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What are call buttons? 

A call button is a click-to-call button that enables website visitors to call your business. When they click the call button, their computer or phone will automatically execute the call.

active call button
An active call button

Why are call buttons important?

Adding call buttons to your website is an excellent tactic for reducing customer effort. Instead of writing down or manually inputting your phone number, your customers can simply click and call. But why is it so important? Well, reducing customer effort is a surefire way to increase customer satisfaction, improve their experience with your business, and establish a good relationship that can lead to more sales and repeat business. Moreover, positive customer experiences can lead to positive word-of-mouth referrals, bringing you even more new customers.

What types of call buttons does LiveAgent offer?

LiveAgent gives you two options. You can pick from a gallery of pre-made call buttons, or you can create a custom button using an image or your own HTML code.

call button gallery

The pre-made call buttons have different alignment options, including side, corner, or inline. Once you select a button, you can customize its background color, text, Z-index, animation, and positioning. LiveAgent also allows you to preview and test each button before implementing it on your website.

How does the call button work?

The call button enables you to establish:

  • PC to PC calls 
  • Mobile to PC calls
desktop in-browser call
PC to PC call

Regardless of whether the customer clicks on the call button on their computer or mobile phone, the computer will start an in-browser call. Your support agents will be able to answer the call directly inside of their LiveAgent call center software.

mobile in-browser call
Mobile in-browser call

Please note that before the call is executed, the device you’re using might ask for permission to use your microphone.

How to create and deploy call buttons

  1. Log in to LiveAgent.
  2. Click on Configuration (cogwheel icon).
  3. Click on Call.
  4. Click on Buttons.
  5. Click on the orange Create button.
creating a call button in LiveAgent

6. Browse through the gallery and select the button of your choice by clicking on it.
7. Give your button a name.
8. Select the department into which you want to route the calls made from this button.
9. Check the Record calls box if you want to record all calls made from this button.
10. Select the language you want to display the call button in.
11. Check the Active checkbox.

Button overview

12. In the left-hand Settings panel, click on Button and customize the animation, colors, positioning, text, mobile appearance, and hover appearance according to your liking. 

Button customization

13. Navigate to the left-hand Settings panel again, click on Call window and customize it according to your liking. Don’t forget to click Save.

Call window customization

14.Click on Integration and copy the code snippet.
15. Place the code before the </body> tag of your website code, or ask your web admin to do it for you.

call button integration code

Please note: Once you have the code on your website, you can change the call button design and how the call button works without modifying the code on your page.

Creating custom call buttons

To create a custom call button, you’ll need to upload a custom image or modify the existing HTML code.

  1. Log in to LiveAgent.
  2. Click on Configuration (cogwheel icon).
  3. Click on Call.
  4. Click on Buttons.
  5. Click on the orange Create button.
  6. Click on Custom
  7. Select “from image” or “by writing your own HTML code”.
  8. If you choose to write your own HTML code, click on Button in the left-hand settings panel.
  9. Alter the HTML and CSS
Custom button

10. Preview and test the button, and if you’re satisfied, click Save.
11. Click on Integration and copy the code snippet.
12. Place the code before the </body> tag of your website code, or ask your web admin to do it for you.

Benefits of call buttons

Placing a call button on your website can be very beneficial for both you and your customers.

Reduced customer effort and more convenience

Having an integrated call button on your site ensures that your customers don’t have to scourge your website or look up your phone number on Google. It might seem like looking up a phone number isn’t a big deal. However, when you’re in a rush and need to contact a business, do you want to waste time looking for their contact information? If it was readily available on their site, and you could simply click a button to initiate a call, wouldn’t you be thankful for how hassle-free and convenient it is? I know I hate it when I’m on my mobile phone browsing a business website, and there’s no integrated call button. 

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Improved customer experience

By creating a call button, you’re doing your customers a tiny favor and showcasing that you value their time. Not only will this improve their perception of your business, but it will also improve their customer experience. As you already know, happy customers are the cornerstone of every business. In essence, they’re what keeps businesses afloat. A satisfied customer is likely to make repeat purchases, spend more, and remain loyal to your brand.

Agent rankings feature in Customer service software - LiveAgent

Possibility of advocacy

Satisfied customers are also happy to share their positive experiences with others. By creating a hassle-free experience, you can be sure that if your business comes up in future conversations with friends, colleagues, or family, they will remember their positive experience and recommended your company. This type of brand advocacy is priceless, as most consumers trust recommendations from friends above all else. These positive recommendations lead to more new and repeat business, resulting in more sales and revenue. As long as you keep your customers happy, you can keep repeating this loop and enjoy more customer engagement and revenue growth.

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Knowledge base resources

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