LiveAgent 5.30 – Rolling up with new improvements

LiveAgent 5.30 – Rolling up with new improvements

Alexander Šípka

Alexander Šípka

Last modified on June 1, 2022 at 10:19 am

LiveAgent 5.30 is coming with a couple of significant improvements to the system. These aim to make some of our features work more intuitively and provide better usability when handling customer tickets. As usual, we have also made many bug fixes, tweaks, and other updates to the system. Take a look at what they are below and find out more about changes in the LiveAgent 5.30 update.

General Improvements

Reply button changes in resolved tickets.

Resolved tickets had their “Reply” and “Reply to all” buttons hidden in the “More” menu. This design was inconsistent with open tickets which have these buttons visible right away. The 5.30 update comes with a design change for Resolved tickets, so the “Reply” and “Reply to all” buttons will be visible right away.

A picture showing a change in "Reply"  "Reply to all" button location changes in the LiveAgent system.
Reply to all button update in LiveAgent 5.30 update

Multi-language event logs

Event logs in LiveAgent have always been in English. The 5.30 update makes sure that the system will show all event logs in the language chosen by the user. If you select a different language in the log-in screen, event logs will always be translated to the selected language. We believe this improvement will provide more information to our non-English speaking users.

Middle click to close tabs

Many browsers and applications use the middle click on the mouse as a close button for tabs. This functionality was missing in LiveAgent, so we included it in the new version. From now on, you don’t have to search for the X symbol to close ticket tabs anymore but simply click your middle mouse button.

Warning before closing IVR setup

We have added a warning to the IVR setup. The notification will show up every time you attempt to close an unsaved IVR configuration to make sure you won’t lose your changes accidentally.

Design and theme issues

Custom roles button design issue

We added a new Custom roles feature in the previous update, however the “Create custom role” button had a bug that caused flickering and size changes. This issue has been removed in the new update.

“Agent” to “Assign to agent” field

A small design update has been made to the screen for creating internal tickets. The “Agent” field has been changed to “Assign to agent” for better clarity of information.

A picture showing the old "Agent" field name, which was replaced by "Assign agent" in new LiveAgent update.
The old “Agent” field

Edit chat button window design issue

Our team discovered a design issue on the chat button configuration screen. Some of the texts in the Knowledge base suggestions part of configuration were clumped together, rendering them hardly readable. This issue has been removed.

Email list design inconsistency

There was an inconsistency in the order of email accounts when composing a new ticket. While the admin/owner would see the email accounts sorted alphabetically, the agent would get randomized sorting. We have fixed this design issue, so agents will also see alphabetical email account sorting when composing new tickets.

A picture showing a design issue in the Compose message screen in LiveAgent
Compose message screen design issue

Tweaks and Fixes

Maximum hours in SLA level

When setting hours in SLAs, users could set any number of hours. This has proved to be problematic after the hours exceeded a certain value, which rendered the SLA levels non-functioning. Therefore we have implemented a limit that does not allow you to set SLA levels higher than 8760 hours to prevent these kinds of issues.

Error after disconnecting from chat

When a customer started a chat via phone and then either locked the screen or put the browser in the background for more than three minutes, they would get disconnected from the chat. After they tried to send a new message in the chat, it would show an error message. This issue has been noticed on iOS Safari and Google Chrome browsers. The chat will no longer show an error message but rather inform the customer that they have been disconnected.

Wrong email accounts shown in templates

When editing Email > Agent/Customer templates in LiveAgent, the sending email account shown would display a wrong email account. The email used by the template would be a different one. We have fixed this issue in the 5.30 update.

Incorrect data in predefined answers listbox with department and agents

The “Available for” listbox in creating or editing Predefined answers didn’t return all available agents. This issue has been fixed in the new update, and the system will enable you to choose from all agents and departments in your LiveAgent account when creating or editing predefined answers.

Stay tuned for the next LiveAgent update

Our developers are currently working on another set of improvements, new features, fixes, and tweaks. We’ll present them to you in the next update article. Stay tuned!

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