Split ticket

What is a split ticket?

Sometimes a customer asks two completely different questions in one ticket. One of the questions might be an easy pre-sale question and the other one a hardcore technical query. For better convenience and easier management, you can use the Split ticket feature. Split ticket will virtually cut the ticket in half and create another one with a new unique Ticket ID.

Split tickets

In relevance to the above given example, you can continue discussing pre-sale questions in the original ticket and transfer the technical queries into proper department.

Frequently asked questions

What does the term split ticket mean?

The split ticket function allows you to split a ticket with two different inquiries into two tickets. This allows pre-sales questions to be discussed in the original ticket and technical questions to be transferred to the appropriate department.


How can you use the split ticket feature?

The Split ticket function works well when the customer asks two completely different questions on one ticket - one may be, for example, an easy question regarding sales, and the other a technical question. Dividing such a ticket into two allows for efficient handling of a simple inquiry, and more difficult ones can also be efficiently sent to the technical team. This increases efficiency and facilitates communication.


How can you use split ticket feature in LiveAgent?

When you receive a ticket with two separate inquiries, click on the three dots to the right of the ticket and click "Split". You can select the "Auto split" option which will duplicate the ticket. Then the relevant agencies can deal with the relevant matters from one ticket. 


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