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Customer service education

Why is it important?

We live in a constantly developing world, where people’s demands grow proportionally to new technologies/opportunities/options that are offered. We value our time and, therefore, expect others to do the same. When we come to customer service staff, we look for immediate and effective replies from a representative. We now take this for granted. Therefore, having a well-educated support representative is a must. Down below are different tips for customer service education.

Pre-employment education

The position of a customer support representative is usually a temporary job, where no customer service education is required. So, “growing” the potential of candidates is a good practice nowadays. If there is a lack of people on the market; it is easy to develop a circle of candidates for a company by providing free workshops. Moreover, with an emphasis on what is needed to become a customer support representative.

Activities for potential candidates:

  • “Dive in” training. Here it is possible to tell more about the company’s product, corporate culture, clients, etc.
  • Organize general lectures on business communication, sales, emotional intelligence, stress resistance, time management, etc. Anything valuable and related to the reality the person is going to work in. These lectures have to have a practical part as well as the theory. This way it is more interactive and effective.
  • Small homework assignments with feedback after they are done, keeping newcomers attentive and involved.
  • Leaderboard. Creating a scoring system for participants is another option to add more desire for attending customer service training. Small gifts from companies leave a good impression, as well as good memories and chances to apply for open positions.

Customer service training program for new employees

These activities should be thoroughly thought out before the final version of it is accepted. The company should experiment before the best solution is found. Possible schemes for customer service training:

  • The theory first (in full), then practice in groups.
  • The theory first (in full), individual customer training after.
  • Theory (in parts) mixed with group practice customer training.
  • Theory (in parts) mixed with individual practice training.

According to CustomWriting’s client support; the most effective way is to gather people in groups and give out information about the CRM system. In addition, explain the company’s standards in parts rather than in full. Theoretical information afterward should be immediately mixed with practice, however, with an individual approach with each member of the group.

Tools that can be used to organize and conduct newcomer customer training:

  • Moodle. It helps to organize the process and for new employees to keep track of their success. It is possible to invite people to share customer service training materials, and grade their work. This is a great tool to customize and secure your customer service educational process for future customer representatives.
  • Confluence. A support team is a group of people who are able to forget things, mix information up, and make mistakes. That is why it is necessary to create a space for representatives, where they can easily find the necessary tips, guidelines, algorithms, and procedures.
  • Typing is a tool to make reps ‘blind’ type. Thus, save time for concentration on what to answer rather than how. It has different levels and awards for extra activities. The company should set its own standards of time per minute for employees.

Newcomer – Customer service education tips:

  • There should be at least two trainers present during the customer service education day. Sometimes newcomers may ask a lot of questions, which is fine and normal for someone who just started learning.
  • Employees should receive constant feedback about their work, homework assignments, behavior, etc.
  • The process of customer service education has to be clear and easy to follow. Charts or any other visual customer service training materials will keep the trainees posted and motivated.
  • The company shouldn’t neglect feedback and improvement ideas from new employees. They usually have a fresh perspective on the system and processes.

Experienced support education

Education for support services is a constant process. It requires companies to learn and teach their employees new approaches and techniques almost every day. So, what should your company do?

Test existing customer support

It is important to test the existing support staff at least two times per year. It will give the company an understanding that everyone is on the same page.

Use classmarker

Using Classmarker is a very convenient way to test the knowledge of every representative. How so? Well, it involves the creation of different types of questions (multiple-choice, matching, open question, etc.)

Use additional training to maintain soft skills

For example: “Communication with different types of customers”, ”Upsale”, “Conflict Resolution”. During such learning sessions, more real customer situations should be discussed. Thus, allowing the support team to give feedback to each other, or even to educate one another by sharing their everyday experiences with clients, should lead to success.

Participate in events that involve Knowledge sharing

  • The members of the team can be suggested to create presentations on topics they are knowledgeable in. An analogy of TedTalks works well.
  • Companies may create their own customer service educational system for each representative two years ahead.
  • It is better to create a training program and educational plan adjusted to the objectives and plans of the company.

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Frequently asked questions

What education do you need for customer service?

The position is usually a temporary job where no customer service education is required.

How do you teach good customer service?

The most effective way to teach good customer service is to mix theoretical information with practice right away. However, with an individual approach with each member of the group if possible.

Why is customer service education important?

We value our time and, therefore, expect others to do the same. When we come to customer service staff, we look for immediate and effective replies from a representative. We now take this for granted. Therefore, having a well-educated support representative is a must.

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