Supported call devices

In LiveAgent, calls can be handled on multiple call devices. Each agent can choose between different devices to answer from.

See the possible device options below:


If you’re used to using just a classic headset with your computer, no problem. It’s fully supported.

Headset - App - Uploads - 2019 - 10 - Headset.jpg


You don’t even need to purchase any special equipment to start using call center. Use your current PC’s built-in microphone.

Browser - App - Uploads - 2019 - 10 - Browsers.png

We recommend using the latest version of your Internet browser.

Mobile apps

LiveAgent offers mobile apps, so you can also provide customer service on the go.

  • iOS
  • Android
Mobile apps - App - Uploads - 2019 - 10 - Mobile Call App.jpg

Hardware phones

Connect any hardware phone to the LiveAgent call center. All brands are supported.

  • Cisco
  • Gigaset
  • Grandstream
  • Yealink
  • Mitel
Most popular hardware phone brands: - App - Uploads - 2019 - 10 - Cisco.jpg

Knowledgebase resources:

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Use a SIP phone with LiveAgent

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