6 Reasons Why LiveAgent is a Perfect Solution for Your Business

It’s 2020, and there is no need to convince anyone that exceptional customer support is a must service, immediate delivery. There’s no room for a mistake or a delay. It also, or especially, applies to customer support.

So the question is how to offer your clients and prospects the best customer service possible, what are the best practices and what solutions to use to achieve that. It may be an arduous job to answer these questions correctly, but at least we have an answer to the last one. 

You need LiveAgent to offer your customers the support they deserve. We’ve curated a list of reasons why this solution is perfect for your business.for any business. We live in a world of speed where everyone expects a fast reply, instant connection.

1. It’s comprehensive customer support management software

LiveAgent enables you to build an omnichannel communication platform to delight both your customers and service agents. The solution combines five channels: Help Desk, Live Chat, Call Center, Social Media, and Knowledge Base. Every support-related query is stored in one place, no matter what source it comes from, providing unified customer service experience.

This help desk solution organizes your e-mails, chat conversations, calls, and social media mentions/comments. A virtual, cloud-based call center handles all incoming phone support calls that are also stored in a unified dashboard. With Live Chat, you can start a conversation with website visitors when they are still on your page, the most likely to engage and convert into customers. This and more features make LiveAgent a perfect solution for your company.

If you need to create a knowledge base, you can do so with LiveAgent. Empower your customers with useful information and let them find answers on their own whenever they need them.

Let’s not forget about a mobile app that allows your service agents to answer customers’ queries on the go, even if they are offsite. It comprises all requests and complaints, so your employees can resolve queries quicker than before, reducing resolution time.

2. Boosts productivity and automates mundane tasks

The day you implement LiveAgent’s solution, your team will start getting more and more productive. This customer support management software streamlines your service with automation, making your processes smooth and easy. You agents can forget about mundane and repetitive tasks that take lots of their precious time. 

Thanks to predefined rules tickets, phone calls, chats are automatically distributed among all available agents, ensuring they have their optimal load. Rules and workflow automation add tags, transfer tickets to certain departments, resolve them, or mark as spam. If there are multiple conversations regarding the same topic, tickets are merged. Agents don’t have to do all this manually, and their collaboration is improved. 

Members of a support team can also work faster and be more efficient using canned & predefined templates instead of typing the same answer over and over again.   

3. Flexible and customizable

The fact that LiveAgent is a scalable solution makes it perfect for your business, no matter what you do. You can configure the software and tailor it to your unique needs, you don’t have to pay for the whole communication platform right off the bat. 

Instead, choose only the features that will serve your purpose, even starting with a simple set of options and, if needed, adding the capabilities as your company grows.

The pricing is transparent, you always know what you pay for. So, if your support center doesn’t require a complex solution, you pay just $15/mo., still having access to powerful features like E-mail Ticketing, Contact Forms, Automation, SLA, API, Custom Domain, Apps, Knowledge Base and more.

4. An ever-expanding list of features

Robust features make LiveAgent stand out among its competitors. You can choose from more than 175 different options and 40+ integrations to build an all-in-one help desk solution. They encompass categories like: Ticket Management, Live Chat, Social Media, Call Center, Reporting, Gamification, Support Portal, Multilingual Features, and Security.

LiveAgents’s team never rests on their laurels, and they keep on adding new nifty features to their long list to make their solution even more customizable.

There are just a few other solutions available on the market that can offer as many features as LiveAgent does, and they are all more expensive. What’s important, as for an expanded software, the setup is fast, and simple and its operation is easy to learn. So your agents can start using the tool in minutes. 

5. Suitable for every industry

The customer support management and help desk software was designed to boost the customer service of just about any company, no matter what size or industry they represent. It’s possible thanks to (among others) LiveAgent’s highly customizable offer combined of a few products and a long list of complex features.

If you need a tool to organize your help desk in an e-commerce business, LiveAgent will help you clean cluttered inboxes with a universal inbox feature powered by an automated ticket routing. 

Maybe you operate in the healthcare industry, and your customer support agents are overwhelmed by the number of incoming calls? Build a virtual call center with LiveAgent and never miss a call from your customer or a potential client again.

Or, let’s say, your car dealership needs a live chat solution to decrease the response time and offer your customers support in real-time? You can still use LiveAgent do to that!

And if your company needs all these solutions combined, it’s still within the scope of LiveAgent’s competence!

Just to name a few industries that LiveAgent recruits their customers from: Automotive, E-commerce & Services, Entertainment, Fashion, Accounting & Legal, Real Estate, Retail, HR & Recruitment, Marketing & Telecoms, Healthcare.

6. Response time matters!

According to HubSpot’s study, almost 2/3rds of buyers expect a response within 10 minutes to any marketing, sales, or customer service inquiry. The same study uncovers that 90% of customers while dealing with a support issue perceive an immediate response (within 10 minutes or less) as important or very important. 

What it means is that… you’re short on time, and you need the right tools. Your agents must act quickly (literally!) to meet these expectations and satisfy your customers and potential customers with personalized customer service delivered in real-time. It’s an ambitious and challenging quest, but you have to face it. And LiveAgent is a perfect solution to do so.

It not only helps you manage support queries to stay organized and be more productive. Implementing this software will lead to a decrease in response time that directly correlates with customer satisfaction in any business, yours included. You simply don’t have time for a mediocre help desk solution.

7. Bonus: Thousands of clients can’t be wrong

It’s highly likely that LiveAgent is a perfect solution for your business because thousands of clients are super happy using this customer support management and help desk software. So it’s more than probable that you will also find it suitable for your support team’s or department’s needs. 

And this is the best proof that the company practices what they preach: customer experience ant their satisfaction should be the topline goal of each and every business. Just check LiveAgent’s reviews on leading review sites like G2, GetApp, or Capterra

Andrej Csizmadia

Growth Marketer

Andy is Growth Marketer at LiveAgent. Previously, he studied International Relations and Business Diplomacy and was active as a volunteer in the world's largest student run organization, AIESEC. Running, music and reading books are his favourite free-time activities.

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