On time resolution

What is on time resolution?

On-time resolution means that a ticket was resolved according to a time limit set in the SLA. Resolving tickets on time is important in order to keep your customers satisfied. All agents must try to always solve their tickets as soon as possible.

Opposite of on-time resolution is an overdue ticket. This means that it was not resolved within time stated in the SLA. Overdue tickets can have negative influence on your business and should be avoided.

Frequently asked questions

What does on time resolution mean?

On time resolution, also known as the average time to resolution or solution time, is the average time needed by the customer service team to resolve a case after its opening. Usually measured in business hours, so when calculating on time resolution, don't take into account the time when your service team is out of business hours.


Is on time resolution important?

On time resolution is directly related to customer satisfaction, which is why it is an important indicator. The faster the team is able to solve customer problems, the higher their satisfaction level. If a case takes a long time to resolve, customers become nervous and dissatisfied.


Where can you check resolution time in LiveAgent?

You can check on time resolution in LiveAgent reports. It is worth following this indicator and trying to keep it at the best possible level.


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