Business Benefits

Access recordings anytime
Reduces operational costs
Increases effectivity

Call Recording Storage

We understand the importance of keeping your call recordings accessible. That's why we won't limit you on the number of voice recordings and you can access, play and download them for the whole duration of your account.

Learn how LiveAgent call center works in the video below.

Empower Your Workflow With Smart IVR

LiveAgent gives you endless possibilities to design and setup your Interactive Voice Response online, with the IVR Designer Tool. Decrease the manual work and transfer calls automatically, with IVR.

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Early Bird Pricing

  • $39for agent per month
  • $0per minute
    no extra charges
  • All Helpdesk & Chat features included
  • Free internal calls
  • Unlimited storage for call recordings
  • IVR, Attended transfers, Priority or random routing
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