Twitter is an online social platform that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages called "tweets".

Connecting with Twitter enables you to do brand monitoring and respond to tweets that require action. Responses are directly sent as tweets.

Twitter ticketTwitter ticket

LiveAgent turns all important tweets into tickets so your support team can respond, retweet or just archive them.

Using the Twitter channel integration, you can do the following:

  • Track brand mentions and keywords on Twitter
  • Connect multiple Twitter accounts
  • Answer tweets from one place
  • Monitor all your brand mentions in real time
  • Setup simple search terms and monitor & archive all tweets containing those terms in your database
  • Easily categorize and search your Twitter communication and customer comments
  • Perform real time social media monitoring on your brand
  • Automatically capture public mentions as Tickets

ExampleLet’s say your company’s name is “Helicompany” and your Twitter profile is “@Helico”. Every Tweet or retweet where your company’s page (e.g. @Helico) is mentioned will be transformed into a Ticket.

It’s pretty obvious that you want to monitor your company’s twitter profile. But what if your profile name is not the same as your company’s name (@Helico vs Helicompany) ? LiveAgent can track custom keywords or keyword sets and transform them into Tickets as well. In this case, any Tweet that contains the keyword “Helicompany” will be tracked and transformed.

Tweet contains the keyword: HelicopterTweet contains the keyword: Helicopter

Keyword: Helicopter is tracked and the Tweet is transformed into a ticketKeyword: Helicopter is tracked and the Tweet is transformed into a Ticket

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