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How to Create Feedback and Suggestions Board

Using customer feedback and suggestions board, businesses can build customer-centric products that better service them and solve their problems. This in turn increases customer retention and loyalty, which itself can be used to generate social proof, which can generate more new customers.

It’s literally win-win. But how do you generate usable customer feedback? Via a feedback and suggestions board. Let’s take a look at how to create one.

There are numerous ways that businesses currently generate more customer feedback, but most of them are far too ineffective.

For example, take email marketing. Via email, a business could reach out to existing customers and ask them to answer a few questions about their brand and products. But how many customers really have the time – or the energy and desire – to do that? Without incentives, very few.

It’s the same with feedback forms on your website. While these forms certainly have the potential to generate more usable customer feedback, they can often be seen as a distraction for customers who just want to crack on with making a purchase.

Some businesses also go down the route of actually calling their customers. This method, however, is effort-intensive on your part. While some customers will definitely appreciate a bit of 1:1 interaction like this, you might find that it distracts you from the core aspects of your business that you should be working on. Therefore it might be a good idea to work on your organic reach with help of the SEO tracker. It might pay off in the long run.

Likewise when it comes to monitoring your social channels. While this can be a great way to track conversations about your brand and discover what people really think about it, it’s also super time consuming on your part. Indeed, social listening requires committed resources to monitoring and responding to feedback.

Not just this, but when you implement numerous customer feedback strategies, you’re wasting a heap of time.

The benefits of a Feedback and Suggestion Board

Introducing the feedback and suggestion box, a smarter way to generate more usable customer feedback. Less demanding on both you and your customers, a feedback and suggestion box is a fun, interactive, and super involving forum that enables you to learn more about what your customers like and dislike about your brand and products.

By adding a feedback button to your website, customers will be able to leave you feedback and make suggestions. They can also vote for existing ones with the click of a button which means customers can get involved with each other. This is unlike a survey where no one knows what other people are saying.

Each time a customer submits feedback, you are notified via new ticket. Then, it’s up to you to decide whether to respond or not.

By collecting all your feedback into one place like this, you’re streamlining the whole process. There’s no need to implement various feedback strategies – from surveys to phone calls to social listening – which means you save yourself a huge amount of time. Thus, you’re in a position to grow your business faster. All you need is feedback and a suggestion box.

And the best thing is that you can make your feedback and suggestions board reflect your brand by customizing the buttons. You can even upload your own image or write your own HTML code.

Here are some features:

Universal inbox 

All your ticket’s collected in one place in a smarter version of your email inbox.


A single ticket holds every single message about a particular incident reported by a customer. This makes it so much easier to identify and resolve problems than ever before.

Automated ticket distribution 

Decide who gets to manage which tickets, and how many tickets each agent can deal with. If an agent needs a bit of a breather, you can give it to them. If the ownership of a ticket needs to be changed, you can easily do that, too.

Time tracking 

Learn more about how long it takes to solve the average issue with a time tracking feature.


With problems come support topics. Use tags to differentiate important customers.


Find out more information about this feature at LiveAgent – Feedback and Suggestions board.


You know how important feedback is to the success of your company. By installing and setting up a feedback and suggestions board, you can take your business to the next level much faster than before. Learn about your customers, find out what their biggest problems are – and then resolve them.

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