Help center analytics

What are help center analytics?

See useful statistics about your Help Center with the analytics function. You can monitor activity in knowledge base and community and review search terms over last 30 days. Also, you are provided with the number of new articles and questions, views, votes, subscriptions and comments.

Frequently asked questions

What is help center analytics?

Help center analytics is useful data for analysis and reports on the functioning of your help center. They allow you to monitor the activity of customers and agents. Thanks to them, you can be up to date with what works and what does not work in your company's customer service. 

How does help center analytics work?

Collects detailed data on the work of the customer service department. You can find out how efficient the agents are, how many requests they handle in an hour or a day. You can also compare the current data with the historical data, which can help in assessing whether the service is working well, better, or maybe for some reason worse. It also allows you to create reports summarizing a given period of team activities.

Can you find help center analytics in LiveAgent?

LiveAgent provides Help Center Analytics. Thanks to this, you can monitor activity in the knowledge base, analyze communities, view searched terms in the last 30 days. In addition, you have access to the number of new articles, questions, votes, subscriptions and comments.


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Expert note

Help center analytics provide valuable data for analysis and reports, improving customer experience by tracking important metrics and identifying areas for improvement.

Andrej Saxon
Andrej Saxon
Sales manager
Want to learn more about HelpCrunch's knowledge base? Take a look at our article to find out how it works and how it performed in our tests.

HelpCrunch knowledge base review

HelpCrunch offers a customer communication platform and knowledge base software that features email integrations, live chat, pop-ups and more. The knowledge base is innovative, with useful features such as the ability to add sections and categories for easy navigation. The article editor is minimalistic but effective, with hidden tools that are intuitive to use. HelpCrunch offers three pricing plans that get cheaper with an annual subscription. The basic plan starts at $15 per month for one user and includes mandatory HelpCrunch branding. The pro plan starts at $25 per month for one user and removes the branding, while the unlimited plan offers unlimited widgets, auto messages, pop ups, and chatbot flows, as well as a personal onboarding assistant. Overall, HelpCrunch's knowledge base is one of the best, with reasonable pricing and great workflow with interesting elements.

A help center (also called Knowledgebase/Customer portal) is a website that's designed by the company to help customers with the problems they are facing.

Help center

The given text provides information on LiveAgent, a customer service software that offers various features and integrations. The text also includes sales contacts and details on how to subscribe to their newsletter. The company emphasizes their dedication to quality and highlights their terms and conditions, security policy, and GDPR compliance. The text also notes that they use cookies on their website.

The customer service evaluation checklist is your opportunity to get to know areas for improvement. Pay attention to your customers' suggestions.

Customer service evaluation checklist

The customer service evaluation checklist is a useful tool for businesses looking to improve their customer service and increase revenue. The checklist includes steps such as setting clear expectations, examining correspondence, monitoring phone calls, evaluating reviews, analyzing customer data, and discussing the results with employees. By using this checklist, businesses can identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to provide better customer service. The checklist can benefit business leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, product development teams, and customer service teams.

Chat support is provided through live chat software. LiveAgent provides online chat support for its customers. A customer representative is ready to help.

Chat support

The basic chat rules include maintaining correct grammar and spelling, providing a prompt response, avoiding the use of acronyms and abbreviations, using complete sentences, personalizing responses, and not sending ready-made answers thoughtlessly. LiveAgent offers a range of customer service and support tools.

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