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Mobile Applications or an app shortly are either computer software or software apps designed for mobile devices. LiveAgent has created mobile apps to be able to keep in touch with your customers even if you are on the go or just simply not available on the computer. Simply download and set your preferences and start responding to your customer inquiries immediately. As LiveAgent wants to cover all its customers, we have created a LiveAgent app in both Android and iOS Mobile operating systems.

How much does the LiveAgent app cost? 

LiveAgent offers a couple of subscriptions. Each company has different preferences. 

Therefore, LiveAgent offers 3 subscriptions:

  • Ticket subscription for $15 per agent.
  • Ticket + Chat subscription for $29 per agent.
  • All-inclusive for $39 per agent.

Each subscription offers a different variety of features. Some are for additional costs. However, mobile apps for Android and iOS are included in each subscription without any additional fees. LiveAgent offers a free 14-day trial for each subscription. If still unsure, you can try out our free account. However, keep in mind that it has its limitations.

If you would like to know about the list of features for each subscription, read Pricing. 

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Mobile Apps overview



Android is a mobile operating system that is open-source software designed for mobile devices. Choose a subscription and set your LiveAgent. After that just download and simply resolve tickets outside of the office. Be always available to your customers and help your colleges if needed. Even if on the go! 

If you would like to learn more, read LiveAgent – Android. 



iOS is a mobile operating system that was exclusively created for Apple products. LiveAgent app is also available in this system. The same applies to iOS, register, and set your account first. After that just download and simply resolve tickets outside of the office. Just imagine that you have an overload of customers and you are out of office, therefore unable to help. With this app, you can simply log in, choose the department, and start responding to chats. 

If you would know more, read LiveAgent – iOS.

Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps

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