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How to combine omnichannel support & email marketing

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

Last modified on July 22, 2021 at 5:47 pm

Businesses always want to find ways to bring together different channels and to make the marketing process easier on themselves. Digital marketing has become a key part of working with people to turn them into customers, but it can take tons of time and effort to do correctly. That’s why businesses should find ways to bring channels together and cut down on work.

Businesses know about omnichannel marketing and using channels, such as email, chat to communicate with customers. While it does help many businesses to bring them together, they should also find ways to build up their customer support channels.

Look over this article to find out why you should combine omnichannel support and email marketing, how to combine them, and why you should improve on them.

Omnichannel support and email marketing

For those that don’t know what omnichannel support and email marketing are, you can look over these quick descriptions to get an idea of what they do and why they matter.

How to combine omnichannel support & email marketing

Omnichannel marketing involves using multiple channels in your business to create a unified experience for customers. This means that customers can easily use any of your channels to get an integrated experience or to use them together. This can include SMS automation, social media pages, and many other channels.

This means that omnichannel support uses multiple channels to make the customer support experience as effective as possible. Customers can use multiple channels to contact your business and receive help. They could potentially use phone calls, live chat rooms, and any other channels that your business supports or wants to use.

Email marketing involves using email campaigns and newsletters to send information, deals, and similar messages to your customers and subscribers. People like to receive emails so that they can get plenty of information and easily access it whenever they have time. They can also send you messages as needed.

Email marketing works well because so many people use their email accounts daily. You can easily reach out to people and many of them don’t mind giving their email addresses to businesses. They know that they can always cancel the subscription or mark the emails as spam if they don’t want to receive them anymore.

Each of these channels has advantages that can help your business. If your business doesn’t use them in your online marketing strategy, then you should read on to find out why they matter. After all, you should give your business every advantage possible. 

Why do they matter?

While businesses can use omnichannel support and email marketing, do they really matter when it comes to your online marketing strategy? Will they help your business to make money or improve the experience for your customers?

How to combine omnichannel support & email marketing

By looking at this image, you can see that emails stand out for their return on interest (ROI). For every dollar that businesses spend on their email marketing, they average out $40 in return. As you take advantage of email marketing, you can make money and provide your customers with a way to communicate with your business.

Omnichannel support allows your business to focus on customers and provide them the best customer service possible. You do this by providing them multiple channels so that they can get in contact with you, voice concerns, and ask questions. This makes it easy for them to communicate with you and to know how to get in contact with your business.

Think of it this way: would you want to buy from a business that only provides customer support through their website? No, you would want a business that provides multiple options. This can include text messages, phone calls, and other forms of communication. Provide this flexibility to your customers so that you can make them happy.

Both of these channels help businesses to reach out to customers and interact with them. They provide two-way communication with customers so that the business can share important details while the customers voice concerns. After all, if a business wants to succeed, it needs to consider the opinions and thoughts of its customers.

The benefits of combining them

Yes, your business can use multiple channels for customer support. However, is it worth the trouble to bring in email marketing as your support channel? With options such as text messages, live chat rooms, and forums, do people really want to use email marketing for customer support?

How to combine omnichannel support & email marketing

While most people do prefer to use phone calls to respond and interact, the next most popular one is email. Nearly 3-out-of-10 people want to use emails to interact with a business, as shown in this image. This means that people see email as the best customer support communication channel besides talking directly to someone.

Customers like to use email for customer support. If your business combines your omnichannel support with email marketing, it can enjoy these benefits.

  1. Make your customers happy by giving support to a popular channel.
  2. Allow your customers to use multiple channels to meet their needs.
  3. Use both channels to improve and help the other.

You want to make your customers happy. By doing so, you improve the relationship between your business and the customers. If they want to use a channel, you can improve that relationship by providing it as an option. By combining email marketing into your omnichannel support, you will improve your relationships with those customers that want to use it.

When you give your customers multiple channels that work together, they can reach out through the channel that works for them at that moment. While they may prefer making a phone call, they can’t always use that option. This gives them the ability to reach out through email and to get an answer as soon as possible.

How to combine omnichannel support & email marketing
An email sent from the same ticket.

As you work with omnichannel support and email marketing, you can use them to help each other. Omnichannel support will help email marketing by giving customers other options as needed. Email marketing helps omnichannel support by standing out as an important channel that will draw in more people to use omnichannel support.

Preparation tips

If you want to include email marketing in your omnichannel support, you will need to properly prepare. Preparing will help you to get them working together at the start and avoid roadblock once you implement them. Make sure to look over these tips so that you can prepare your business and employees to bring these two features together.

  • Communicate with your teams.
  • Create templates ahead of time.
  • Test for functionality.
How to combine omnichannel support & email marketing

Nearly 40% of online teams view communication as their number one issue. With this in mind, make sure that you communicate with your teams so that they know about the combination. Tell them what will change, when it will happen, and how it will affect them. As you let them know, you can avoid miscommunication and issues among local and online teams.

You can also create email templates for omnichannel support. These email templates should include potential solutions, providing refunds, and other ways that customers can get help. Make sure to think about potential concerns that your customers would email you about and create templates to save yourself some time and effort.

You need to test your systems ahead of time. Try to send emails using your templates or autoresponders to make sure that they work correctly. You don’t want your email marketing software to mess up or make mistakes when you actually use it. Test it and fix any problems that you may come across before you start using it for your customers.

You need to take some time to combine them and make sure that they work properly and that you have everyone ready for the change. This will make the transition easier for you while getting it ready for your customers as fast as you can. Afterward, you can use tactics that will help your channels and your customer support to succeed.

Combination tactics

If you want to effectively combine your email marketing with your omnichannel support, you need to use the right tactics. Aim for ones that will make things easier for your customers, simplify the process for your business, and make you more money. These are some key tactics that you should consider.

  • Use omnichannel software.
  • Personalize channels for your customers.
  • Have your channels advertise each other.
  • Keep the experienced user-friendly.

First, make sure that you have omnichannel software. You can set up this software to automatically respond and send email templates that you created for customer support. You will make things easier for you, respond quicker to customers, and provide them with a positive experience.

How to combine omnichannel support & email marketing

As shown above, you will increase your open rates by 50% if you personalize your emails. Make sure to set up your omnichannel support software to automatically add names and other information to make the messages feel personalized. Always look for ways to add personalization to your messages so that you create a special message for your customers.

You can easily have your channels promote each other without coming across as an ad. For example, create email boxes for your website so that people can send you emails directly on your website. Create clickable links and other resources in each of your emails. Put your email on social media pages. The usage of social media is still growing, and businesses must communicate with customers on social networks. These tactics will allow you to advertise through multiple channels.

How to combine omnichannel support & email marketing

Make sure that you make customer support channels easy to use and seamless experience for your customers. Find ways to include multiple channels in the process and give your customers options. Customers appreciate it when businesses provide different ways to accomplish tasks. Keep it consistent and similar between channels to make it seamless.

These four tactics provide you an excellent starting point for combining your omnichannel support with your email marketing. Continue to find new ways to improve and build upon your customer service channels.

Improve and innovate

While you can combine the channels, follow the points, and use the tactics, it won’t mean much if you don’t seek to improve and innovate your customer support. After all, you decided to combine them so that you can make your customer support better, so continue to improve it. As you do, customers will notice your efforts and appreciate the changes.

How to combine omnichannel support & email marketing

As you can see, excellent customer service increases sales because customers want to visit businesses that treat them correctly. Customer service continues to grow in its importance, so you need to keep adapting and adjusting it. You can retain your customers by providing them excellent customer service.

To properly innovate your customer support, you need to listen to your customers and consider how they feel about situations. Try asking yourself some of these questions to put yourself in their shoes.

  • What do my customers dislike about my customer support?
  • How can I help them get answers and solutions quicker?
  • When does my company get the highest amount of customer support concerns?

You want to adjust it to their needs, so asking yourself these questions helps you to identify those needs. You should also consider giving your customers surveys so you can find out how they feel about different parts of your business. You could easily ask questions about customer service to find out areas that you can make improvements.

Make sure that you listen to your customers and provide them with excellent customer support. Doing so will boost their opinions of your business and encourage them to become returning customers.

Final points

Companies can use omnichannel support and email marketing to assist their customers and give them an excellent experience. While both types of sides stand strong on their own and can help out customers in different ways, you should bring them together. Doing so can strengthen both your omnichannel support and email marketing.

Make sure that you look over your different channels, your customer support, and your email marketing. From here, you should look into combining your omnichannel support and your email marketing. Find ways that they can benefit each other and incorporate it into your marketing strategy. You will enjoy many benefits and improve the experience for your customers.

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