How To Integrate Slack With LiveAgent

Integrate LiveAgent with Slack and receive a notification in a selected Slack channel.

Why Slack ?

Slack is a free cloud-based team collaboration tool packed with native apps for iOS and Android. The integration plugin we offer will give you an option to automatically receive a notification in a selected Slack channel for:

- New ticket
- Open ticket (answer from a customer)
- Closed ticket

How it works:

Integrating Slack with LiveAgent:

Step 1

The first step is to activate the Slack plugin which you can find in the list of Plugins in your LiveAgent admin panel (Configuration> System> Plugins). After the activation, you have to click the Slack Button which you can find in the 'More Info' section (click the More Info button).

Step 2

standard authorization window pops up. Here you can choose which team to use and which channel to send notifications to. After the authorization, you can get back to the admin panel and configure the plugin. That's it!

Privacy policy

The application is not storing any private data, nor passwords nor any communication. The application is only used to push messages about ticket status to your chosen Slack channel.

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