25+ free resources for customer service to learn from during the COVID-19 outbreak

25+ free resources for customer service to learn from during the COVID-19 outbreak

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

Last modified on August 1, 2022 at 8:27 pm

We all hate the current coronavirus outbreak. It has stopped our lives, locked us down in our own houses, and it’s threatening our loved ones. Undoubtedly there is nothing to like about it (and no, endless Netflix binges don’t count.) However, we all can use this time to learn new skills through all the newly accessible resources. For your convenience, we’ve gathered a list of 25+ free resources to learn from, and we’re sure that you’ll like them! Also, check out our COVID-19 guide for businesses – you might find it helpful.

25+ free resources for customer service to learn from during the COVID-19 outbreak

Having a smarter team will always pay off

There has never been a better time to educate your staff than right now. Typically, there would always be something more important to do.  Right now, however, all excuses are gone. In most industries, you’ll find a lower number of active clients, so there’s more downtime. Use this time to improve your skills, polish your languages, or learn about new technologies – anything that will be beneficial for your career. One of these free resources is bound to catch your eye:

  1. Coursera. Build new skills and earn unique certificates/ degrees through this online platform. Coursera is partnered with esteemed academic entities to deliver the highest quality courses. Try it now and watch the skillsets of your team skyrocket!
  2. Edx. Just like Coursera, Edx works with top organizations to deliver a wide range of educational content. They offer both technical and practical lessons, as well as foreign language courses.
  3. Classcentral offers plenty of courses that will boost your personal development, management, and business skills. Absorb new knowledge from online tutors and choose from more than 10,000 courses!
  4. LiveAgent academy. A massive knowledge base packed with insightful content. You can use helpful resources for free training in help desk, ticketing, call center, and live chat capabilities. 
  5. Oxford Home Study provides free online courses that focus on showcasing how to create impeccable customer service experiences. A great use of this platform is for onboarding new customer service agents.,
Having a smarter team will always pay off
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Articles for better understanding

In addition to learning new skills, use this time to focus on your internal team processes. Build or tweak processes, create know-how articles, and train staff to cope with stressful situations. Below you will find tons of materials that showcase how to eliminate weak spots in your business.

  1. Ten Things Not to Say to Angry Customers. This short article will explain how to proceed when dealing with an angry customer– what to avoid and what should be faced head-on.
  2. Customer Service: What Makes It Great?. A question asked by many, and an answer that is known by few.
  3. Manage your amazing customer service team. Find out how you can manage your customer service team to make the most of everyone’s potential while improving your management skills. 
  4. Salesforce Alternatives for Driving Customer Relationships. Choose the right tool to manage your customer relationships and deliver the best experience for your customers.
  5. How to Build a Great Remote Customer Service Team. Something that is relevant, given our current situation.
  6. 9 Customer Service Skills That Are Crucial For a Positive Experience.  Which skills are crucial for providing the best quality of service? This post will showcase which skills are essential to have, and how you can develop them.
  7. 7 Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction by Using Video. By following these guidelines, you will be able to boost your customer satisfaction. Use videos to eliminate any doubts and issues that customers may have in order to improve their experience with your business.
Articles for better understanding

Ideas worth spreading

We all know how insightful TED talks can be. Ideas worth spreading is their motto, and it’s hardly debatable. TED talks often shed light on various topics in non-obvious and surprising detail. Below you will find our few honorable mentions:

  1. ‘How I stole great customer service – with pride!. Lisa Estorm passes on her experience as a Customer Service Director for Scandinavian Airlines. She talks about how to steal and adapt to someone’s idea and how much courage it takes. This TEDx talk will open your mind about customer appreciation and how important it is to care about your customers by providing a brilliant product experience.
  2. Popsicle Moments: Finding A New Flavor of Customer Service. Daren Ross implemented service standards in the hospitality industry, creating procedures that had an outstanding contribution in obtaining the highest customer ratings. Daren shares his approach and know-how to inspire others to achieve the same results.
  1. Employees first, customers second. The former CEO of HCL technologies and an author of a Harvard Business Press bestseller explains how to inspire employees to maximize their happiness and effort at the same time. This is an insightful keynote session created by one of the top experts worldwide.

Youtube video:

  1. I Was Seduced By Exceptional Customer Service. John Bocuzi explains his claim that customer service can be the best marketing tool in our hands, and shares his tips on how to utilize it. Priceless knowledge from the perspective of a man with more than 20 years of experience. 
  2. Own Your Behaviours, Master Your Communication, Determine Your Success. Behavioral coach and corporate trainer, Louise Evans, shares her knowledge about controlling your behavior in order to be more efficient and effective. 

Webinars – use them wisely

As you have probably noticed, webinars are quickly gaining popularity. Due to the fact that we are all stuck in isolation, the best method to stay in touch with your colleagues, audience, and customers is to host webinars. Webinars gather dozens of people in front of their laptops, tablets, and phones at the same time, and enable you to interact with them. Get inspired by one of the many webinars available out there to learn new skills, inform your customers about new products, or simply to stay connected.

  1. LiveAgent Webinar. Learn more about our software by reading our specialist guide that’ll help implement LiveAgent into your customer service department while improving your customer support skills.
  2. Proven Techniques to Increase Customer Satisfaction. Eight different tips and techniques on how to improve the satisfaction of your clients.
  3. Improve your customer service: The 4 Forces. A deep dive into different so-called “forces” that will help you understand your customers’ behaviors. 

Podcasts that you should know

This article would be nothing without a few life-changing podcasts. There is nothing better than listening to the voice of an expert, who will explain customer service 101’s while you are organizing your sock drawer.

  1. Interview with Shep Hyken – Customer Service Legend. The one and only Shep Hyken will reveal insights about excellent customer service, and how you can deliver it.
  2. The Customer’s Always An A**hole. Something to help you blow some steam off.  
  3. Creating Disney. One of the best podcasts on the internet. Literally. Not only binge-worthy, but it will also have a tremendous influence on you.
  4. Amazing business radio by Shep Hyken. A podcast created by the aforementioned Shep Hyken. If you want to hear more from the master of customer service in person, be our guest. 
  5. CX Podcast for business. Things you should know about customer experience from a business leader’s perspective. 
  6. CSQuest. “Studies show 80% of CEOs believe they differentiate themselves when it comes to customer service while only 20% of customers agree…”
  7. Customer-Centric Podcast. Each episode brings a different issue to the table and an expert who deals with it.

Now that we’re at the end of our list, we leave you to consume the massive amount of material that’s offered. Please stay safe and try to have fun at home with the above resources. If you’re struggling with the current situation, remember that we are here for you and that together we are stronger!

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