Ticket thread

What is a ticket thread?

A Ticket thread technically is the same thing as a Ticket. Sometimes customers refer to ticket threads as tickets and vice versa. Typically, what they mean by Ticket thread is the whole communication available in 1 ticket, with all the notes, timestamps, answers and replies by the customer and the agent.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a ticket thread?

The ticket thread is the same as the ticket. So a notification that was entered into the system and turned into a ticket. Thread is understood to mean all correspondence available in one ticket, including notes, timestamps, customer and agent responses. 

Who can access ticket threads?

All agents assigned to specific tickets, agents with whom they are shared, as well as administrators and the owner, have access to threads with tickets.

Where in LiveAgent can you check ticket threads?

In LiveAgent, ticket threads can be checked in the agent's panel in the Tickets section. 

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