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LiveAgent beats the competition as the fastest live chat widget

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

Last modified on February 21, 2022 at 11:22 am

Website speed is one of the most crucial factors that determine the overall rank of the page and the success of the business behind it. Literally none of the customers are patient enough to stay on the page that is lazy, has a lot of heavy content and last, but not least contains a lot of plugins and extensions that are not optimized. Internet evolved a lot in the last couple of years and the expectations of the customers have only arisen in the past as well.

Great tool that can give you important data about the general wellbeing of your website and business is the Impact Calculator developed by Google. Just fill in the URL of your website and you’ll get a quick report about the current state of the speed and also how much you could increase your revenue by decreasing the page speed.

impact calculator

According to the Gladly 2018 Customer Service Expectations Survey, customers expect 0 repeats, one exact answer and multiple channels, where they can stay in touch with the company reps. It is also worth pointing out that 68% of customers are open towards paying more for the products if the company provides them exceptional customers support. What is worth considering as exceptional customer support? Is it availability of competent agents, the opportunity to get refunds for not so greatly selected product or is the speed at which the customer gets his / her answers when they have a problem with the products or service? The customer support is a full package which contains a lot of smaller elements, which together create one of the most important pillars of every successful business. Live chat is in the age of Internet definitely one of the elements, that create the bigger picture.

Live chat widgets can be counted as one of the plugins that can affect your website. Even though they serve a very important role for the businesses nowadays – that is to provide quick, on-point and immediate answer to the customer request – they can put a load on the general performance of the website. Friends from the DebugBear decided to test 14 different live chat providers and widgets to find out which one has the lowest (and also biggest) impact on the performance of a test page.

chat widget site performance

LiveAgent and our real-time live chat clearly beats the competition in almost all fields. Based on the report, the loading time is among the shortest, with a bit more than 300 ms and the download size of the live chat widget data is again, one of the smallest. Last, but not least the test clearly showed that LiveAgent outperformed the rest of the competition in time it took it to display the button.

For more details regarding the whole test, data and reports, please visit the DebugBear website. It contains much more charts with explanations. It is also worth noting that the report provides also background of the test (measurement methods and metrics).

Is speed important to you?

Look no further! LiveAgent is the fastest and leanest live chat widget on the market. Deploy and customize it in seconds, and start enjoying more sales.

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