Scenario automation

What is scenario automation?

A scenario automation is a process strictly tied to executing Rules based on certain conditions. By triggering a rule, you can automate certain scenarios, e.g. when a ticket which contains a keyword “invoice” comes in, based on a rule scenario, you can automatically tag it with an “Invoice” tag and transfer it to the billing department. (There are hundreds of thousands of possible variations.)

Frequently asked questions

What is scenario automation?

Scenario automation allows you to perform multiple ticket updates with one click. Supports activities related to handling recurring scenarios.


How can you use scenario automations?

Scenario automation makes it easier to perform repetitive tasks. It significantly automates the work of agents. The agent can select all tickets that can be assigned to a specific scenario and execute them with bulk actions.


Is scenario automation feature available in LiveAgent?

The scenario automation feature is available in LiveAgent and allows you to significantly automate the work of the customer service team.


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