LiveAgent 5.32 – Design improvements and other fixes

LiveAgent 5.32 – Design improvements and other fixes

Alexander Šípka

Alexander Šípka

Last modified on October 12, 2022 at 9:29 am

The new update brings important security fixes and a couple of new fixes. As usual, let’s start with some important system and user interface improvements. Let’s take a look at some of them and see what has changed.

User experience and design improvements

The 5.32 update brings out some improvements and tweaks to the user experience. We have fixed a design issue with departments and tags, which caused unusual icon resizing. The problem with collapsing tags in tickets is no longer present, and the system will show tags normally even after resizing your dashboard panels. We have also tweaked the two-factor authentication text field and increased the width of listboxes in the entire application. We hope you’ll enjoy these changes and that they’ll make your work easier.

General tweaks and fixes

Disappearing attachments

Some users experienced problems with attachments in predefined answers and notes set up with rules. The rule would stop working and show an error. We have removed this problem, and the attachments will work correctly.

Problems with a save button in the customer portal feature

The save button in Customer Portal’s General settings stopped working for some users, and it would show an error that the system cannot save changes. This bug has been removed in LiveAgent 5.32.

Not working Save button in LA app

Long loading times of the LA app

When creating a new agent with a longer email address in the setup, the LiveAgent app had long loading times that halted any other activity for some time. This issue is no longer present in the 5.32 update.

Problems with migrated departments

The default settings of departments would disappear after migrations, which meant that users had to reconfigure them as new. Our team removed this problem, and department migrations will work correctly.

Migrated departments configurations not found in LA app

SLAs and Split tickets issues

Service Level Agreement rules would stop working whenever some of our users used the Split ticket feature in ticketing. The rules simply wouldn’t apply to such tickets. This issue has been removed, and SLAs will work correctly.

SLA not applied to split tickets in LA app

Invisible messages in live chat

Some of our users reported a bug where they couldn’t see customer messages in the live chat. However, the messages would show up normally after the agent closed and reopened the chat. We have removed this annoying bug, and our live chat will show all messages.

Non-functioning history button in ticketing

The show history button under the Ticket history option in the ticket sidebar wouldn’t work for some users. This issue has been removed, and the history button will work as it should in the new LiveAgent update.

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