15 GIFs Every Customer Support Agent Can Relate To

Every customer service agent knows that sometimes this job can be really tough. But on the other hand, sometimes there are funny situations that only a customer service agent can experience. It doesn’t matter if the customer is unhappy, rude or yelling. We’re all professionals here, and that’s why we can handle anything calmly and with a smile, am I right?

Let’s take a look at some situations that we’ve all been through.

Right right, I completely understand…not.

That awkward moment when you must lie about your feelings.

THANKS! But I still don’t like you.

When the customer is still angry after you helped him fix the problem.

No, no, no, no,….oh!

That feeling when a customer clicked/did something he shouldn’t.

No, we are not a company selling furniture.

When the customer realizes they contacted the wrong company.

Well, you’re very welcome

That feeling when your customer is actually happy that you’ve helped him.

Na na na na na na na na… Facebook!

When there’s no customers to be helped.

Not this again.

When a customer contacts you with a problem for the 32nd time, but it’s not really a problem.

I’m sorry…What?!

When a customer wants you to do the impossible.

But I do want to help you!

When a customer wants you to do the impossible.

But I do want to help you!

When the customer has god like typing skills and it’s impossible to explain, calm him down, or help him.

Yes! Finally!

When a customer finally understands what you’ve been trying to explain to him for the last hour.

Can you please repeat?

That one customer, who you can’t understand a single word he says.

Oh, thanks!

That moment when you realize, the angry customer actually gave you positive feedback.

And on the other hand…

That moment when you realize, the super happy customer left you negative feedback.

Nikoleta Vajdova

Content Manager

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