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Use case: Setting up multi-brand support in LiveAgent

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

Last modified on January 11, 2022 at 12:47 pm

Thinking about using LiveAgent for multi-brand support? There’s no need for buying a separate license, you can have everything under one roof.

In this use case, we’ll show you how to setup multi-brand support step by step. Read on to find out more.

One is more than enough and now we are going to show you what multichannel support really means. You can count with multiple email accounts, brand-specific widgets, custom email templates (inbound and outbound), department related tags, separate reports and more…

Keeping things tidy and separately is the main idea behind multi-brand support. First step to achieve this is to connect all of your brand’s email addresses to LiveAgent.

Let’s say you have one shop for selling phone accessories called CaseForLess. Now you are mowing forward to start another venture. Your other shop would probably have different e-mail address, but both can go to one universal inbox. Even if you have 10 websites (or more) that need e-mail support – no biggie for LiveAgent. You are welcome to connect them as well.

Pro Tip: LiveAgent can be connected with unlimited email accounts

Now, it will get interesting and LiveAgent will shine. Departments is easy to set up feature and it goes into play hard. Departments will match your organizational structure – in this case your brands.

LiveAgent Departments overview

There is so much you can do with this feature, so let’s do a simple case study here. Imagine that you have an eshop with phone accessories and now you started another project on completely different domain where you are going to sell used cars.

Firstly, you would need to create a specific department and give it a proper name. Navigate to Configuration and then Departments. Click on Create button name your new Department with a unique title. Done. Easy as that. Let us remind you that you can set up as many departments/brand as you like. In our use case we will set up new department called CarsForBigGuys.

LiveAgent Create department

Now you are ready to go deeper. Remember when we mentioned connection of email accounts? When setting up the email address just choose department from dropdown menu. This change will make your email tickets go strictly to the specified department.

LiveAgent connect email to department

Now it’s time to assign (or hire new ones!) our beloved support agents. We assume that customer buying a car would have different questions compared to one trying to buy a phone case. To assign an agent to a specific Department, navigate to Configuration and then Agents. In the left pop-up sidebar menu select Departments. By clicking “+ Add” or “x Remove” next to a specific Department allow your Agent to accept tickets and chats. Done.

LiveAgent edit department

Have fun with templates

Each brand needs a unique identity. LiveAgent allows you to have custom email templates for every department. Go ahead and make your e-mails completely different. Navigate to Configuration and then Email. There you can choose either “Customer Templates” or “Agent Templates”.

Customer Templates: email templates used in emails delivered to the customer. Agent Templates: email templates used in emails delivered to the agent.

Choose one of them and click “Create department specific template”. Choose your department and go full steam ahead with editing and content creation.

LiveAgent customer email templates

You can even choose whether the emails will be plain text or more sophisticated HTML with some nice pictures and styles. After you are finished with editing the template click the Save button. Now you are ready to go further.

LiveAgent create email template

Different brand, different widgets

You probably want to have a different live chat button for your new fantastic brand. We will not limit you. Create as many chat buttons as you like. Also – you can make those brand-specific as well. Navigate to Configuration then Chat and click Chat buttons then click on Create. In the Advanced tab, you will find the option to choose a specific department from the dropdown menu. Just have a look at the “Goes to” section.

What about the contact forms? Well, you can do exactly the same thing with them. Create as many as you like to and make them department specific. Navigate to Configuration and then Contact form. You can create a Contact button or In-page Form which will be embedded into your website. In the advanced settings section, you can name your contact button, choose a department where the tickets will be routed. You are welcome.

LiveAgent edit contact form

You are now ready to go. Put your buttons, contact forms or e-mail addresses out there and wait for your customers to use them. If you take your time and set up departments correctly, you can successfully operate with 2 (or more) completely different brands under one roof of LiveAgent.

Analyze what you want

After a while, you might get curious about how well are your support agents performing. LiveAgent will provide you with an extensive overlook about your employees and workload. Every single analytics overview that LiveAgent provides can be customized by setting a custom filter. Of course, you will find department option there as well. Just select it and you are ready to check specific data.

LiveAgent performance report overview

Tag everything

Tagging is very popular and useful way how to make things seamless. If you’d like to have different tags for every single department you create, nothing is stopping you. You can even create tag-specific report to feed the data analyst inside you.

If you sell cars, you can set tags as Tires, Engines, Exhauts etc. This tag selection will serve as sorting mechanism based on product type. You can choose to have tags based on possible actions that may follow – for example: Pre-Sale, Technical, Technical level 2, Sales etc. There are no borders between you and your creativity.

LiveAgent create tag

Multiple customer portals? No biggie

Self-help is another area where LiveAgents shine. Having an option to have multiple customer portals and knowledge bases for your different brands can help you to provide content-specific into issue solving process. This feature is now offered with standalone version of LiveAgent. We are working hard to bring it in SaaS space as fast as we can.

Try it now

As you can see, providing customer support to different brands with LiveAgent is possible and seamless. We designed our product to be exactly like this. Because when we say “multi-channel” support, we really mean it. Go ahead and try it for yourself. LiveAgent trial is free for 14 days.

Ready to manage multiple brands?

Take the guesswork out of your support efforts, and streamline every query into one universal inbox. Not enough? Create multiple knowledge bases and customer portals!

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