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What can the WP internal linking tool do?

Adding internal links can be time-consuming and tedious if you have to create each link manually. Luckily, there’s an easy solution: the Internal links plugin from Quality Unit.  Learn about the features below.

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Diversify anchor texts

Are you concerned about repetitive anchor texts? No need. We allow you to enter phrases, synonyms, and related phrases you’d like to be associated with each keyword for natural and versatile internal linking. 

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Automatic linking

Automatic linking is the primary feature of the plugin, which enables you to focus on other SEO and marketing activities rather than manually adding internal links to each of your articles. What can you expect? Simply enter or import keywords and set the preferred URL. 

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Blacklist specific URLs

Blacklisting allows you to list URLs you do not want to include in the automation process. In this way, you can list URLs such as login pages and checkout pages, and the plugin will avoid them on your WP site.

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Bulk import of your target keywords

Do you want to avoid adding each keyword one by one? Our bulk import feature allows you to upload keywords through a CSV file in just a few seconds.

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Enabled taxonomies

When interlinking your content, topical relevance should be taken into consideration. Using the automation interlinking plugin, you can determine how you want your content to be interlinked using your WordPress taxonomies. Thus, specific keywords can be restricted. For instance, if you would like your ebook link displayed only in the Book reviews section with the tag “fiction”, you can easily do so with our plugin.

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Google Search Console API

If you do not have an Excel sheet of keywords that you wish to target with internal links, you do not have to worry. With our Google Search Console API, you can automatically import relevant keywords for your WordPress site. 

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Specific number of links for each article/paragraph

As articles vary in length, you might want to set a specific number of links based on the word count so that you avoid too many or too few links. This can be done per paragraph or for the entire article.

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Auto keyword import from Yoast SEO/RankMath

Do you have the Yoast SEO or RankMath plugins installed? Import all your focus keywords from your database and save yourself some time.

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It is possible to set custom link targets, such as; open in a new window, the same tab, or a popup window.

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The links added manually will not be changed, so you do not have to worry. 

Internal links, also known as in-site linking or backlinks, are hyperlinks that connect pages on a single site. They can be found within the body of text on a page. This is different than external links, which link to other sites. Find out more about the benefits of internal links below. 

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Decreased bounce rate & increased user retention

Internal links are an excellent way to keep readers engaged and active on the page. As a result, you have a higher chance of converting them into customers or having them complete the desired action. 

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Improved SEO rankings

The importance of internal links extends not only to readers but also to search engines. The proper use of internal links can assist Google in understanding your website structure, which can help increase traffic/SEO rankings. 

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Having internal links is also important because they help you spread link equity or, in other words, link juice from one page to another. Basically, the idea is that more pages can pass value and authority between each other and consequently improve page rank and visibility, preventing orphan pages. 

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Can automatic internal linking hurt your SEO?

There is a stigma that surrounds automatic internal links plugins since many people believe that they can be harmful due to repetitive anchor texts and unrelated internal links. These are both legitimate reasons to be concerned since you do not want to cause Google to penalize you or provide your users with a bad experience.

We have taken all of these concerns into account when developing our internal linking plugin. That being said, the plugin allows you to add multiple anchor text options for each keyword and set relevant links based on specific post types, categories, and tags.

With these two features, you can prevent any issues with relevancy and repetitive anchor texts. Moreover, you can clearly define how many links you would like per article/paragraph. 

Who can benefit from internal linking?

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Automated internal linking is an excellent way to improve your blog since you don’t have to manually add links, which is especially beneficial if you have a lot of content. According to your preferences, the plugin will add internal links to all your blogs without overwriting the links you manually added. It also prevents orphaned content, which, in turn, prevents SEO problems, such as low search engine rankings. Overall, it can save time for bloggers.

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Internal linking plugins are essentially SEO plugins. Thus, it is beneficial not only for individuals and companies but also for agencies that provide SEO services. Consequently, you can integrate an internal link-building strategy for huge clients without the need to define links for every page on their website. 

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Maintain a positive user experience on your website and keep your potential customers engaged longer so they can easily find information. Interlink your website the way you like by whitelisting specific categories or URLs and blacklisting those you don’t want interlinked. 

Ready to improve your internal linking strategy?

WP users can download and use the internal linking plugin for free. Transform your user experience and enhance your SEO efforts immediately.

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What does the internal linking plugin do?

The internal linking plugin is a powerful SEO tool that can improve your site's organic search ranking. By linking pages on your website, it helps Google understand what content is related and how it all fits together.

What is internal linking?

Internal linking allows you to create links within your website. These are links that point to other pages on the same site.

Will the automatic internal linking plugin slow down my WP site?

The plugin was developed and tested so it doesn't affect the speed of the website.

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