Help center analytics

What are help center analytics?

See useful statistics about your Help Center with the analytics function. You can monitor activity in knowledge base and community and review search terms over last 30 days. Also, you are provided with the number of new articles and questions, views, votes, subscriptions and comments.

Frequently asked questions

What is help center analytics?

Help center analytics is useful data for analysis and reports on the functioning of your help center. They allow you to monitor the activity of customers and agents. Thanks to them, you can be up to date with what works and what does not work in your company's customer service

How does help center analytics work?

Collects detailed data on the work of the customer service department. You can find out how efficient the agents are, how many requests they handle in an hour or a day. You can also compare the current data with the historical data, which can help in assessing whether the service is working well, better, or maybe for some reason worse. It also allows you to create reports summarizing a given period of team activities.

Can you find help center analytics in LiveAgent?

LiveAgent provides Help Center Analytics. Thanks to this, you can monitor activity in the knowledge base, analyze communities, view searched terms in the last 30 days. In addition, you have access to the number of new articles, questions, votes, subscriptions and comments.


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