We currently accept guest posts and we love them, but keep in mind that we are very picky regarding the quality of them. Since we prefer quality > quantity, we will rather not post average piece of content that could be found everywhere across the internet. You can find all the information below.

General Rules:

  • provide 3-5 topic ideas that are connected to Customer Support, Live Chat or Help Desk Software topics, we don’t accept irrelevant topics outside of our industry
  • the  purpose of the guest post in not only exposure and link, try also focus on organic traffic, that means researching potential low competition keywords with decent search volume
  • choose topic(s) that you feel you have best knowledge off, if you need help selecting them & looking for help with search volume of target queries, contact us and we will love to help you
  • after selecting topic, main keyword and sub-keywords, create an outline of your post, that follows everything written below (Meta Tags, H2 Tags, Pictures & Other Media, etc.)
  • once the outline is approved, we will schedule deadline & posting date and other details
  • once the article is finished, email us with your BIO included and send them to matej at liveagent.com

Content Checklist:

  • LiveAgent is always written together
  • at least 2000 words, preferably more
  • content is optimized for specified keyword(s) and contain LSI keyword, check them here and put the main keyword(s): http://lsigraph.com/
  • title must be clear and describe the topic well, consider working with  brackets [] and ()
  • title must persuade people to click on it
  • write in conversational voice
  • use short sentences and paragraphs
  • after the title there MUST be short description about an article
  • article needs to be separated into several titles and subtitles, which help reader to orientate in that specific article
  • articles needs to be in paragraphs (separated evenly) for better readability
  • there should be 5+ pictures in article, own pics are plus, screenshots with arrows are fine
  • videos/presentations/infographics/gifs are welcomed
  • use different content – discussions, quotes, tweets, (pricing) tables, graphs
  • use different formatting options : strong text, bullet points, numbered text
  • in longer articles use table of contents or so called linking to the article
  • text must be separated with space for readability purposes
  • in text there must be external links (to authoritative/topically similar websites) and preferably to fresh new content and use various sources, not just one, use http://pagerank.jklir.net/ + Alexa.com to check authority of websites+traffic or similar tools (2-5 links)
  • if possible and relevant, link to PostAffiliatePro, QualityUnit or somewhere our brand is mentioned (LiveAgent)
  • in text there must be links to own website pages (2-5 pages)
  • in text use tips, statistics or any other interesting facts
  • lists are working well (e.g. 10 tips for exercise)
  • link texts (called anchor text) has relevant and various keywords in it and contains of 2+ words
  • links that are paid/promotion has no follow attribute for search engines
  • in text you can mention suggested products that are connected with topic
  • there must me 1 call to action button at the end/several in the article

Before Sending Us Checklist:

  • title is catchy a contains keywords
  • title or in SEO h1 tag is only once in article and contains most important keywords
  • there are several sub-titles as h2 tags and contain other important keywords and the content within them is spread evenly
  • URL is short and contains keywords
  • category and 1 or more Tags are selected
  • featured Image is set and displays correctly
  • SEO Title is up to 55 characters and contains keywords
  • meta Description is up to 155 characters and is catchy
  • picture is up to 100kb,  contains Alt Tag, proper file name, also they are free to use (license)
  • there are several inbound and outbound link connected to the article
  • there are no grammar mistakes in the article!
  • you have your BIO ready and looking forward for the post to come live 🙂

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