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Why should you choose our Checklist plugin?

People love checklists. If you would like to make your WP site more interesting, create an interactive checklist instead of a boring bulleted list and share them with other users. 

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Easy to create

Create a checklist online just as you would a blog post and copy the shortcode to any content type you’d like to use. 

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Checklists can be printed, shared on social media, and saved to mobile devices. 

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You can pretty much customize just about everything inside the checklist, such as images, affiliate links, internal links, external links, and the whole template design. 

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The whole checklist is written in JSON LD, meaning it is compliant with Schema Markup. As a result, the content of the checklist can be displayed in rich snippets and have a positive impact on search engine rankings.

What are the benefits of using the WP checklist plugin?

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Reduced bounce rate

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Increased website traffic

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Improved brand awareness

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Enhanced user experience

How to create a to-do list with a WP checklist plugin

The checklist is an easy way to create a to-do list for your site. The best part? You can use it in any theme that supports shortcodes! You’ll just need to add items to the checklist in order for it to work properly.

It is important to understand that when we talk about checklist plugins, we are talking specifically about those created primarily for your website viewers or users and not backend checklists for authors, etc.

There are many great checklist plugins available, but most of them have one feature in common: they create a checklist of steps for users to follow. If that’s all you need, it’s fine, but if you want to add links, images, or embed the checklist for Schema Markup, check out the table below.

You can find a brief comparison of available WordPress website checklist plugins, so you can decide which one you prefer based on your needs and preferences.

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Would you like to try it?

Our Checklist plugin is a free WP checklist maker that is simple and easy to use. Enhance your UX in minutes. 

Pair it with other useful plugins

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Although the WP checklist plugin can help you with UX, it is best to provide support as well. Live Chat allows users to skip voice or text-based contacts. The best thing about a live chat is that it can cut down on inquiries, helping you to focus on more important tasks. 

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Internal linking plugin

Internal linking is a popular marketing technique. The internal linking plugin automatically adds links based on your set keywords and preferences. Moreover, you can blacklist specific URLs to prevent an automation internal linking process. 


How will the checklist plugin affect the loading time of my WordPress site?

Since a lot of plugins can affect the speed of your page, we make sure ours isn't one of them.

How much will you have to pay for the plugin?

The great thing about our plugin is that it is not only easy to use, but it is absolutely free to download and utilize. There are no hidden fees or credit cards required.

Where can I use the plugin?

You can use the plugin to post virtually any type of content, such as; monthly tasks, series of steps, competition checklists, blogging checklists, action lists, DIY instructions, recipes - ingredient lists, or trip plans.

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