed software on many online review platforms.

Youtube video: LiveAgent Product Tour

Key features 

Available in the free plan:

  • Customer portal
  • Contact forms
  • Customer forum
  • 1 Incoming and outgoing email account
  • 1 live chat button
  • 7 days ticket history
  • 3 Departments
  • 1 Custom filter/agent
  • Knowledge base
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Slack notifications
  • Contact form widgets customization
  • Chat widgets customization
  • White Glove Setup

Available in the small plan

  • Everything in the free plan
  • 1 Incoming email account
  • 3 Outgoing email accounts
  • 10 Departments
  • Unlimited ticket history
  • Chat satisfaction surveys
  • 1 API key + integration
  • Customer service

Available in the medium plan

  • Everything in the small plan
  • 10 Outgoing email accounts
  • 20 Departments
  • Call center support
  • Interactive voice response
  • Product training
  • Custom domain hosting
  • 20 Event rules
  • 10 Time rules
  • 5 SLA levels
  • Automation
  • Advanced reporting
  • Analytics overview
  • Performance report
  • All integrations with tools

Available in the large plan:

  • Everything in the medium plan
  • 40 Incoming email accounts
  • 40 Outgoing email accounts
  • 50 Departments
  • Multi-Knowledge base
  • Senior account manager
  • 2 Knowledge bases
  • 100 Event rules
  • Time report
  • 10 SLA levels
  • 1 Whatsapp account
  • Audit log

Pros and cons


  • It offers a free plan so you can try the software first before finalizing
  • It fulfills many other requirements apart from customer feedback
  • The pricing is quite economical as compared to the other software


  • No integrations in the free plan
  • No chatbot


They offer three pricing plans which you can also try out for free.

Price per user per month$0$9$29$49

Gather all customer issues into one interface

Try LiveAgent and enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive customer feedback software.

2. Hubspot

With Hubspot’s customer feedback tool, you can capture qualitative and quantitative customer feedback by creating surveys that you can deliver via email or your website. 

You can use NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys to measure customer loyalty over time or send across CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) surveys to determine how satisfied customers are at different points in the user journey.

You can track all of your customer feedback in a single dashboard so that everyone in your team is on the same page.

Key features

Included in starter plan:

  • Live chat
  • Simple automation
  • Task queues

Included in professional plan:

  • Everything in the starter plan
  • Ticket status
  • Ticket routing
  • Task automation
  • Ticket pipelines
  • Video hosting and management
  • Custom reporting
  • NPS surveys
  • Customer experience surveys
  • Customer support surveys
  • Insights dashboard
  • Forecasting

Included in enterprise plan:

  • Everything in the professional plan
  • Custom objects
  • User roles
  • Slack integration
  • Field-level permissions
  • Hierarchical teams

Pros and cons:


  • A single dashboard helps your whole team monitor changes in real-time
  • Availability of different survey types to provide everything you need to measure customer feedback 


  • A free plan is not available
  • Limited features are there when it comes to fulfilling your customer feedback requirements


The billed monthly starter plan starts at $50 per month, the professional plan at $890 per month, and the enterprise plan at $3200 per month. 

Price/month(billed annually)$45$800$3200

3. SurveyMonkey

Do you need to have various types of questions (like multiple choices, open comments, Likert scales) for your feedback survey for your website? SurveyMonkey helps you do just that and a lot more. 

It is one of the most well-known survey tools that help in customer feedback collection. It allows you to customize your surveys and a wide range of other features such as automated reporting, branding and customizing options, permission controls, etc.

It allows integration with over 100 apps and plugins to streamline the gathering and organizing of customer data.

Key features

Included in team advantage plan:

  • Survey sharing with fine control
  • Export results
  • Gather comments in one place
  • Shared asset library for on-brand surveys
  • Free integration with popular collaboration apps
  • Unlimited surveys and questions
  • Custom logo, colors, and survey URL
  • Advanced analysis features
  • Quizzes with custom feedback

Included in team premier plan:

  • Everything in the team advantage plan
  • Multilingual surveys
  • Crosstabs
  • Unlimited filter and compare rules, data trends
  • Block randomization
  • White label surveys
  • Advanced survey logic tools

Included in enterprise plan:

  • Everything in the team premier plan
  • Unlimited API access
  • Customization and branding
  • Admin, dashboard, and user management
  • Account control and migration
  • Activity tracking
  • A dedicated customer success manager

Pros and cons:


  • A free plan is available so that you can try the software first and then make an informed decision
  • You don’t have to worry about the security of survey data as it is a security encrypted survey platform


  • Some of its many features are buried under a lot of clutter, making it difficult to operate
  • There aren’t a lot of branding provisions


There are two segments: business plans and personal plans. The business plans billed annually start from the team advantage plan priced at $20 per user per month, the team premier plan that costs $50 per user per month, and the enterprise plan for which you have to contact them.

Business plans (billed annually)$20/user/month$50/user/monthContact the vendor
Personal plans (billed annually)0$12 per month$27 per month$67 per month

4. SurveySparrow

Surveysparrow dashboard

SurveySparrow promises to bring you 40% more response rates by helping you build engaging surveys. They have a conversational interface that enables you to create interactive surveys. You can even schedule and automate survey distribution with their recurring survey feature.

Key features

Included in the business plan:

  • 25k Responses / Month
  • 25k Email Shares / Month
  • 2 Users Included
  • White Labelling
  • Upload Logo 
  • Add Logo To Reports
  • Smart Contact List
  • Case Management
  • Share Via Email, Social, Email Embed, Link, QR Code, SMS
  • File Upload
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Export To SPSS

Included in enterprise plan:

  • Everything in the business plan
  • 100k Responses / Month
  • 100k Email Shares / Month
  • 10 Users Included
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Survey Catalog
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Share Via Mobile SDK
  • User Management
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Contacts Submission History
  • Unlimited Widgets
  • Word Cloud
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Intercom Integration

Included in elite plan:

  • Above 100k Responses/ Month
  • More than 10 Users
  • Custom Data Center
  • IP Whitelisting
  • Sub-Account Management
  • Single Sign-On (SAML)
  • Custom API Limits
  • Custom Billing
  • Mutual NDA
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Audit Log

Pros and cons:


  • They have rich analytics that will help you analyze responses at question-level and spot patterns and trends to help you understand your audience better
  • You can create intelligent surveys by adding skip logic, piping, and variables


  • You have to pay extra for NPS questions even if you choose the most expensive plan
  • It might take longer to load


The personal plans start at $9 per month, whereas the business plan starts at $149 per month. You can see the breakdown below:

Business plan (billed annually)$149 per month$449 per monthContact the vendor
Personal plan (billed annually)Free$9$49

5. Qualaroo

Don’t want to send surveys via email? Qualaroo has come up with a fantastic feature called Qualaroo nudges that allow you to add surveys to particular web pages and within your apps to gain valuable insights.

These surveys don’t slow down the speed and disrupt visitors as they appear in a non-intrusive manner. They also provide sentiment analysis that helps you understand the emotions your audience feels and experiences.

Key features

Included in the essentials plan:

  • Nudges
  • One user
  • Basic question types
  • Export data
  • Reports and analytics
  • Professional templates
  • Branching & Skip Logic
  • Targeting
  • Nudge placement

Included in the premium plan:

  • Everything in the essentials plan
  • Three users
  • Advanced question types
  • Exit survey
  • Advanced targeting
  • NPS
  • Mobile nudge
  • Smart response review
  • Basic integrations

Included in the enterprise plan:

  • Unlimited users
  • Report and design APIs
  • Vault
  • Advanced + custom integrations
  • Custom license, enterprise security, and ownership
  • Onboarding and success manager

Pros and cons:


  • By assigning qualitative data and assessing relevant keywords used by respondents, you can figure out how your products and services meet expectations
  • They have survey templates so that you don’t have to start from scratch every time


  • There are limited color choices, and the default color scheme is relatively muted
  • Various add ons like Sentiment analysis, and white labels can make the tool quite expensive, especially for small businesses


Their basic version starts from $80 per month if billed annually. You can also get to try any of the plans free for 15 days.

Price per month (if billed annually)$80$160Contact the vendor

6. Feedier

Are you tired of drafting the same old surveys every time? Feedier helps you create highly gamified surveys. Gamified surveys can have many things, such as leaderboards, animations, interactive questions, and personalized content for each respondent.

Because of gamified surveys, you can reach even more people, and your customers do not have to waste their time filling 40 questions at a time. You can even import data from third-party sources and other integration tools to help you analyze customer feedback in a better way.

Key features

  • Gamified survey builder
  • Feedback data importer
  • Six channels (widget, emails, SMS, etc.)
  • Custom fields
  • Journey mapping
  • Visual analytics
  • Custom reports
  • Text analysis
  • Geo report
  • Feedback assignment
  • Actions automation
  • Access management

Pros and cons:


  • You can set up automation to get feedback in real-time
  • This tool also helps you collect, analyze and act on VoC (Voice of the Customer)


  • It takes some time to get used to the different types of questions and how to use them
  • The lack of integrations can be a concern for some businesses


Their pricing depends on the number of dashboard users. To know more about their pricing, you’ll have to contact the vendor.

7. Clarabridge

Clarabridge dashboard

Are you wondering what your customers are saying about your popular blog on making a proposal template? Clarabridge allows you to do precisely that. It’s a Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform that will enable you to listen and connect to every conversation from any source.

It helps you analyze sentiment, perform emotion analysis and intent detection. You can also automatically route issues to appropriate teams and set up automated responses.

Key features

  • Personalized dashboards for each department
  • Identify 21 different types of intents
  • Examine and understand emotions
  • Easy reporting and categorization
  • Capture degrees of variation on an 11-point sentiment scale
  • Evaluate customer effort
  • Connect to hundreds of sources and collect customer feedback in one place
  • Text analytics engine
  • Integrate cross-channel conversations
  • SLA monitoring

Pros and cons:


  • You can draw actionable insights by having both qualitative and quantitative data
  • The platform is flexible to meet your requirements


  • A little bit of a learning curve is needed, and it takes time to set up and onboard your team
  • It lacks presentation, and you may have to export data into Excel to build your charts and graphs


The pricing of Clarabridge comes in three levels, and you will have to contact them for further details.

8. Survicate

Survicate is a customer feedback tool that integrates with different marketing applications such as Hubspot, Mailchimp, Slack, etc. It helps you enable targeted surveys at various locations on a website or send out questionnaires via email.

They also offer chat surveys, CVS and XLS exporting options, and NPS analysis.

Key features

Included in the free plan:

  • Survey responses: 100 every month
  • NPS, CSAT, CES, and 12 more question types
  • Email, link, web and mobile surveys
  • Unlimited users and surveys
  • HubSpot, Intercom, and more integrations
  • Slack and email notifications
  • Skip logic surveys
  • Respondent identification and enrichment
  • 125+ professional survey templates
  • Partial submissions
  • Feedback Button
  • Data retention: 1 month

Included in the essential plan:

  • Everything in the free plan
  • Survey responses: 1000 every month
  • Export to CSV, XLS
  • Google Sheets integration
  • Answers and attributes piping
  • Custom ‘thank you’ page and actions
  • Feedback Hub
  • Data retention: unlimited

Included in professional plan:

  • Everything in the essential plan
  • Survey responses: 10,000 every month
  • Survicate branding removed
  • Custom design (CSS)
  • Advanced targeting
  • Automated recurring surveys
  • Data export API
  • Webhooks
  • Custom domain
  • Premium integrations: Marketo, Pardot, Salesforce

Included in the ultimate plan:

  • Everything in professional plan
  • Survey responses: 50,000 every month
  • Customizable number of responses, up to unlimited
  • Very cost-effective for high volumes of traffic and users
  • Survey sampling
  • SAML SSO authentication

Pros and cons:


  • There are many options for a pre-built survey, so you need not build every survey from scratch
  • The UI is interactive, and their feedback dashboard is quite comprehensive


  • You don’t receive a notification pop-up for negative feedback, which delays the follow-up action
  • The analytics feature lacks adequate details


The pricing starts at 129$ per month for their essential plan. Survicate also has a free plan that you can check out before subscribing to the tool.

Price per month (billed annually)0$89$159$419

9. Typeform

Typeform’s one question at a time survey design feels like an actual conversation to the respondents. This feature makes the entire survey process flow effortlessly and adds a human touch to it. It has a simple, user-friendly interface that allows users to create surveys and apps without writing any code.

The tool helps embed additional elements like videos and images to make your surveys more interactive.

Key features

Included in the basic plan:

  • 100 responses per month
  • One user
  • Unlimited questions and typeforms
  • Unlimited logic jumps
  • Personalize with hidden fields
  • Webhooks
  • Custom link preview

Included in the Plus plan:

  • Everything in the basic plan
  • 1000 responses per month
  • Three users
  • Remove typeform branding
  • Custom subdomain
  • Custom link preview
  • Redirect options

Included in the business plan:

  • Everything in the plus plan
  • 10,000 responses per month
  • Five users
  • Question insights
  • Facebook pixel
  • Advanced embed options
  • Priority support
  • Custom closed message

Pros and cons:


  • It is an easy-to-use interface that ensures that anyone can use the software and build surveys
  • Wide variety of templates


  • It is complicated to create more powerful survey questions
  • The tool needs some optimization to become more mobile-friendly


Typeform offers three pricing tiers to pick from:

Price per month (billed annually)$25$50$83


UserReport is a visitor opinion platform that tells you who your users are and what they want to achieve. They have two widgets: a survey and a feedback widget. You can have direct interaction with your users, and they can tell you how you can improve.

These widgets integrate as a part of your website and application and provide you with your user’s demographics, NPS, and other vital factors.

Key features

  • Provides user demographics
  • Calculates NPS
  • Google analytics integration
  • Customization options
  • Prioritize features
  • Calculate user satisfaction

Pros and cons:


  • You can better understand your customer segments by analyzing the demographics insights
  • It is available in 60 languages so anybody can make use of it


  • It doesn’t have many features, so you may have to subscribe to a different tool in tandem with this one
  • The cost may steep up if you need to have several other tools as well


The pricing details haven’t been made official, and you might have to contact UserReport for the same.

11. Podium

Want to know the effectiveness of your sales features in your tool? Instead of going on to different review platforms and searching for it, you can use Podium. Podium is a customer feedback tool that aggregates online reviews from various sites in one place.

Apart from that, it also helps you get more reviews by automating review invites, comparing yourself to competitive benchmarks, tracking your progress, and creating surveys.

Key features

  • See and respond to every review from one inbox
  • Automate reviews
  • Review analytics
  • Customizable templates for personalized messages
  • Switchboard
  • Competitive benchmarks
  • Automated messages for feedback
  • Customer insights
  • Fast resolution for better customer experience

Pros and cons


  • Having customer insights like which channel they came from, who they interacted with, and how long they’ve been your customer helps with strategizing
  • Podium sends you an alert when customers have a terrible experience. Before they can walk away, you can resolve issues through a private conversation


  • It lacks the integration part
  • No branching and skip logic in the surveys


They offer custom price quotes as they believe that every business is unique, and so are their requirements. Depending on the tools you need, they’ll design a package and quote a price for it.

12. Qualtrics

Qualtrics dashboard

Qualtrics Customer XM lets you listen to each of your customers’ feedback and reviews because it has access to 128 data sources and 27 channels all on one platform. You can also uncover trends and patterns in customer loyalty, which will help you determine the areas that will maximize customer loyalty and retention.

Key features

  • Listening engine
  • Predictive intelligence and analytics
  • Full closed loop-actioning capabilities
  • Gain customer loyalty patterns and trends
  • Prescriptive insights
  • Sends recommended actions to the right teams
  • Drag-and-drop integrations
  • Automated actions

Pros and cons


  • Because of their 27 channels and 128 data sources, you can get a complete view of how customers think and feel
  • By having access to prescriptive insights, you can better retain customers


  • Survey designing is quite limited
  • Minor customization for your reports


Qualtrics has not made its pricing details official. You’ll have to contact them for a quote.

13. Mopinion

Mopinion is an all-in-one customer feedback tool that helps you gather customer feedback seamlessly across all your digital channels. You can create feedback forms that cater to the most critical touchpoints in the user journey. 

You can even track actions, visualize progress in teams, and set reminders for better collaboration and tracking. 

Key features

Included in the growth plan:

  • Dashboard: 1
  • Website pageviews/month: 2,000,000
  • Email/month: 200,000
  • Users: up to 20
  • Unlimited feedback forms
  • Unlimited feedback responses
  • In-page feedback
  • Full API access
  • Multilingual surveys
  • Email support
  • Multi-factor authentication

Included in the turbo plan:

  • Everything in the growth plan
  • Website pageviews/month: 8,000,000
  • Email/month: 1,000,000
  • In-app users/month: 400,000

Included in the enterprise plan:

  • Everything in the turbo plan
  • Dashboard: unlimited
  • Website pageviews/month: unlimited 
  • Email/month: unlimited
  • In-app users/month: unlimited
  • Users: 20+
  • Dedicated success manager
  • Single sign-on
  • Dedicated domain and storage

Pros and cons


  • It is easy to use, and the multilingual feature makes the interface more comfortable for businesses and customers
  • You can easily have 20 users working with the tool


  • The pricing is relatively high, especially for small businesses


They have three pricing tiers, and you can get started for a trial period without having to place your credit card details.

Price per month$229$579Contact the vendor

14. Helio

Helio is a survey platform that lets you gather quantitative and behavioral attributes about your audience, which can help you develop valuable insights. In order to better target your surveys, you should first choose an audience. Then you can select from eleven different question types once you’ve chosen an audience.

Key features

Included in the single survey plan:

  • 10 Question Types
  • 100 Participants
  • Responses in minutes
  • Send a test to mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • Test audio, video, images, and text

Included in the enterprise plan:

  • Everything in a single survey plan
  • 11 Question Types
  • No limit on Participants
  • Use specific audiences: DevOps, IT Support, Medical Staff…
  • Test prototypes in Figma
  • Branch questions
  • Ask participants follow-up questions to learn more
  • Test with your customers
  • Customize with your branding
  • Use screeners to capture participants
  • Install intercepts on your website
  • Segment your audiences

Included in agency plan:

  • Everything in the enterprise plan
  • No extra charges for teammates
  • Manage clients with separate projects
  • Use client-specific branding on tests

Pros and cons:


  • Their behavior filters help you reach the desired audience and gain a better understanding of customer experience
  • You can test various creative ideas by asking conceptual questions, adding prototypes, images, audio, or video


  • The features they provided might not justify their pricing


Helio has three plans in their single survey tier, and enterprise and agency plans have many more features.

Open surveyBasic surveyTargeted survey
Single survey pricing$49$199$399
Pricing per monthIt starts at $1000It starts at $1000

Take it to the next level

Integrate LiveAgent with one of the leading customer feedback software and boost your customer service satisfaction

15. GetFeedback

GetFeedback is a customer experience platform that helps you create visually appealing surveys with images, colors, and fonts that fit your brand. You can collect in-the-moment feedback across all channels and quickly spot significant trends.

With this tool, customers can fill out surveys much more quickly and with greater enjoyment.

Key features

Included in the direct plan:

  • SMS/text
  • Email
  • Salesforce integration
  • Automate & collect in-the-moment feedback on selected channels
  • Trigger surveys based on customer actions
  • Target audiences using key attributes & behaviors
  • Customize surveys with logos, colors & themes
  • Quickly spot trends with advanced analytics
  • Easily understood results from custom reporting dashboards
  • Access templates for Net Promoter Score® (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES) & more

Included in the digital plan:

  • Websites
  • Web apps
  • Mobile apps
  • Automate & collect in-the-moment feedback on selected channels
  • Trigger surveys based on customer actions
  • Target audiences using key attributes & behaviors
  • Customize surveys with logos, colors & themes
  • Quickly spot trends with advanced analytics
  • Easily understand results from custom reporting dashboards
  • Access templates for Net Promoter Score® (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES) & more

Included in the complete plan:

  • Everything in the direct and digital plan

Pros and cons


  • The logic tool is easy to figure out and makes your surveys more impactful
  • CX specific questions help you get your NPS and CSAT scores easily


  • It does not allow you to edit permissions for surveys
  • It cannot have different user permissions, which makes collaboration difficult


Basic features are there in all their plans, divided into direct, digital, and complete. Their pricing is based on an annual basis, and to learn more about tailored quotes, you will need to contact GetFeedback.

16. UseResponse

UseResponse is an all-in-one customer support solution that has a customer feedback portal where you can have a private feedback community for your internal team. You can have a complete view of the top suggestions.

You can collect customer feedback by embedding the widget on your website or any service page.

Key features

  • Customer feedback portal
  • Option for anonymous ideas or votes
  • SSO login
  • Custom feedback management workflows
  • Unified mobile interface to allow feedback management
  • Integrations with various third-party tools
  • CSAT surveys
  • Analytics and trends
  • Conditional fields
  • Votes limiter
  • One inbox

Pros and cons


  • Integration with other apps is seamless and easy
  • You can switch several product parts on and off as needed


  • It might take some time to understand how to use the different features they have


They have two plans: enterprise cloud and on-premise solution. The enterprise cloud has four additional packages.

PlanPrice per month (billed annually)
On-premise $400
Enterprise cloud:See below:
– Feedback solution $124
– Knowledge base $116
– Help desk + Live chat $124

17. Trustpilot

Trustpilot is an online review tool that businesses use to build trust among consumers. With this customer feedback tool, you can send out an email to invite customers to share their feedback.

You can also set it up so that a customer receives an email right after the purchase. These reviews also appear on search engines which helps you improve visibility in online ads and search engines.

Key features

Available in the free plan:

  • Claim profile page
  • Invite customer reviews
  • Receive support
  • See basic performance reports
  • Use 2 TrustBox widgets
  • Drive Google Seller Ratings

Available in the standard plan:

  • Upgrade your profile page
  • Invite more customer reviews
  • Access to customer success team
  • Learn from detailed analysis
  • Use eight review TrustBox widgets
  • Gain access to marketing assets
  • Customize with paid add-ons

Pros and cons


  • More company reviews establish trust in your company
  • You can improve your search engine visibility


  • It’s not a comprehensive customer feedback tool


You can start with the free version and then upgrade whenever you want. You can also have a customized plan with various add-ons.

Plan Price per month (billed annually)
Standard $199

18. Feefo

Feefo dashboard

Feefo is a customer feedback tool that allows you to send out emails to invite customers to share their reviews. You can also choose to display these reviews on your website with options such as text display, percentage display, and star rating.

You can also create surveys, calculate NPS, have detailed insights, link to different tools, and so on.

Key features

Included in the essential plan:

  • Product and service reviews
  • Edit your review requests
  • Photo and video reviews
  • Qualify for Google stars
  • Straight-forward reporting
  • Multi-channel support

Included in the complete plan:

  • Everything in the essential plan
  • Campaign Manager for deeper insight
  • Net Promoter Score as standard
  • Customizable reports
  • Full set-up support
  • Personal Customer Success Manager
  • Expert advice to help achieve ROI

Included in the enterprise plan:

  • Everything in the complete plan
  • Feedback package, tailored to you
  • Industry-leading, AI-driven analytics
  • Specialist implementation service
  • Full migration support
  • Dedicated Customer Success Team

Pros and cons


  • You can sort through and find out negative reviews easily and thus can handle them properly
  • You can integrate responses and send feedback to your CRM system easily


  • Sending out personalized review emails is difficult as review emails directly come from the Feefo system


Feefo has three pricing plans: essential, complete, and enterprise. You will have to contact the vendor for pricing details, as the price is not publicized.

19. Bazaarvoice


Bazaarvoice is a comprehensive tool that allows you to do everything from collecting ratings and reviews from customers, allowing shoppers to ask questions and deliver answers, gain actionable insights related to competitive benchmarking and sentiment analysis, and so on.

Key features

  • Infuse your product page with existing reviews
  • Reviews by the influencer community
  • Collect authentic ratings and other user-generated content
  • Automated emails
  • Actionable insights
  • Single portal to track and manage all questions and reviews
  • Allow shoppers to ask questions
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Performance tracking
  • Competitor insights
  • Category benchmarks
  • Basic performance metrics

Pros and cons


  • Metrics like what percentage of your product display pages have at least one review, how many questions you need to answer, etc., can be strategically significant
  • You can spot trends quickly with the help of all the ratings, reviews, and questions


  • Features like making surveys are missing, which is an integral part of a customer feedback tool
  • You will have to use other tools in tandem with this, which can shoot up your cost


Bazaarvoice pricing details are not publicized. You’ll have to contact them for a quote.

20. Hotjar


Want to know how well your blog on the Gantt chart did? Hotjar allows you to have a real-time suggestion box on your site where the users can express frustration or delight about individual parts of your site. 

You can also create customizable surveys and build one from readymade templates to measure CES, CSAT, and NPS.

Key features

Included in the business plan:

  • Continuous heatmaps & recordings
  • Unlimited surveys & feedback widgets
  • 15-day trial
  • Remove Hotjar branding
  • Identify API
  • Integrations

Included in scale plan:

  • Everything in the business plan
  • Identity management (SSO)
  • Training with a Hotjar specialist

Pros and cons


  • Heatmaps allow you to visualize user behavior and find out what attracts the user’s attention
  • Setting up surveys and polls and feedback on your site is easy


  • Features like sentiment analysis are not there
  • It’s not a full-fledged customer feedback tool


They have different quotes depending on the number of daily sessions:

PlanPrice per month
Business: $99 for 500 daily sessions
$189 for 1500 daily sessions
$289 for 2500 daily sessions
Scale: $389 for 4000 daily sessions
$589 for 8000 daily sessions
$989 for 15000 daily sessions

21. CrazyEgg

CrazyEgg heatmap

Like Hotjar, CrazyEgg is another customer feedback tool that uses heatmaps to analyze customer behavior. It tracks portions of the website that are getting more attention, such as the subscribe button, or the bottom of the web page.

Key features

  • Heatmaps
  • A/B testing
  • Visitor analysis
  • UX/UI Audits
  • Customer analysis
  • Integrations
  • Collaborate with team members
  • Export reports

Pros and cons


  • While Google analytics shows you what people do on your site, CrazyEgg shows you the reason behind it in seconds
  • You can find out areas to work on for your website and improve them


  • The feature set is quite limited


They have five pricing tiers depending on the tracked pageviews, snapshots, and recordings.

Price per month$24$49$99$249Contact the vendor

22. Usersnap

UserSnap dashboard

Usersnap is a customer feedback tool that allows businesses to have a feedback button or menu on their application or website and provides visual feedback by allowing users to draw and pin comments on screenshots. 

You can also generate qualitative and quantitative surveys triggered by user events, URL paths, or time spent on a particular page.

Key features

Included in the basic plan:

  • Start with two team members
  • Start with one feedback project
  • Unlimited reporters
  • Screen recording
  • Add a team member for $6
  • Add a project for $9

Included in the startup plan:

  • Everything in the basic plan
  • Start with ten team members
  • Start with three feedback projects
  • Integrate with 2,000 apps

Included in the company plan:

  • Everything in the startup plan
  • Start with 15 team members
  • Start with ten feedback projects
  • Browser error recording
  • Customer care replies
  • Custom widget design

Included in the enterprise plan:

  • Everything in the company plan
  • up to ∞ team members‍
  • up to ∞ projects‍
  • up to ∞ page views
  • Custom subscription payment
  • Custom terms of service
  • Remove Usersnap branding
  • Integrate via Webhooks
  • Enterprise support & security

Pros and cons


  • Several useful integrations to work with
  • The interface is simple and easy to use


  • Lack of options for customization


They have four plans to choose from with a free trial period of 14 days.

Basic StartupCompanyEnterprise
Price per month (billed annually)$9$69$129Contact the vendor

23. CustomerSure

CustomerSure dashboard

CustomerSure allows you to collect, monitor, and respond to customer feedback. You can send surveys via email, SMS, web, or app, define customer journey and measure satisfaction at each step.

You can categorize and prioritize common feedback issues and resolve urgent problems instantly. Tracking essential metrics like NPS, CSAT, and effort scores is also possible.

Key features

Available in the CX starter plan:

  • Surveys: 10,000
  • Analyst logins: 5
  • Tracked staff: 15
  • Teams: 1
  • Brands: 1
  • Integration
  • Premium support

Available in the CX pro plan:

  • Everything in the CX starter plan
  • Surveys: 20,000
  • Analyst logins: 12
  • Tracked staff: 30
  • Teams: 10
  • Brands: 1

Available in the CX pro plus plan:

  • Everything in the CX pro plan
  • Surveys: 100,000
  • Analyst logins: 55
  • Tracked staff: 150
  • Teams: 50
  • Brands: 3
  • Input to a product roadmap

Pros and cons


  • You can get expert advice, consultancy, and support depending on the plan you choose
  • You can view trend data to track performance over time
  • Advanced filters help you analyze data efficiently


  • The features can seem complicated initially
  • You can only work with one brand in the first two paid versions


They have three pricing tiers, and they also have the option of having a custom plan according to your requirements.

CX starterCX proCX pro-plus
Price per month$199$399$999

24. Wootric

Wootric reports

Wootric, an InMoment company, helps you listen to feedback from direct sources like surveys and forms and indirect sources such as social reviews and mentions and inferred sources such as CRM and point-of-sale data sources.

It also lets you calculate metrics such as NPS, CSAT, and CES. 

Key features

Available in the professional plan:

  • Self-serve NPS, CSAT, and CES micro-surveys deployed in-app web or mobile, or through email, SMS
  • Text and sentiment analytics
  • Data exploration to mine unstructured feedback
  • Reporting and dashboards to facilitate action and monitor trends
  • Integrations with critical systems of record

Available in the enterprise plan:

  • Everything in the professional plan
  • Self-serve or managed service surveys for transactional, relational, and market research
  • Industry-specific text and sentiment analytic models
  • Field level reporting
  • Location-based action planning
  • Case management and closed-loop
  • Advanced and native integrations with critical systems of record

Available in the custom plan:

  • Everything in the enterprise plan
  • Robust survey and data collection across any/all channels
  • Extensive reporting that spans the enterprise–top of the house to the front line
  • Predictive and advanced analytics to facilitate recommendations and workflow
  • Robust integrations with critical systems of record
  • Action planning, advocacy, case management, closed-loop, and more
  • A unique combination of Customer Experience (CX), Employee Experience (EX), Marketing Experience (MX), and Product Experience (PX)

Pros and cons


  • You can monitor customer experience trends over time and act upon those trends
  • Its active listening studio gives you the control to collect customer feedback at each touchpoint


  • It’s a bit hard to implement integrations if you want to go beyond the basic metrics
  • The integration options are limited


They have three plans: professional, enterprise, and custom. You can request a trial or ask for a quote.

25. KiyOh

KiyOh review plaform

Constantly curious about what your customers are saying about your content or your features? KiyOh, just like Trustpilot, is an online review platform that is a bit smaller in scale than Trustpilot but offers impressive features.

The best part about it is that it includes a Review Alarm that will notify you of any good or bad reviews.

Key features

Available in the go plan:

  • 150 invites per month
  • Reviews in Google Shopping & Ads Campaigns 
  • Improved SEO through reviews
  • Personalize Invitation Email Review Page and Widget
  • Automatically invite after every order (using various webshop plugins)
  • Own custom questionnaire
  • Respond to reviews
  • Full-service support

Available in the pro plan:

  • Everything in the go plan
  • 300 invites per month

Available in the premium plan:

  • Everything in the go plan
  • 3000 invites per month

Pros and cons


  • It’s more economical than other similar platforms
  • The review alarm makes it easy to resolve negative feedback as early as possible


  • It’s not a comprehensive customer feedback software


They have three pricing plans. The only difference between them is the number of invites per month.

Price per month$29.5$34.3$117.2

Top 5 customer feedback software compared

1. LiveAgent

LiveAgent main

LiveAgent is the number one choice for customer feedback software. Not only does it help you devise email surveys, but it offers you robust analytics and reporting capabilities that help you track important metrics and KPIs. Reports like channel usage, time tracking, SLA compliance sets this tool apart from the rest and can help you measure customer satisfaction and improvise accordingly.

From handling the ticketing platform to tracking and recording all your customer calls, LiveAgent ticks all the boxes to be the most comprehensive customer feedback software.

Get to know your customers better

Track the quality of your customer support and gain a deeper understanding of your customers.

2. Qualtrics

Qualtrics main

Qualtrics helps you listen to every customer across 27 channels and 128 data sources and helps uncover patterns and trends through their predictive intelligence engine that is used and appreciated by many. It lacks other features such as ticketing, multichannel communication, and so on, and thus, ranks second on this list.

It also helps you send recommended actions to the right teams to take further steps to improve customer experience and satisfaction.

3. Trustpilot

Trustpilot page

Trustpilot is a popular platform for seeking reviews from your customers and powering your business forward. It ranks third on this list because the tool makes it easy for customers to leave reviews and help you increase conversions with the help of good reviews.

Besides the fact that you can read and search reviews, it does not have as many features as other similar products, and you might even find that it is a bit pricey if you are just starting out.

4. Typeform

Typeform page

With Typeform, you can craft surveys that feel like a conversation and embed elements like video, pictures, and so on into the surveys. Because these surveys are easy to fill and look aesthetically pleasing, customers may be more than ready to fill the forms.

One thing that makes Typeform special is that it also helps you build a no-code chatbot that helps in capturing and qualifying leads and improving customer experience and satisfaction. The limitation with Typeform is that it doesn’t serve your needs regarding ticketing, call recording, and social media conversations.

5. CustomerSure

CustomerSure main

With CustomerSure, you can customize and deliver surveys, categorize and prioritize customer problems, use workflow tracking and get valuable data insights like NPS, CSAT, and other metrics.

The one thing lacking here is features like ticketing, call recording, and the tool can be pretty expensive at $199 per month.

Customer feedback softwareCapterra ratingTrial period/Free plansStarting price
LiveAgent4.7/5 (approx. 1000 reviews)Yes$9/agent/month
Qualtrics4.8/5 (approx. 300 reviews)YesNot official
Trustpilotn/aYes$199 per month
Typeform4.7/5 (around 400 reviews)Yes$25 per month
CustomerSure4.8/5 (around 40 reviews)Yes$199 per month
Dated as of 23rd of July


Customer acquisition can cost five times more than retaining existing customers. Amidst increasing competition and new companies emerging in every sector, keeping customers becomes even more challenging. Therefore, having customer feedback software is a must for businesses. 

Here is a list of short Q&As for you that can help you choose amongst these 25 tools.

Which customer feedback software is right for your business?

A customer feedback software that allows you to have all the basic features and features that fulfill your requirements is right for your business. For example, LiveAgent not only serves all the customer feedback requirements but on top of that, it provides you with many other features such as social media help desk, mobile help desk, and so on.

The best all-in-one customer feedback software solutions

With over 200 features that LiveAgent has to offer, it is the leading customer service software on the market for customer feedback and so much more. It can be the centralized solution for all the requirements your business has.

The best customer feedback software with built-in ticketing and live chat

LiveAgent allows you to have automated ticket distribution, assign and transfer tickets between agents and departments, use tags to differentiate between various tickets, and many live chat features such as chat button invitations, chat history, and tracking making it the best customer feedback software with built-in ticketing and live chat.

The best customer feedback software feature-wise

The number of features that LiveAgent offers easily comes up to 200, making it one of the most feature-rich platforms for customer feedback and other solutions.

The best value for money customer feedback software

With a price of $15 per user per month, LiveAgent offers the best value for money, ease of use, an abundance of features, and an excellent support team, making it the best value for money customer feedback software.

The top-rated customer feedback software

With over 1000 reviews on Capterra and a 4.7 overall rating, LiveAgent is one of the most accessible and top-rated customer feedback software with a feature-rich platform and intuitive interface.

The most accessible customer feedback software to setup & use

With easy-to-use software and an intuitive interface that makes setting up your business on the software and using the tool to fulfill your requirements as efficiently as possible, LiveAgent tops the list for the most accessible customer feedback software to set up & use.

Customer satisfaction improves ROI

Discover all of Liveagent's features with a free 14-day trial.

Frequently asked questions

What is customer feedback software?

A customer feedback software allows you to track and manage customer feedback from multiple communication channels and improve customer satisfaction and experience.

How does customer feedback software work?

Customer feedback software creates surveys for you, customizes surveys, helps you send surveys, and also helps you fulfill other requirements such as call recording, ticketing, data evaluation, etc.

What is an omnichannel customer feedback software solution?

An omnichannel customer feedback software solution has numerous interaction channels packaged into a single software.

How much does customer feedback software cost?

Customer feedback software can cost anywhere from $0 to $5000 per month, depending on your chosen plan.

What are the benefits of using customer feedback software?

A customer feedback software allows you to do surveys, gather data, provide insights, and evaluate data to make informed decisions to improve customer experience and customer retention.

Why is quality assurance necessary for customer feedback software solutions?

Faulty software may worsen the customer experience, and everybody may have to deal with constant errors, which can be time-consuming to fix.

What’s the difference between cloud-based and on-premise customer feedback software?

Cloud-based customer feedback software is an online solution that allows you to access the software wirelessly using the Internet. In contrast, an on-premise customer feedback software runs on a local network or a physical server with hardware that runs and stores your data.

Dhruv Maheshwari

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Dhruv Maheshwari

Dhruv Maheshwari is a Freelance SaaS Content Writer who helps brands get quality leads by designing a winning content strategy and creating outstanding content pieces. In his free time, he is chiseling his fitness goals and traveling around the world.

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