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6 reasons why LiveAgent is a perfect solution for your business

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

Last modified on July 30, 2021 at 1:48 pm

It’s 2020, and there’s no need to convince anyone that exceptional customer service is a must-have. Your support teams should be striving to answer customer queries in a personalized manner, and without mistakes or delays. To ensure that you provide your existing and prospective customers with the best customer service possible, we’ve prepared a list of the best practices your agents can adopt using LiveAgent.

1. Comprehensive customer support management software

LiveAgent is an omnichannel communication platform that will make the lives of both your customers and support agents easier. The ticketing software streamlines customer communications from your social media, knowledge base, live chat, call center, and email into a single unified inbox. From there, you can easily view your customer’s profile and follow their journey across different channels while staying in the same hybrid ticket.

LiveAgent also offers a mobile app (iOS, Android) that is great to use for support agents on the go. Just like the LiveAgent browser dashboard, the mobile app collects and organizes all customer requests, enabling your employees to resolve queries quicker and reduce resolution time.

2. Boost productivity and automate mundane tasks

LiveAgent increases agent productivity. The customer support management software enriches your service with automation, eliminating the need to manually execute mundane and repetitive tasks.

Thanks to predefined rules, tickets, phone calls, and chats can be automatically distributed amongst all available agents, ensuring they have an optimal workload. Rules can also automatically add tags, transfer tickets, resolve tickets, or mark tickets as spam. Use predefined and canned responses to free your agents of manual tasks and improve agent productivity.

3. Flexible and customizable

The fact that LiveAgent is a scalable solution makes it perfect for your business, no matter what you do. You can configure the software and tailor it to your unique needs. The pricing is transparent, so you always know what you’re paying for. If your support center doesn’t require a complex solution, just purchase the simplest ticket plan for just $15/mo. The ticket plan will give you access to powerful features like e-mail ticketing, contact forms, automation, SLA, API, custom domain, apps, knowledge base, and more.

4. An ever-expanding list of features

LiveAgent’s robust features stand out among its competitors. Our help desk solution has over 179 features and integrates with over 40 third-party applications. Our most popular features include ticket management, live chat, social media, a built-in call center, reporting features, gamification, support portals, and multilingual translations.

Our team works hard to continuously improve our software so we pride ourselves on adding new features that can help you improve your customer service.

There are just a few other solutions available on the market that can offer as many features as LiveAgent does, and from our research, we’re the most competitively priced. More importantly, for such a robust software, the setup is extremely fast and simple. Your agents can start using our tool in minutes. 

5. Suitable for every industry

The customer support management and help desk software were designed to give the customer service of just about any company a boost — no matter the size or the industry.

If you need a tool to organize your help desk in an e-commerce business, LiveAgent will help you clean cluttered inboxes with its universal inbox feature powered by automated ticket routing. 

6 reasons why LiveAgent is a perfect solution for your business

If your business receives a lot of calls and your customer support agents are overwhelmed, build a virtual call center with LiveAgent. You’ll be able to offer a professional streamlined IVR experience before smart routing calls to appropriate agents. Never lose an important customer in the queue again.

If your business needs a live chat solution that will help decrease your average response time, consider LiveAgent. Our powerful live chat widget is lightweight and currently, the fastest on the market!

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If your company has multiple customer service-related problems and needs help getting them under control, LiveAgent will likely solve all of them. We’re proud to be serving over 21,000 businesses in the automotive, e-commerce, entertainment, fashion, accounting, legal, real estate, HR, marketing, telco, and healthcare industries.

6. Response time matters!

According market research, almost two-thirds of buyers expect a response to their query within 10 minutes of making it. The same study uncovers that while dealing with a support issue, 90% of customers perceive an immediate response (within 10 minutes or less) as important or very important. 

If you’re not providing these results, you’re probably being slowed down because you lack proper help desk tools. The ideal help desk software should enable your agents to act quickly, so customer expectations can be met, and communication can be made in real-time. It’s ambitious and challenging, but hat’s the reality of customer service in 2020. With LiveAgent by your side, you don’t have to face this challenge alone. Our help desk software will help you decrease response times simply because with great software comes great customer service.

7. Thousands of businesses can’t be wrong

It’s highly likely that LiveAgent is the perfect solution for your business. Why? Because we have thousands of clients that are stoked to be using our customer support management and help desk software. It’s more than likely that you’ll also find it super helpful and fall in love.

If you’re still on the fence about LiveAgent, check out our reviews on leading review sites like G2, GetApp, or Capterra

6 reasons why LiveAgent is a perfect solution for your business

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