Online chatting app

What is an online chatting app?

Chatting apps are software tools that allow users to send and receive messages online. Nowadays, this kind of application is built into every smartphone, it is available for everyone and it is very popular. Users can communicate with other users over the Internet and it is a real-time transmission of text, audio, or video messages. Every online chatting software offers many different functions and features.

Online app chat tools are heavily used in the field of customer service for their convenience and ease of communication. In fact, many customers prefer this communication method to phone calls and emails.

Frequently asked questions

What is the definition of an online chatting app?

An online chatting application is an application that allows you to have a conversation outside of your browser. It allows you to chat in real time, it can also have a file sharing option, as well as a video chat option.


What are the types of an online chatting app?

The online chat application may be text, it may be video chat, or it may allow voice calls. The application can also combine all three ways of communication. Examples of popular applications include Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram.


Can you use an online chatting app in LiveAgent?

There is an online chat application in LiveAgent. The application is available for Android and iOS. The customer service team may also be available outside the office. Thanks to this, the company can gain an advantage over the competition.


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