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LiveAgent 5.27 is available as of now

Alexander Šípka

Alexander Šípka

Last modified on January 28, 2022 at 2:12 pm

Another update from LiveAgent brings new improvements to our call center features, as well as to configuration options in general. We have also rolled out a large number of important bug fixes and tweaks. Keep on reading to find out about everything that’s new in 5.27.


The “Make call” button color options

Our “Make call” in an opened call popup only had one standard color option until now. LiveAgent 5.27 update allows users to change the call button color according to their preferences. Make sure to take a look at this new option in any of your call button settings under the Call Window tab. 

LiveAgent 5.27 is available as of now
Change button color

SIP provider description

Descriptions in SIP number provider templates were moved to another place. This will make them more visible and users can add numbers without confusion. You can find this description in the fields panel instead of the header.

SIP provider description update depicting the description in a different place
SIP description

More comprehensive configuration

All items in the LiveAgent configuration have been improved with short tooltips and descriptions. We have also added links to our Knowledge Base for those who want to do further reading about various configuration options. This will make configuring the LiveAgent help desk a much simpler process for both new and existing customers.

Configuration descriptions are visible at the top in every configuration category
Descriptions in configuration

Call recording options

From now on you can select whether you want to record incoming calls, outgoing calls, or both on any number you have connected with your LiveAgent call center. This new option will help you determine which types of calls you want to store from specific numbers, and you don’t have to save the ones you won’t need. 

Inbound, outbound or combined call recording options in LiveAgent
Record inbound, outbound, or both types of calls

RTL support in plugins

LiveAgent now supports RTL for customer support centers that use languages meant to be read from right to left instead of left to right. All plugins can be changed to RTL to help you get a better user experience and make reading easier.

Fixes and tweaks

Time rules

Some of the time rules could not be executed in time, because the time limit was set to a time before the rule conditions were met. We have fixed this issue, so the rule will be executed even if the conditions are met only after the time limit passes, to avoid any problems with automation.

Duplicate messages and notes

Ticket status messages were occasionally showing duplicates. E.g. when the ticket was marked as resolved, the message would show twice instead of just once. The same thing used to happen with notes in tickets. We have fixed this issue in the 5.27 update. 

Wrong invitation title

One of our chat invitations had a scrambled text. We noticed this problem and removed it so the invitation will maintain proper grammar and professional look. 

Chat preview updates

After finishing a live chat conversation with a customer, our system didn’t update the ticket previews with the real content of the chat. This issue has been fixed and the chat status will show correctly as finished instead of running.

Firefox keyboard shortcuts

Firefox users have been experiencing trouble with keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts weren’t working and users were unable to use them at all. We have fixed this bug, so now Firefox users can work with keyboard shortcuts within LiveAgent. 

Paused agent in chat

Paused agents in LiveAgent could not catch a break. Agents were able to send chat invitations to paused agents, which wasn’t supposed to happen. This issue has been fixed, so paused agents can enjoy their coffee break in peace. 

Facebook contacts saving

Some of our users may have experienced errors and trouble when trying to save contacts from Facebook. This issue has been solved, and it won’t happen anymore. 

Do you have ideas for future improvements?

We always welcome and appreciate any good ideas, hints or constructive criticism. Feel free to give us your feedback and suggestions for future fixes, updates, and improvements to next versions of LiveAgent. You can contact us anytime via phone, email, live chat, or customer portal.

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