LiveAgent 5.31 – New chat theme and additional app improvements

LiveAgent 5.31 – New chat theme and additional app improvements

Alexander Šípka

Alexander Šípka

Last modified on August 9, 2022 at 10:47 am

Starting off with the big news first, our designers have been working on making LiveAgent look more up-to-date. That’s why they designed a new, fresh, and modern-looking theme for our live chat feature. The theme is called Minimal, and it’s available to every LiveAgent user right from the start. You can find it and apply it in your chat window configuration. Just like with other themes, you can customize the colors in the theme to match your branding or website design.

Now let’s move on to the other new improvements and fixes in LiveAgent 5.31.

New improvements and fixes

✅ Chat improvements

The new chat design is not the only new improvement in the 5.31 update. We added admin avatars to the new chat theme and improved the send chat button to make it more user-friendly. The send button will change color to gray when inactive. If the chat field has text or attached files included, the button will switch to a color you selected in the chat configuration.

New design of LiveAgent live chat window

✅ Posting picture comments on Facebook fix

Some users noticed a bug where they couldn’t post picture comments on Facebook via LiveAgent. This happened If the comment didn’t include any text, just a picture. This issue has been fixed and shouldn’t cause problems in the new version.

Error message shown when posting image on Facebook via LiveAgent

✅ Set password page error

Agents who were attempting to set a password on the set password page might have encountered an error that halted their progress. This bug has been removed in the 5.31 version.

✅ Problems with outgoing email accounts

Outgoing email account settings included a bug that prevented LiveAgent users from making any edits to the configuration. This problem progressed even further, when they were unable to send emails from outgoing email accounts. We have removed this issue, and outgoing email accounts will work as they should.

Error message displaying when trying to edit outgoing email account

✅ Agent status icon issue in tickets

Agent status icons were not showing the correct information to customers. This might have led to all sorts of confusion for customers. This issue is no longer present, and agent statuses will show the correct information.

✅ Drag and drop issues in Safari browsers

The drag-and-drop feature in ticketing had a bug that caused the feature to stop working on Safari browsers. Users couldn’t simply drag and drop their files into the ticket, and there wasn’t an error message that would explain the issue. This bug has been removed, and the drag-and-drop feature will work correctly on Safari browsers.

✅ Active numbers appearing as deactivated

This bug caused phone numbers in LiveAgent to show as deactivated even though they were active. The issue has been removed in LiveAgent 5.31, and the system will show the active status correctly.

✅ Incorrect call times in the dashboard

The LiveAgent dashboard showed incorrect call times for both inbound and outbound calls. This bug has been removed, and the system will show correct call times from now on.

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