Enjoy unlimited call recordings in your LiveAgent account

"To improve the quality of the customer service and for security reasons, this call will be recorded. Continuing the call you acknowledge and agree with this statement. Please wait until you are connected to a support agent."

Record and store all of your incoming calls and voicemail messages in your LiveAgent account.

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Unlimited Voice Recordings

What are unlimited call recordings?

Unlimited call recordings are powerful feature, which ensures, that all of your calls are safely stored in your LiveAgent account for legal, training or support purposes. It doesn't matter which business or industry environment your company comes from, call recordings are proven to be one of the most efficient means for issue resolution, security, and in various cases meeting compliance needs.

LiveAgent does not limit you on the number of call recordings stored in your account or on their length. Create, store and manage them from the single multi-channel help desk software.

Unlimited Voice Recordings

Who benefits from unlimited call recordings?

Companies of all size and type ranging from freelancers, legal professionals or healthcare assistants, to large FSA enterprises enjoy the benefits of unlimited call recordings and its history. It gives them an option to search, listen to or download any call in their account, even the test ones dated back to the creation of the account. 

Especially banking industry, insurance companies and telecommunication companies benefit the most from the implementation of unlimited call recordings as many countries require it by law.

LiveAgent connects with 99+% of VoIP providers

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Core parts of unlimited call recordings

Unlimited Voice Recordings

No need for call recorder software

All calls handled via LiveAgent are automatically recorded and stored without the need to rely on 3rd party application. This improves the security and confidentiality of your data.

Unlimited Voice Recordings

Easy to store and search

Each call recording is converted to a regular ticket with its own unique ticket ID. Add notes to the tickets in order to improve and easier the search.

Unlimited Voice Recordings

Unlimited storage

All call recordings are stored in your LiveAgent account without any limits on the length or amount of recordings.

Unlimited Voice Recordings

Access your voicemail anywhere

Besides having the opportunity to store unlimited call recordings, LiveAgent also stores all of your voicemail. No calls or words are ever lost.

4 benefits of unlimited call recording

Unlimited Voice Recordings

Recover the missing details

Sometimes the small, yet important details might get lost during the voice call. Get back to the recording, replay it and keep your promise to provide great customer service.

Unlimited Voice Recordings

Improve your existing products

Share the specific call recording with your R&D or product management team. This way they can learn how customers interact with product, thus improving their experience.

Unlimited Voice Recordings

Useful coaching for your members

New colleagues can learn from the previous calls as a part of their onboarding and education system. This sort of feedback gives them chance to learn from past experience.

Unlimited Voice Recordings

Capture customer testimonials

Satisfied customers are always happy to share their positive experience with your product. This can also happen between the lines during the call. Get back to it via recordings.

Unlimited Voice Recordings

Interactive voice response (IVR)

No need to rely on additional 3rd party solution as you can create your own Interactive Voice Response tree in your LiveAgent account in a matter of seconds. Define the options your customers will be able to choose from, upload a short snippet of music or welcome message together with the instructions how to proceed. Direct the customers to the right department or specific agent and provide the stellar customer service.

Unlimited Voice Recordings

Intelligent call routing

Intelligent call routing or Automated Call Distribution (ACD) is a process that automatically distributes calls to a specific department or agent. This process is based on the set of chosen preferences, such as priority assignment or random assignment.

Businesses can control the flow of the inbound calls by setting up the routing time after which the call is rerouted to another agent or maximum queue time. As customers want to be connected to agents as soon as possible, it is recommended to keep them as low as possible. 

Unlimited Voice Recordings

Attended call transfers

Call transfer is a feature of call center that bumps (or transfers) a call from one agent to another. LiveAgent currently supports attended, warm, call transfers that are swift and very quick. Your customers and colleagues will always know when you are about to transfer the call to other agent.

Simply inform the customer about the change of agent, put him on hold and let your co-worker to help him. You can even implement a music, that will be played while the customer is waiting on the line to make the transfer more acceptable.

The best value for your money

Get advanced call center software features such as call recordings or routing all part of your multi-channel help desk software for a price of an average dinner for two.



For large businesses and enterprise companies

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You will be in good hands!

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