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Fed up with your help desk software?

Improve your customer service with the right software and get more than just a chat tool. LiveAgent offers powerful tools, a load of useful features to make your work easier and integrations to further increase your workflow. Thousands of companies around the globe switched to LiveAgent and improved their customer support with our help.

Keep reading and find out why our chat tool is the best and why we do it better than LivePerson. See how you can provide better customer experience with a better toolset. Start a free trial today or keep reading and find out more. 

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LivePerson vs LiveAgent at a glance

Live Chat✅Yes✅Yes
Call Center✅Yes❌No
Knowledge Base✅Yes✅Yes
Customer Forum✅Yes✅Yes
Automation and Rules✅Yes✅Yes
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) ✅Yes❌No
Video Calls✅Yes❌No
Unlimited History✅Yes✅Yes
Unlimited Websites✅Yes✅Yes
Unlimited Chat Buttons✅Yes✅Yes
Unlimited Tickets/Mails✅Yes✅Yes
Unlimited Call Recording✅Yes❌No
Unlimited 24/7 Support✅Yes✅Yes
Definition of customer engagement

The fastest live chat widget

A great LivePerson alternative should be packed with better live chat. We have worked hard to make our live chat top notch. That’s how we managed to provide the fastest live chat to our customers, with chat displayed speed at only 2.5 seconds. 

Live chat comes packed with useful features, such as real time typing view, proactive chat invitations and website monitoring to make providing support more engaging and more efficient. Get your customer support or sales done with the fastest live chat widget available on the market. Increase your sales conversions, lead captures, chat experience and make better relationships with your customers and client. Compare us with LivePerson with the help of the video below.

Take a look and see our live chat

Talking about it doesn’t do it justice. Why don’t you see our live chat in action? In this video you can find out how easily and seamlessly your customers can connect with you. The video shows our live chat both from customer’s and agent’s perspective.

So go ahead, see if it’s your fit, make your own comparison and find out if we do it better than LivePerson. 

LiveAgent Live Chat Demo | Live Agent02:16Youtube video: LiveAgent Live Chat Demo
Live Agent

Try it out now!

Go ahead and try out LiveAgent for free or see our paid plans to get more information about available tools, features and integration pricing. 

Benefits of using LiveAgent

Here are the 3 key benefits that make LiveAgent the best LivePerson alternative.

Save time and money

Time is money, so why not save both? Live chat by LiveAgent is the fastest on the market which means faster response times to your customers.

Improve satisfaction

Receiving Stellar customer feedback is backed up by great people and great software. Increase customer satisfaction with the right tools. 

Improve efficiency

Get more done with customer support solution that works as it you expect it to. LiveAgent’s functions are there for you whenever you need them.

increase availability

Get it done with the right toolset

We know that LivePerson did a good job with their tools. But here is our offer. Live chat and chat support in general is just one of the options available for providing customer support. Would you like to have access to email, call center, knowledge base and even social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp or Viber? 

Done and done. You can have it all with the right plan and truly connect with your customers or prospects everywhere via yours and theirs favorite channels. Everything is handled via a reliable ticketing system so you can easily keep track of them. LiveAgent is there for you whenever you need it whether you’re a sales team or a support agent.

LiveAgent toolset

Features and integrations for great workflow

Chatbot can be a great thing but nothing compares to human contact… chatbot… chatbot… chatbot… well, it can get stuck or confused even though technology gets better every day. We understand that a modern customer support software cannot work just as a messaging channel. It should provide human agents with more than just messaging conversations and other conversational solutions.

Automations, auto replies, video chat, Slack, chat analytics… there’s a lot of functions, features and integrations LiveAgent can offer to your agents to make their work easier. LiveAgent can be tailored for a personalized experience easily with the help of many integrations and help provide better conversational experience and fulfill consumer expectations.

Call routing time
get inspired

We keep our customers happy

A customer support software is made to make lives easier for customers and we know this. A company that creates such software should lead by example, utilize its own tools and provide great support to their customers. That’s why we do our best to keep our customers satisfied and build loyalty. 

We offer 24/7 support for our customers as a part of our deal. Contact us whenever you need it and we’ll be there to help you out. No chatbots, just regular nice humans over here. Would you like to become a happy customer with LiveAgent? Click down below!

3,000+ Trustpilot | GetApp | G2 crowd reviews

Peter Komornik

LiveAgent combines excellent live chat, ticketing and automation that allow us to provide exceptional support to our customers.

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What our customers say about us

Get more for a reasonable price

Keeping things within your budget is one of our top priorities, so we tailored our prices accordingly. Pay for what you need fair and square. Our plans start as cheap as $15. Of course we know that it’s better to try a product before buying it. That’s why you can start our free 14-day trial with no strings attached. 

So, do you like us better than LivePerson so far? If you want to give it a try, scroll down below and give us a shot. And don’t be shy to contact us if you have any questions. You can find our contact details at the bottom of the page. 

offer compensations

Save more with LiveAgent

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Online chat

Online chat allows real-time communication over the internet, offering quick responses and customer data collection. LiveAgent provides efficient live chat support with customizable features for web and mobile. Try it for free.

Multibrand add-on enables you to manage more than one brand at the same time. Each brand is characterized by multiple factors, which define it’s identity.


A multibrand strategy is used by established brands to introduce another brand into a specific category, increasing market share and appeal. Multibrand customer service software enables efficient management of customer interactions across multiple brands, providing a seamless and personalized experience. LiveAgent offers a multibrand feature for multi-channel service and management of various brands in one place.

A ticketing software can do much more with Mailchimp integration for LiveAgent. Mailchimp integration allows you to manage contacts from your help desk.


Mailchimp is an email marketing software with 3.5 million users sending over 4 billion emails monthly. It can be integrated with LiveAgent to manage email marketing subscriptions and improve customer support. Integration can be done natively or via Zapier for easy management of subscriptions and quicker customer replies.

Define the max length of your queue and eliminate customer frustration. Max Queue Length hides the chat button from your web until the queue gets smaller.

Max queue length

Improve customer satisfaction with LiveAgent's maximum queue length feature. Define queue limits, create multiple chat buttons, and use canned responses to save time and improve efficiency. Start a free trial now!

Turn more website viewers into paying customers with LiveAgent's eCommerce capabilities. Our live chat widget is simple to use and brings results.


LiveAgent is a great solution for eCommerce websites looking to improve customer support. Its live chat widget is the fastest on the market and can help convert website visitors into paying customers. Even without a CMS, users can take advantage of LiveAgent's powerful knowledge base with a WYSIWYG editor. A free 14-day trial is available, with no credit card required. LiveAgent has received positive reviews and offers various integrations and features to support customer service.

Magenta is a complete business solution provider of telecommunication services in Austria. Learn more about Magenta integration in LiveAgent.


Magenta offers VoIP services with easy integration to LiveAgent for improved CX. LiveAgent also provides a 30-day free trial for testing the integration.

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