Zapier is one of the easiest ways how to connect, integrate or merge two or more applications with different functionalities into one convenient solution. It works without the difficult hassle and can connect most apps together. Zapier works beside our native integrations for LiveAgent.

Zapier allows you to integrate many applications, integrations, and software with LiveAgent for seamless working experience. LiveAgent integrates with a large number of these to make sure everyone will find what they need to improve their workflow.

These integrations are designed to improve your workflow and connect your help desk with other apps for a seamless experience. That means you don’t have to switch between various software, get notifications in your dashboard, and keep track of important updates.

Example: Alice is a help desk manager and she wants to keep track of her team progress on various tasks with a collaboration tool. However, she also needs to focus on solving tickets that keep coming. Alice uses LiveAgent for customer support and for creating and managing tasks for her team. Alice uses Zapier to connect the two apps, so she can keep track of tasks within her LiveAgent account’s dashboard.

Have a look at the list of LiveAgent integrations and find the ones you want to connect.

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