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Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms out there. Users are allowed to create profiles, share visual content and follow other people… And companies! Which is where LiveAgent comes in to save the day. Social media platforms are becoming more involved in helping companies to provide customer support. Instagram is absolutely not an exception. On the contrary, it is a very powerful tool in providing customer care in a quick and efficient manner. 

And when combined with LiveAgent, it very well could be your first line of customer support and an important tool for communicating with your followers. 

LiveAgent connects with your Instagram profile and gathers all of your posts, comments, mentions, and everything of relevance into one convenient dashboard. 

Tell a story with LiveAgent. No need to constantly reach for your smartphone when you want to share something with your followers. Simply create another Ticket for your Instagram feeds.

Influence with customer care

Brand loyalty is important, so why not build it through every possible channel? A lot of businesses miss out on the chance to support all of their clients and customers because they think Instagram is not a powerful tool for providing customer care. In such cases, many people make a move towards the competition, rather than sit and wait for a reply about their inquiry. Instagram is no longer just about cool pictures and photos, especially when it comes to business. Stand out from the crowd by giving people exactly what they want with online support from LiveAgent.

Core benefits

  • One of the few to connect with Instagram

Tired of searching for a help desk software which supports Instagram integration? We got you covered! In today’s world, successful businesses use every possible communication channel available to reach and help their customers 24/7. Stand above the crowd with LiveAgent and make Instagram one of your primary support channels for your clients.

  • Reply automation

Customer service is becoming faster every day and to be successful, you need to be able to keep up to the speed. Make all your communications faster with automated replies. Create and set up unique messages for various situations and never leave your client waiting. If you don’t want to spend your precious time on repetitive replies or even when you or your agents are unable to be around. You can still take care of your customers thanks to LiveAgent.

  • Reply with lightning speed

Instagram is designed for sharing and communicating instantly, which is not always an easy thing to do for customer support agents. LiveAgent can help you out with that too. While your follower is typing, you can already see what they are about to ask you. You can prepare your tone, your answer and be lightning-fast in your replies. Everyone appreciates a quick service, now it can be even quicker.

  • Manage your accounts smoothly

LiveAgent is able to connect with multiple Instagram accounts so you can easily manage multiple businesses. Tickets are always conveniently sorted, so you do not have to sort them by yourself. And you do not even have to worry about confusing multiple accounts, thanks to our user-friendly interface. Everything is always nice and tidy.

  • Access your past communication

If you are curious about what your clients were inquiring about in the past, we have that covered too. You no longer have to scroll back in your DM’s or check Instagram activity on your smartphone. All of your communication histories are always safely stored in the archive and you can easily access it from the dashboard. You can always be ready to impress your clients with your knowledge of their past inquiries.

  • Say no to messy chats

Keeping track of all of the mentions or comments can be quite overwhelming at times. However, you can make your customer care more simple with support from LiveAgent. All of your communication is turned into tickets and kept in one place, where you can easily keep track of everything and everyone.

  • Your accounts are always secure

With LiveAgent, you can directly manage permissions to your accounts for your agents. You don’t need to give them full access to your account if you don’t want to. To give an example, If a customer contacts you via mention, this mention is automatically tracked in LiveAgent and your representative can reply instantly.

Business benefits

  • all of your Instagram communication is sorted in one convenient dashboard as Tickets which saves valuable time
  • automatic notifications, don’t worry about missing a single inquiry
  • respond as quickly as you can, LiveAgent will not hold you back
  • no need to manage account permissions for your support Agents

How it works

No worries, it’s simple! Connecting your Instagram account with LiveAgent is easy to do on your own and our user friendly interface will smoothly guide you through this process.

Managing all of the mentions, new posts and messages at once can get truly frustrating at times. LiveAgent intelligently sorts out all of your Instagram notifications into one dashboard, so you can focus purely on replying to your followers. 

All of your notifications get turned into tickets and logically sort themselves out to save you the trouble of doing it on your own. At the same time, you can easily access all of your previous communication history. You can access information about specific clients and see what were the previous topics of conversation.

What you can do

  • respond to mentions
  • respond to comments
  • monitor multiple accounts
  • keep all of your communication in one place
  • keep the history of all your communication within LiveAgent
  • make your client support service fast and easy

Instagram integration works via Facebook login. Therefore if you have a “Ticket+Chat” plan, you will be required to buy both Facebook and Instagram as additional features for 39$ per feature. Check our pricing to find out more.

Ready to make a change?

With the most important social media networks covered by LiveAgent, your business can provide smooth and reliable support for all of your clients and customers. Try it out now and see for yourself.

“LiveAgent sped up our communication with the customer greatly and customers, who would not normally call us on the phone are glad, they can use LiveAgent to contact us with questions about our services and products and it allows us to swiftly answer these questions, thus helping customer understand our products and services better. So far no big problems with LiveAgent, everything is working smoothly.” – Samuel Smahel, Mzone

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