E-mail notification

What is an e-mail notification?

Notifications that are sent to customers as well as the agents who are handling that specific ticket, once there is an update on their ticket, is called e-mail notifications.

For agents, they act as a reminder about the ticket that they have generated, but yet needs to be solved. This helps them work better.

For customers, it acts as a response to the ticket that had been generated by their query. They will be updated every time somebody works on their ticket. Also, they will be notified once their issue has been resolved to cross check the progress.

Frequently asked questions

What is e-mail notification?

E-mail notifications are a type of e-mail that is sent in response to specific user actions or events. Examples include welcome emails, event reminders, security and activity alerts, and password reset. Thanks to them, we have a chance for a quick response and receive immediate notification, e.g. in the event of a technical issue.

Can you set e-mail notification in LiveAgent?

In LiveAgent you can of course set up email notifications. They are primarily used to send e-mails to agents that are offline. They can receive information that a ticket has been assigned to them or that the customer replied in the assigned ticket. Information about a new created ticket in the department of which the agent is a member may also be sent.

What are the types of e-mail notification in LiveAgent?

Each agent can set their own preferred email notifications in their agent profile, depending on what information they want to receive. They may receive a notification that he has been assigned to a specific client, a new ticket has appeared in the system, or that the client attached to a given ticket has written a message.


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