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What the marketing team can learn from the customer service department?

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

Last modified on January 11, 2022 at 1:13 pm

The customer service and marketing departments of a company are usually considered very different due to their distinctive tasks. However, many businesses are beginning to realize the importance of making the two departments work in collaboration with each other.

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Mentioned ahead are a few more ways through which the marketing department can benefit from the customer service department:

Similar goals

As mentioned above, marketing and customer service department may seem like two different entities if you don’t do proper math. However, upon close examination, you will notice that both these teams have similar goals.

Both of them work hard to attract customers and retain them. If you try to align their tasks and make them help each other out, a lot of unnecessary effort will be reduced.

Firstly, marketing wouldn’t have to collect the data by going into the field because customer service already has a lot of feedback in their system. It only highlights the importance of having a customer service team which backs the marketing team. Your retention strategy will be improved as well, and the cost too will be cut by performing this exercise.

Buyer insight

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You can gain valuable buyer insights from your customer service team. They receive firsthand feedback from customers who have a million things to say in a day about the same brand or product. If your marketing team is building a sales pipeline template, they can do a better job if the customer service has forwarded them a report on weekly feedback. No matter which channel you use for customer service, whether it is a social media scheduling software or a phone service system, the buyer insights really matter.

The great thing is, your customer team is talking to your customers all the time, meaning they probably know more about them than any other department within your company. So because understanding buyer personas are so critical for creating effective digital marketing strategies, it behooves marketers to work more closely with customer service to help them truly understand customers’ needs and thoughts. As a marketer, sit in on customer team meetings and join in on customer calls for better insight into the personas you’re marketing to.

If the marketing department chooses to introduce something which is not favorable to the masses, the customer service agent will be the first one to prompt them. In this case, the feedback posted by customer service should be taken seriously. Companies which have no discrimination between departments can produce a better product. Data is all that matters for your marketing today, and when you make customer service help marketing in providing data, the estimates will be more educated.

Support for the brand

Smart businesses have started to realize that customer service agents are the real brand ambassadors of their company. They have it in their hands to make or break a deal with every customer. They have a strong influence in reinforcing the brand image and adhering to the advertised points. If you consider the customer service department as an extension of the marketing department, you will see increasing respect for the brand itself.

When the marketing efforts bring in people, customer service representatives have a chance of turning them into leads. This can be a source of immense support for the brand. A well-trained customer service team can advocate your brand in the best way so that people trust it and choose it over competitors. These are the people who act out and deliver the promise you make in the marketing messages.

Brand messages delivered correctly

When the communication is smooth between the two departments, the impact of every brand message will be clear on both ends. This will ensure that the brand messages are always hitting the target. When the customer service department communicates with marketing department to know more about accurate brand messages, they can go ahead to convey these messages to every customer in the most effective way.

Customer service representatives interact with different types of customers throughout the day. Every customer has their own preferences and feedback. This is valuable information to improve brand messages for the future. The marketing team can benefit from the information extracted from every interaction to craft the perfect message for the organization. It’s just like a chain like a process where customer service agents are on the frontlines and deliver essential information to the marketing department. In the event of a drawback, customer service agents can warn the marketing department to fix the issues in a brand message to make it more customer-friendly.

It’s time for businesses to start formulating intelligent strategies based on data collected by the collaboration of departments with similar goals. Adopt a company culture which is based on following the feedback gathered by the customer service department, because it has the potential to change the way you market a product.

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