Chats overview

See all visitors browsing your website on a map. Check what sites they're browsing and how much time they've spent there. Manually invite them to Chat.

View how many Agents you have available and how many customers are waiting in the queue.

Chats overviewChats overview

What you can see in Chats Overview:

  • Online visitors (number of visitors browsing a website)
  • Chatting visitors (number of chatting visitors)
  • Visitors in queue (number of visitors waiting for chat)
  • Available Agents (number of Agents available for chat)
  • Map of visitors
  • Visitor's country
  • Actual site
  • Referer

Map of visitors

View online visitors browsing a website on the map (red mark) and visitors chatting with Agents (blue mark).

Map of visitorsMap of visitors

Example - See who is browsing your websiteIn the picture below you can see 3 visitors that are currently chatting with agent Martin Novak. A visitor named Vikas is waiting in the queue. A visitor from China is actually browsing webpage: We can also see what is Martin Novak is chatting about with the visitor Bharat by clicking on the eye button. We can easily invite visitors to chat by clicking on the hand button.

Map of visitorsMap of visitors

View, pick up and invite to Chat

- see a current Chat conversation between Agent and visitor

- accept and start chatting with a visitor that is waiting in the queue

- invite a visitor to Chat (Chat invitation will be shown on the page which a visitor is currently browsing)

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