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Content ideas for SaaS brands

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

September 5, 2017
Last modified on December 29, 2021 at 4:07 pm

Content ideation is the initial phase in content development, and can be considered as the most crucial phase in content marketing, given that this is where your point of content production will start.

Identifying what keywords that are highly searched by your targeted audience isn’t enough. In fact, just knowing what informational keywords that have high search volume won’t reveal the true value or ROI effect of your content topics.

Understanding what your targeted audience’ needs, not just comparing your blog section with of your competitors, is critically important if you want to come up with solid content ideas for your SaaS brand.

Here are three creative ways to come up with blog topics that will engage your target audience:

1. Industry survey results

Data-driven content has proven to be one of the most effective content formats to earn traffic share in the market, as it naturally attracts links directly from industry publishers helping them to rank higher in search results for targeted keywords and other term variations.

A well-thought SaaS brand personality can take advantage of this content format by asking their brand followers (email subscribers, social followers and offline networks) to participate in the survey.

If you have connections with influencers and top bloggers in your space, then you can ask them to distribute your survey forms to their followers on social and in return, credit their names once your survey results page has been published.

Apparently, the topic and questions listed in the survey should address an informational need that a certain market is looking for.

For example, GetCredo, a platform that connects industry leaders (agencies, freelancers, and consultants) with businesses looking for digital marketing help, has recently published a digital marketing industry pricing survey results.

Their survey fills the following two informational needs in the market:

  • The range of pricing that market leaders can charge to their clients – not the lowest bargaining price that is worthless of value to their labor.
  • Understanding of pricing models for businesses, so they can have a better idea which company/freelancer to choose considering their proposed service value.
Credo digital marketing pricing survey

If you have a blog section in your SaaS website, try checking what survey terms have a considerable search volume in your market. Use keyword research tools to check if “topic” “survey” OR “topic” “data” is being searched by your target audience.

Even if it’s not, try looking if there are specific publishers who are actually linking to or referencing a topic survey results content in your space. That survey page may not be searchable, but can be a content idea that can earn links to your website.

2. Takeaways from conferences

There are tons of content at industry events like conferences being thrown to the audience and to the speakers too (through Q&A sessions). This content is mostly published as an article that uploads all slide business presentations of speakers (with their permissions to do so) that serve as a content hub for those industry professionals who participated in the event.

But there’s one way to provide more value to the audience aside from just curating content.

Interviewing an expert who actually participated in the event for takeaways and insights on topics discussed can make your event content more interesting to your readers. This is true for the following reasons:

  • Experts would normally just share takeaways that haven’t been brought up yet in the industry, something that is noteworthy to discuss in the space.
  • Experts knew what specific main points that need more attention from the audience (whether it’s in theory or a technique/tip shared by speakers).

One good example of content that has received attention from marketers is this podcast episode by Dan Shure, “The Top Takeaways Revealed From SMX Advanced 2017” which was featured in the recent Moz Top 10 (a curated newsletter of Moz, marketing SaaS company).

Evolving SEO website

You can take advantage of audio consumption nowadays, as a gateway platform for people to learn key takeaways from an industry thought leader at a recently-held event.

3. Blog topic expansion

Generating content ideas for niche SaaS’ blogs is overcoming roadblocks of industry topic limitations. Given that you’re targeting a very specific audience, it’s limiting you just produce content on topics that your niche audience can be engaged.

One effective way to overcome this niche content ideation roadblock is to expand your blog’s horizon by tapping other topics that still contains your niche audience.

While it’s apparently getting away from your direct target consumers, it’d help you reach a wider audience who might be interested in the service/product you are offering to them.

For example, Buffer, a social media marketing platform has been producing high volume of valued long-form content on the topics of social media and marketing. But in the past few years, they’ve decided to tap other topics such as productivity, work culture, remote work and self-improvement.

Buffer Open website

This approach is attracting tons of visitors to their site’s top-of-the-funnel medium that they can then nurture to become potential clients or customers.

Venchito Tampon

Guest Post Author

Venchito Tampon

Venchito Tampon is the CEO and Co-Founder of SharpRocket, a link building company that provides high-quality link building services to international clients based in US, UK, Canada, Australia and European countries. He also has his motivational blog where he shares productivity and career management tips.

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

Growth Marketer

Andy is Growth Marketer at LiveAgent. Previously, he studied International Relations and Business Diplomacy and was active as a volunteer in the world's largest student run organization, AIESEC. Running, music and reading books are his favourite free-time activities.

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