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Reasons to use our WP plugins

Are you looking for WP plugins to extend the functionality of your website? Look no further. A team of quality unit developers has created plugins to help you improve the UX experience, customer service, SEO, and more! Each of them is free to download and easy to set up. 

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No impact on loading time

Most WordPress users are concerned if the plugin will slow down their website’s loading time. The number of seconds it takes to load a website has a significant impact on the user experience. Furthermore, it can affect how quickly Google crawls your website. Google can crawl websites slowly if the loading time exceeds 1-2 seconds. In light of this information, our developers have created plugins that do not slow down websites.  

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Easy to add

WordPress plugins are straightforward to find and add to your website. You can access plugins through your WP dashboard or WP plugin directory. Installing and activating plugins is all you need to do. The entire process takes only a few minutes without the need for programming knowledge. 

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Easy to use

Each plugin has a simple dashboard that you can navigate through easily. This means that no coding knowledge is required, everything is intuitively displayed. 

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Lowers bounce rate

By providing a better user experience, our plugins prevent high bounce rates. You want to keep the customer engaged and curious so that they remain on your website for a little longer. A good internal link can persuade users to explore your site, a checklist keeps users engaged, and live chat can provide support if a user needs assistance.  

What WP plugins do we offer?

Live chat plugin

LiveAgent is a help desk system that offers a live chat option on your website so visitors can receive assistance. Our company and many of our customers use WordPress, so we created a live chat plugin so you can quickly and seamlessly integrate it. In addition, you can fully customize the live chat button by choosing positions, colors, animations, and more. It is a feature-rich and easy-to-use plugin that does not slow down your website. Actually, it is currently the fastest live chat on the market There is a free version of the plugin available in the WordPress plugins directory. However, if you are interested in advanced features like Google Analytics integration or proactive chat invitations, please check our pricing for more details.  Learn more about live chat plugin. 

Checklist plugin

The use of a checklist can help you stay organized and to keep track of the tasks you have to complete. The plugin provides WordPress users with the ability to incorporate checklists into their content. You can use it to make lists of recipes, tasks, shopping lists, and competition checklists. By using our checklist plugin, you can make your content more interactive for users and crawlable for search engines at the same time. Checklists are compliant with Schema Markup via JSON LD, meaning they can be read and indexed by Google. Thus, your website can receive more exposure, which can result in greater brand recognition and increased website traffic. It is easy to use and navigate, so anyone can use it.   Learn more about checklist plugin.
Checklist plugin example
Internal linking plugin example

Internal linking plugin

When you have a large website, internal linking can be a real hassle. All SEOs know the importance of internal linking since it helps Google understand and rank your website better. The other benefits include improved user experience, longer time spent on your site, and tailored link equity distribution based on your preferences.  Because of this, we have created an SEO plugin that automatically creates internal links for your articles based on the keywords you enter. With this automation plugin, your team will not have to manually add the internal links for all of your content types. The other powerful features include bulk keyword import, blacklisting of specific URLs, and the ability to set the number of internal links for each article.   Learn more about internal linking plugin.

How do WordPress plugins work?

Choose a WP plugin that interests you

Install the plugin

Configure the settings and use!

Share knowledge with customers to battle bad conversion rates

Why have we created these WP plugins?

The purpose of creating these plugins is that we were unable to find extensions that offered all the features we needed.

Although we do not provide WordPress plugin development services, we have created a few plugins to help our internal team provide the best customer service and user experience.

Furthermore, we have decided to share it with the public for free as well.   

Ready to download?

Check out the WordPress plugins directory now and join companies that offer a great UX experience online. 

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